90+ Funny Squat Puns

Need a break from squatting? Check out our collection of hilarious squat puns that will give your abs and glutes a workout from laughter!

In the world of fitness, squatting is a fundamental exercise that targets the muscles in your lower body, including your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. 

While squats are no laughing matter when it comes to your workout routine, we can still appreciate a witty pun or two related to this popular exercise.

Best Squat Puns

1. “I heard a squat pun the other day, and I couldn’t help but say, ‘Squat are you waiting for? That’s pun-derful!'”

2. “You can never go wrong with a squat pun. They always squat-e my heart!”

3. “If squats had a love language, it would be puns. They make my quads shake with laughter!”

4. “Squats and puns go hand in hand, or should I say, thigh by thigh? It’s like they’re a match made in the gym!”

5. “When it comes to puns, squats are my favorite kind of exercise. They really work my abs-olute core!”

6. “I’ve come to the realization that squats and puns have a lot in common. They both make me feel good and leave me in a fit of laughter!”

7. “What’s a squat’s favorite type of music? Hip-hop! It really gets them grooving!”

8. “I never get tired of squat puns. They just make my day a whole lot leggier!”

9. “If squats had a spokesperson, they would be the king of puns.

10. “Don’t worry, squat’s all folks!” – when you finish your final rep at the gym and leave the squat rack feeling accomplished.

11. “You know you’ve made it when people say, ‘Wow, you’re a real squat-tastic individual!” .

12. “My doctor prescribed squats for my knee pain, now I’m a thigh-zician!” 

13. “I’m no mathematician, but I can squat to the power of two!” 

14.  “I’m just going to sit on this chair for a while and squat.”

Funny Squat Puns

Strengthen your humor muscles with the funniest squat puns around! Get ready to squat and giggle with these puns for motivation.

15. When you’re squatting, you’re not only getting in a good workout. You’re also laughing your pants off!

16.  “Squatting is the new red carpet.”

17.  “I’m not making any sense. I mean, I have a lot of things to say, but they all seem really hard to say.”

18.  “I love squatting in your house.”

19. I’m Just Squatting Here, So I Can’t Move

20. I’ve Been Squattin’ For Years, But It’s Finally Paid Off

21. I’m not sure what my parents were thinking when they had me, but I’m glad it happened.

22. If you’re looking for a funny pun, we’ve got you covered.

23.  Squatting Day: The best day to do squats.

24.  The squat is the ultimate low-impact exercise.

25.  A person who squats well is called a “squatter.”

26. You can’t have too many squats in your life—they’re a great workout and they make you feel good!

27.   I’m here to help you laugh your way through your day. I’m a squatter.

28.  I’ll share the best puns, memes, and jokes I come across on social media.

29.  If you’re looking for a little humor in your life, look no further.

Funny Squat Puns

Funny Puns About Squat

30.  Squatting is a great way to do your business. It’s also a great way to get better at squatting. You’re welcome!

31.  I’m a writer and a squatter. I’ve been squatting for about three years now, and it’s been a great experience.

32.  I like to think of myself as a cross between a ballet dancer and a ninja. I can do anything!

33. I’m just gonna take a minute to think about myself, and then I’ll be back.

34.   If you want to go really deep in a squat, try this exercise: Squat down and touch your toes.

35. The best squats are the ones you do in your bed

36. Squats are not just for men; that’s why we have women’s specific squat pants

37. When you’re really squatting, don’t forget to stretch out your knees

38. Don’t be afraid to train like a masochist; it will help you get stronger and more flexible

39. If your squat looks big on paper but small in person, that’s because it’s a baby squat!

40. There’s no time like the present to start doing squats regularly; they’re great for improving your balance and core strength!

41. You know it’s time to get into shape when your dog starts begging for more squats at night, knowing that she’ll get all the attention and treats.

42. Squatting is a process of moving through space by bending at the knees.

43. The act of squatting is to move one’s bottom to a lower position.

44.  It’s not just your legs. It’s also your brain!

45.  You know what else? Squatting can be a form of meditation.

46.  If you’re looking for a new way to exercise, squatting might be it!

47. “If you’re looking to squat 400 pounds, don’t bother putting on a pair of shorts.”

48. “The only way to get 500 pounds into the squat rack is by jumping over it.”

49. “You can’t beat a good squat if you don’t try, and if you try for too long, you’ll break your back.”

50. “The best thing about squats is how easy it is to do them wrong!”

51. “If you have any questions about the squat, please contact my lawyer.”

Squat Puns One Liners

If you’re looking for a few laughs, then look no further! Here are some of the best squat puns sure to make you laugh.

52. The guy who squats 300 pounds is still a loser.

53. There’s nothing like having a wife you can’t bench press.

54. If your squat went up, your penis must have shrunk!

55. I think I squatted too much yesterday and didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night.

56. My squat went down because I’m fat and have bad knees now after years of steroids abuse!

57. A squat is like sex: no matter how many times you do it, it always feels better than the last time!

58. If you’re going to squat, at least drink some milk first—it helps with the post-workout dehydration!

59. He’s got a nice rack, but he should get his butt down on that bench!

60. You don’t need a spotter for squats—just put your hand in front of your face and

61.  why did the weightlifter refuse to squat? Because it was just too much “pressure”!

62.  I started a fitness-themed bakery, and our most popular treat is the “Squat Muffin” – it’s just the perfect fit for your appetite!

63.  Don’t trust atoms; they make up everything, including those “squat gains”!

64.  When I told my friend I could squat twice my body weight, he thought I was “pulling his leg” – little did he know I meant it literally!

64.  The gym teacher loved geometry – he was always giving us “squat angles” to work on

65.  My personal trainer said my squat form was terrible. I guess I’ve got some “squat-ting to fix”!

66.  The barbell and the squat rack had a deep conversation – they really “connected on a heavy level”!

67.  After my workout, I felt like my legs were “squat-tering” away from me!

Squat Puns One Liners

68.  My friend asked me why I do squats every day. I said, “It’s the key to unlocking a great ‘behind’-the-scenes show”!

69.  The weightlifter’s favorite fairytale? “Squat-en and the Seven Plates”!

70. I tried to squat with a frown, but the gym mirror said, “Put a smile on that ‘glute’ face”

71.  My friends thought I was crazy for building a squat rack in my living room. Now they see the “reARrange-ment” I’ve made!

72.  When the weightlifter proposed, he got down on one knee – in perfect squat form, of course!

73. The fitness guru loved telling puns, especially when they were about squats – he had a “pun-ch for squats”

74. Why did the scarecrow go to the gym? To work on its “core”-ageous squatting skills!

75.  My friend said I couldn’t do a squat while balancing a cup on my head. I said, “Just watch me ‘cup squat’ this challenge”!

76.   I told my trainer that I wanted to improve my squats, and he said, “No ‘buts’ about it, you’ve got this”

Squat Puns Captions

If you’re looking for a few laughs, then look no further! Here are some of the best squat puns sure to make you laugh.

77.   It’s a love-hate relationship with gravity.

78.  The foundation of a powerful lower body.

79.  Squatting: Rise above the challenges.

80.   The natural booty builder.

81.  Embrace the burn, feel the gains – squats!

82.  Get low, get strong – squats all day long.

83.  Squatting: Where magic happens, one rep at a time.

84.  Squat for progress, not perfection. Keep calm and squat on.

85.  Squats: Pain today, power tomorrow.

86.  Squatting: Proof that I can go low and rise high.

87.  Squats: It’s not just a workout; it’s a way of life.

Squat Puns Captions

88.  Squat to conquer, squat to dominate.

89.  Squats: Making dreams of strong glutes come true.

90.  Stay low, stay strong – the squat way.

91.  Squatting: My therapy for a better mind and body.

Funny Jokes About Squat

Squatting can be a pain, but not anymore with these funny puns! Discover the best squat jokes that will have you laughing and squatting all day long.

Why did the frog get kicked out of the squat? He kept croaking.

What do you call a group of people squatting in a circle? A squat circle.

Why did the bodybuilder quit squatting? He couldn’t handle the weight.

What do you call a squat that’s really hard? A tough squat.

Why did the chicken cross the squat rack? To get to the other whey.

Final Words

While these squat puns may bring some humor to your workout routine, it’s important to approach squat exercises with professionalism and proper form. So, squat your way to a strong lower body, and maybe enjoy a chuckle or two along the way!

After reading through all these hilarious puns about squat exercise, we hope you had a good laugh and motivation.

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