100+ Funny Swimming Dad Jokes

Dive into a pool of laughter with our collection of swimming dad jokes that will have you in stitches. From clever water-themed puns to lighthearted wordplay, these jokes are perfect for dads who love the water or anyone in need of a good laugh.

Whether you’re a swimmer or simply enjoy a splash of humor, these swimming-themed jokes will keep you entertained and make a big splash at your next poolside gathering. Get ready to swim through waves of laughter and share a laugh with your family and friends.

Swimming Dad Jokes Funny

1. What type of competition involves swimming, cycling, and running? A triathlon.

2.  Why did the lifeguard not allow the octopus to swim in the pool?

It kept taking up too many lanes.

3.  What do you call a swimming pool filled with fruit?

 A melon-dee pool.

4.  What is a shark’s favorite stroke?


5.  What do you get when you cross a fish and a magician?

 A swim magician.

6.  Why did the swimmer refuse to swim in the ocean?

 She was afraid of getting tied up.

7.  What did the swimmer say when he was offered a drink?

 “No thanks, I’m already in the water.”

8.  How does a swimmer clean their pool?

 With a pool skimmer.

9.  What do you call a swimmer who doesn’t shave their legs?

 Hairy flipper.

10.  Why did the penguin refuse to swim in the Arctic Ocean?

 It was too cold, even for him.

11.  A word that appears the same upside down and backward?


12.  What prompted the teacher to jump into the water?

She wanted to test it out.

13.  How do swimmers cleanse themselves?

They wash up on the shore.

14.  Why do dolphins prefer saltwater or freshwater?

 Pepper makes them sneeze!

15.  Which body of water do ghosts prefer to swim in?

 Lake Eerie!

16.  What stroke can you apply to toast?

 The BUTTER-fly!

17.  What did the ocean do when it reached the beach?

 It waved hello.

18.  Why did the swimmer go back in time?

Because he was doing the backstroke!

19.  Which exercise is most effective for swimmers?


20.  Where do zombies go for a swim?

The Dead Sea.

21.  Where do fish store their cash?

 In river-banks!

22.  What stroke do sheep enjoy most?

The backstroke!

23.  What footwear did Cinderella put on to go swimming?

Glass flippers.

24.  Why don’t vegetarians participate in swimming competitions?

They don’t like meat.

25.  Why can elephants swim anytime they want?

 They always have their trunks with them!

Funny Dad Jokes About Swimming

Have you ever been to a swimming pool and heard some dad jokes that made you roll your eyes or laugh out loud? Well, we’ve compiled a list of swimming dad jokes that will make you want to dive right in!

26.  Which insect is the most skilled swimmer?

The butterfly.

27.  Why do vegetarian athletes avoid swimming competitions?

They prefer not to participate in “meets.”

28.  How are elephants able to swim effortlessly at any time?

They always have their trunks to aid them.

29.  What is the reason for squirrels swimming on their backs?

To ensure that their nuts stay dry.

30.  Which type of race is never held?

A swimming competition.

31.  What is the preferred swimming stroke of sheep?

The backstroke.

32.  Where is the favorite swimming spot for zombies?

The Dead Sea.

33.  What direction do chickens swim in?


34.  What swimming attire do elephants wear?

Swimming trunks.

35.  Which swimming technique is favored by artists?

The brushstroke.

36.  What is H204, and what is it used for?

It’s for swimming, naturally.

37.  What kind of fish is incapable of swimming?

A deceased one.

38.  Why did the swimmer travel back in time?

To do the backstroke.

39.  Why did the teacher take a dive?

She wanted to experience the water!

40.  How do aquatic athletes refresh themselves?

 By cleaning off on the shoreline!

41.  Why do dolphins prefer to swim in the ocean?

 Pepper can cause them to sneeze!

42.  Which body of water do ghosts enjoy for a swim?

Lake Eerie!

43.  Which swim stroke can you apply to toast?

 The BUTTER-fly stroke!

44.  Why did the swimmer travel back in time?

 To perform the backstroke in another era!

45.  Which workout routine is ideal for swimmers?


46.  Where is the go-to swimming spot for zombies?

 The Dead Sea.

Best Swimming Dad Jokes

Swimming is a fun and healthy activity that many people enjoy. Whether you’re a professional swimmer or just enjoy splashing around in the pool, there’s no denying the joy that swimming brings.

And what better way to enhance that joy than with some swimming dad jokes? Here are some hilarious swimming dad jokes that are sure to make a splash:

47.  Where do fish store their money?

 In their river bank accounts!

48.  What stroke do sheep prefer?

 The backstroke!

49.  What kind of footwear did Cinderella wear while swimming?

Glass flippers, of course!

50.  Why don’t vegetarians participate in swimming competitions?

 They don’t like meat in the competition.

51.  Why are elephants, good swimmers?

 They have their trunks to help them!

52.  What do you get when you have a swim team made up of Jennifer?


53.  Why did the blonde swim the backstroke after lunch?

 She didn’t want to swim on a full stomach.

54.  Why did the girl struggle to swim?

 She didn’t have any buoyancy!

55.  What do you call a limbless man floating in a pool?


56.  Why do squirrels swim on their back?

To keep their nuts dry!

57.  What kind of race is never run?

 A swimming race.

58.  What is a polar bear’s favorite swimming stroke?

 The blubber flies!

59.  What laundry detergent do swimmers use to wash their wetsuits?


60.  What kind of plunge do soldiers excel at?

The cannonball dive.

61.  Which vehicle is yellow but unable to navigate water?

A bus carrying a full load of students.

62.  Which breed of dog is fond of swimming?

The Scuba Dooby Doo!

63.  What does a fish think upon hitting a concrete barrier?


64.  How do you encourage elephants to take a dip in the pool?

By reminding them that they already have their trunks on.

65.  What occurs when Poseidon swims excessively far at once?

 Ocean splints!

66.  Have you heard about the math instructor who went skinny-dipping in a lake?

 She emerged with an algae bra.

67.  What has a pair of knees and swims?

A two-kneed fish.

68.  What would you call a dog that cannot swim?

 A land rover.

69.  Why did the swim team fail to create a website?

 They couldn’t float their domain.

70.  Where do swimmers take a shower?

 They rinse off on the shore.

71.  What did Ariel wear on her feet when she went for a swim?

Seashell Flippers.

72.  Why can’t giraffes swim well?

 Their necks make it challenging to stay afloat.

73.  Why are otters, good swimmers?

 They have webbed feet and waterproof fur.

Dad Jokes For Swimming

Swimming is a sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages, and whether you are a seasoned pro or just a beginner, you are sure to appreciate these jokes. As a dad, you know that one of the perks of fatherhood is the ability to make your kids laugh.

And what better way to do that than with a few well-timed swimming jokes? So, without further ado, here are some of the best swimming dad jokes to add to your repertoire:

74.  How do people communicate while swimming in the ocean?

They use sign language.

75.  Why did the swimmer only do the backstroke after eating?

He didn’t want to risk getting cramps.

76.  What stroke can you use on bread?

The jam-stroke.

77.  What exercise is ideal for swimmers?

 Pool lunges.

78.  Why did the teacher dive into the pool?

She wanted to make a splash.

79.  Where do ghosts like to swim?

 In the Dead Sea.

80.  Why did the vegetarian quit swimming?

She didn’t like to meet others’ expectations.

81.  What direction do ducks swim?


82.  What swimming stroke do cows prefer?

The mooooooo-backstroke.

83.  What do you call a swim team consisting of only people named Bob?

The Bobolinks.

84.  What is a penguin’s favorite stroke?

 The ice-berg.

85.  Which word reads the same backward and forward?


86.  Why do swimming pools have lanes?

So swimmers can stay in their own current.

87.  Why did the lifeguard go to art school?

To learn how to draw a good stroke.

88.  How do you catch a squirrel that’s swimming?

With a nut trap.

89.  Why did the frog bring shampoo to the swimming pool?

It wanted to have a clean jump.

90.  Why did the chicken cross the swimming pool?

 To get to the other slide.

91.  What do you call a group of swimming cows?

A herd stroke.

92.  Why do swimmers wear swim caps?

To keep their hair out of their wake.

93.  What type of competition is never won on foot?

 A swimming competition.

94.  What laundry product do swimmers typically use?

Tide, is the swimmers’ favorite detergent.

95.  What common tool is used by both a dentist and a swim coach?

A drill.

96.  What led to the elephants being expelled from the swimming pool?

Their trunks kept falling off.

97.  Why did the woman remain unafraid when she came across a man-eating shark during her swim in the ocean?

 Because the shark was only interested in eating men.

98.  How do pirates determine the distance they’ve swum?

 By counting their YARRRRRds.

99.  Where is the Dead Sea a popular spot for zombies to go swimming?

 The Dead Sea is the perfect place for zombie swimmers.

100.  What type of swimmers are best suited for gardening?

 Swimmers with excellent seed times.

Some Final Talk

These jokes are perfect for sharing with your kids or with fellow swimmers at the pool. They’re sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face and maybe even spark a few conversations. And if you’re feeling really brave, you can even try out some of these jokes during your next swimming competition.

Swimming dad jokes are a great way to add a little bit of humor to your life. So, the next time you’re at the pool, don’t be afraid to break out a few of these jokes. Who knows, you might just make someone’s day!

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