80+ Funny Jokes About Chess

Prepare to checkmate your funny bone with our collection of hilarious jokes about chess and the absolute best puns that will make you laugh like a grandmaster.

These chess jokes are not only perfect for kids but also tailored for adults who appreciate clever humor. From witty wordplay to strategic hilarity, these jokes will have you laughing your way through the chessboard.

Best Jokes About Chess

1. What flavor of crisps do chess players prefer?


2.  After defeating a fellow pirate in chess, what did one say to the other?

Check matey!

3.  What is the other half of a pawn?

It’s its mirrored image.

4.  Why did the chess master vomit on the boat?

 He made a wrong move at c6.

5.  What is the preferred chess move for ants with bladder issues?

 En pissant (French for “in passing”).

6.  What did the judge do to punish the guilty chess player?

He hurled a rook at him.

7.  Why did the chess player quit playing the game?

It was too boring for them.

8.  Where is the best place to learn chess?

 At knight school.

9.  What do chess players like to snack on?


10.  How did the king end up losing his home?

One of his horses gave away his castle.

11.  Which knight always surrendered during chess matches?

Sir Render was the one who frequently gave up.

12.  When do knights prefer to play chess?

 Knight time is the best time.

13.  Why do chess players always have a lamp close by?

 So they can play at night.

14.  Why was the pawn feeling lonely on the chessboard?

 It was isolated and had no one to talk to.

15.  Why are chess players good dancers?

They have some great moves to make.

16.  What do Czech Republic chess players call their friends?

Czech-mates, of course!

17.  How did the grandmaster cope with the stress of a big tournament?

He took a knight off.

18.  Why did the chess player become tense at the restaurant?

The waiter said, “Check.”

19.  What did the English player say after winning a game of chess?

 “Check m8!”

20.  Which country is beloved by chess players?

 The Czech Republic.

Chess Jokes One Liners

Chess is a game that has been played for centuries and is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Not only is it a game of strategy and skill, but it also provides ample opportunities for humor and wit.

Here are some of the funniest jokes about chess that will make even the most serious player crack a smile.

21.  The chessboard was soaked, perhaps due to the queen’s lengthy reign.

22.  Chess players tend to have large families, possibly due to their frequent mating.

23.  The board game fell off the breakfast bar due to a counter-attack.

24.  Bob Seger wrote a song about the game of chess called “How the Knight Moves.”

25.  Chess players enjoy prawn-flavored crisps.

26.  The most expensive move in chess is the check.

27.  Chess Bishops are limited to diagonal movement because the cardinal directions are north, south, east, and west.

28.  The rook was immovable because of the moat.

29.  The chess player earned money from a Discovered Check he found on the board.

30.  During long games, hungry chess players eat chess nuts.

31.  Michael Bay’s preferred chess move is C4.

32.  Ingrid is the name given to a girl who excels in human chess and checkers.

33.  Having lunch with a chess player is a time-consuming process due to their slowness in passing the salt.

34.  Diagon Alley is a favorite location for bishops who enjoy Harry Potter.

35.  When asked about the stale bread, the Australian chess player responded with “Stalemate.”

36.  The chess master took a long time to finish his dinner because the table had a checkered tablecloth, and passing the salt shaker took ages.

37.  Two chess enthusiasts bragging in a lobby could be called “chess nuts boasting in an open foyer.”

38.  A chess player’s favorite rock band might be Queen.

39.  After beating his fellow pirate in chess, one pirate said to the other, “Check matey.”

40.  Some believe that chess is banned in Islam because the queen has too much freedom of movement.

Chess Jokes One Liners

Funny Chess Jokes

Chess is a game of strategy, intellect, and cunning. People who play chess are often seen as intellectuals, but they also have a great sense of humor.

Funny Jokes about chess are a great way to lighten up the mood and show that even the most serious game can be funny. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some hilarious jokes about chess!

41.  Why do chess pieces appear uninteresting?

 They’re part of a boring game.

42.  Where did the chess player catch some z’s?

 In a bed fit for a king.

43.  What is the most expensive maneuver in chess?

 Placing an opponent in check.

44.  Why do chess Bishops exclusively move on diagonals?

Because they can only travel along cardinal directions of northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest.

45.  Why was the chess player unable to relocate his rook?

The moat obstructed its passage.

46.  How did the chess player earn money during the game?

He discovered a check that led to a financial gain.

47.  What snack do chess players consume during long games?


48.  Which chess move is Michael Bay’s favorite?


49.  What do you refer to as a girl who is excellent at human chess and checkers?


50.  What did the Australian chess player say about the stale bread?


51.  How did the skilled dancer win the competition?

They had all the right moves.

52.  What is the preferred move of a meticulous chess player?

The double-check.

53.  On what do you play 4D chess?

 A chess cube.

54.  Why do some trees refuse to play checkers?

 Because they are true chess enthusiasts.

55.  Why do chess players prefer king size beds?

 So they can sleep like kings.

56.  What did the chess player request from the waitress?

 “Check, please.”

57.  Why did the chess player’s sandwich taste strange, mate?

Because it was stale, mate.

58.  What is the simplest way to move your castle?

 By taking the remote control.

Clean Jokes About Chess

Chess is a game that takes intelligence, strategy, and patience to master. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with it.

In fact, there are plenty of jokes about chess that will have you laughing, even if you’re not a grandmaster. Here are some of the best ones.

59.  Why did the pirates attack the chess tournament?

They believed a treasure chest was hidden there.

60.  What makes the white bishop the quickest piece in chess?

It’s situated on the F1 square.

61.  Why don’t cows engage in a game of chess?

 They’re unable to make any “moves.”

62.  Why did the chess player appear uninterested?

 He found the game to be rather dull.

63.  Where do chess grandmasters house their pet snakes?

Inside a “chest” of course.

64.  What’s a chess player’s preferred appetizer?

A “pawn cocktail.”

65.  Why does Magnus Carlsen utilize Tinder?

 To search for potential mates.

66.  How did the stressed-out chess grandmaster relieve his tournament anxiety?

 He removed the knight from the board.

67.  What did the chess enthusiast request from the waiter?

The bill, after announcing “Check, please.”

68.  How did the judge react to the guilty chess player?

He hurled the rook at him.

69.  What’s the preferred flavor of crisps for a chess player?

Pawn flavored.

70.  Why do the chess pieces appear disinterested?

They’re part of a board game.

71.  What’s the most effortless way to relocate your castle?

 By using a remote control.

72.  Where can you acquire knowledge of chess?

At Knight school.

73.  What was the chess player’s backup plan for winning?

Keeping a pawn in reserve.

74.  Why did the chess champion switch to a plant-based diet?

 He wanted to make sure he had enough energy for the endgame.

75.  How did the chess player feel after losing to the computer?

Like he was a checkmate from the future.

76.  Why did the chess tournament get postponed?

 The pieces were all in quarantine.

77.  What did the chess player say when he was offered a rematch?

 “I’ll take that challenge on board.”

78.  How did the chess player prepare for his big match?

By studying the game plan and setting his sights on victory.

79.  Why did the chess player take up yoga?

 To improve his flexibility and strategic thinking.

80.  How did the chess player feel when he finally won the championship?

 Like he had achieved the ultimate checkmate.

Clean Jokes About Chess

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are plenty of jokes about chess that will have you laughing and enjoying the game even more. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, these jokes are a great way to show your love for the game and have a good time with others who share your passion.

So go ahead and share these jokes with your chess-loving friends and family, and let the laughter begin!

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