100+ Clever Snow White Puns

Here are 100 funny snow white puns to crack you up. These jokes about snow white are great for both kids and adults.

While Snow White may be known for her classic fairy tale story, she has also inspired a treasure trove of puns and wordplay. 

These Snow White puns can be a delightful addition to any Snow White themed event or party, or simply a fun way to brighten up your day. Here are a few puns to get you started.

Funny Snow White Puns

1. Why did the dwarf take a sick day? He was feeling a bit grumpy!

2. What do you call a Snow White marathon?  A fairy tale-a-thon!

3. Why did Snow White go to business school? She wanted to be the fairest CEO of them all!

4. How does Snow White like her coffee? With a little sugar and seven drips of cream!

5. If Snow White had a bakery, what would she call it? The Seven Scones!

6. Why did Snow White open a pet grooming salon? She wanted animals to have a fairytale makeover!

7. What did Snow White say when she found the perfect apple? “This one is a-bite-ful!”

8. How did Snow White get into the apple business? She had a “core”-porate takeover!

9. Why did the mirror go on strike for Snow White? It kept reflecting on its working conditions!

10. What do you get when you mix Snow White and a magician? A fairy tale-illusionist!

11. Why did Snow White never join a gym? She already had seven dwarfs to keep her active!

12. What’s Snow White’s favorite type of music? Fairy tunes!

13. Why did Snow White start a gardening club? She loves working with the Seven Amazing Greens!

14. How does Snow White communicate with her animal friends? She’s fluent in “Dwarfish”!

15. What’s Snow White’s favorite winter activity? Building Snow White castles with the dwarfs!

16. What do you call a dwarf who tells jokes at a comedy club? A funny bone dwarf!

17. Why did Snow White start a baking show? She wanted to find the best mirror-glazed cake!

18. What’s Snow White’s favorite game? Seven Dwarfs Hide and Seek!

19. Who is Snow White’s favorite singer? “The Rolling Stone” dwarf band!

20. What did the dwarfs say when Snow White made them a delicious meal? “This is dwarftastic!”

21. Why did Snow White become a private investigator? She wanted to solve the case of the poisoned apple!

22. What do you call Snow White’s cleaning service? The Seven Dwarfs Dustbusters!

23. Why did Snow White take up pottery? She loved creating “fairest” ceramics!

24. What did Snow White say to the dwarfs when they were feeling down? “Be happy, it’s dwarf the battle!”

Best Snow White Puns

Laugh out loud with our hilarious collection of Snow White puns and jokes. Get ready for some witty wordplay and comedic twists on the classic fairy tale.

25. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the punniest of them all?”

26. “I’m not just snowy, I’m snow-whitey!”

27.   Snow White’s favorite mode of transportation? The seven dwarfs Uber!

28. “Seven dwarfs? More like seven punny pals!”

29. “Snow White’s favorite dessert? Apple pun!”

30. “Why did Snow White bring a ladder to the ball? Because she wanted to make an entrance!”

31. “Snow White’s favorite winter activity? Snow-balling with puns!”

32. “The Huntsman couldn’t resist Snow White’s charm, she was just too pun-derful.”

33. “Who’s the fairest pun-maker of them all? Snow White, of course!”

34. “Dwarfs might be small, but their laughs are huge when it comes to puns.”

35. “Snow White’s mirror couldn’t handle her puns, it shattered from the sheer brilliance!”

36. “The Huntsman thought Snow White was worth saving, especially for her pun prowess!”

37. “Why did Snow White enroll in a joke-writing class? To perfect her punmanship!”

38. “Dwarfs are tiny, but their puns are mighty!”

39. “Snow White’s secret power? The ability to create puns on command!”

Snow White Sayings

40. “Whistle while you work.”

41. “Someday my prince will come.”

42. “Magic mirror, reveal the truth.”

43. “One song, I have but one song.”

44. “The sweetest sounds, you’ll ever hear…”

45. “With a smile and a song, life is just a bright sunny day.”

46. “Who is this maiden fair? A riddle is the game.”

47. “Whispers of love in the wind…”

48. “The beauty that lies within is more important than what’s seen on the outside.”

49. “Wishes can come true, if you believe.”

50. “Kindness and goodness will always prevail.”

51. “Stay true to yourself and your heart will guide you.”

52. “There may be obstacles, but never stop believing.”

53. “Happiness is found in the simplest of things.”

Puns About Snow White 

Discover the fun side of Disney’s Snow White with our hilarious jokes about the seven dwarves. From Grumpy to Dopey, we’ve got puns that will make you laugh out loud.

54. Snow White’s favorite fruit? A-pun-les!

55. The seven dwarfs pride themselves on being pun-gents.

56. When Snow White sat on the dwarfs’ chairs, she said, “These are just the pun-fect fit!”

57. What do you call Snow White in a blizzard? Snow-pun!

58. The dwarfs knew Snow White was a pun connoisseur because she always had a play on words for every situation.

59. The dwarfs were amazed by Snow White’s ability to come up with a pun in every conversation. She truly was the queen of puns!

60. What does Snow White say when she’s amazed? “That’s unbeara-pun!”

61. The dwarfs loved playing pun-kanoo with Snow White. It was their favorite musical instrument.

62. Snow White always puts a smile on the dwarfs’ faces with her snowy-white puns.

63. When Snow White goes shopping, she always asks for a pun-ny discount. She loves a good deal!

64. The evil queen tried to outwit Snow White with her puns, but Snow White just laughed and countered with better ones.

65. How does Snow White stay warm during winter? With pun-derful layers of clothing!

66. The dwarfs often challenged Snow White to a pun-off, but she always won. They couldn’t resist her quick wit!

67. Snow White’s puns are as pure as her heart, making everyone around her smile.

68. The dwarfs never had a dull moment with Snow White around. 

Snow White Puns One Liners

Check out these hilarious snow white puns and one liners and lighten the mood when you need a pick me up. Whether you love Disney or puns, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy!

69. Snow White’s apple obsession: an example of “fruitful” curiosity.

70. Seven dwarfs: the original housemates before reality TV.

71. Magic mirrors: therapists for the vain.

72. When it comes to Snow White and her dwarfs, size doesn’t matter.

73. Whistling while you work: the ultimate productivity hack.

74. True love’s kiss: the original form of CPR.

75. Poisoned apples: nature’s way of keeping doctors in business.

76. Evil queen: proof that beauty isn’t everything.

77. Hunting for the fairest of them all: the original beauty pageant.

78. Dwarfs: showing that diversity is key in any happy home.

79. If singing could pay the bills, Snow White would be rich.

80. Magic is just an apple bite away, or so Snow White believed.

81. Snow White’s alarm clock: the sound of birds chirping outside her window.

82. The magic in a fairy tale lies in the power of imagination.

83. Snow White’s housekeeping skills could rival any domestic goddess.

83. The huntsman: giving new meaning to “take your child to work day.”

84. Enchanted forests: where adventures and talking animals await.

85. The poison apple: a reminder to always check for freshness before taking a bite.

86. Remember, when meeting strangers in the woods, it’s good to be cautious, especially if they’re offering apples.

87. Disguises may fool the eye, but they can’t fool the heart.

88. Happily ever after: a nice thought, but reality tends to be a bit messier.

89. Snow White’s favorite accessory: a red ribbon to complement her dress.

90. Cleanliness is next to dwarfliness in Snow White’s house.

91. Snow White’s stepmother: the original “wicked” in-law.

Snow Puns Names

92. Frosty McPu face

93. Chilly Willy

94. Snowy Solo

95. Icy McFreeze

96. Frostbite Finnegan

97. Blizzard Bell

98. Powder Puff

99. Frostina Frost

100. Avalanche Anderson

101. Slushy Sanders

102. Snowball Sam

103. Winter Whittaker

104. Flurry Fernandez

105. Frostina Flake

106. Blizzard Banks

107. Snowy Summers

108. Iceberg Isaacs

109. Frosty Fields

110. Shiver Shen

112. Frostbite Fulton

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