100+ Funny Jokes About Countries

It’s no secret that humor is one of the most powerful tools in the world. It’s a great way to break the ice, lighten the mood, and even bring people together. And when it comes to jokes, no group is off-limits.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the funniest jokes about countries from around the world. So grab a coffee or a cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy some of the best country-themed jokes around.

Best Jokes About Countries

1. What similarity can be drawn between a shoreline and a cold American brew?

They’re both connected to water!

2.  What caused the depletion of minerals along the West Coast?

The state of Oregon.

3.  What was the financial outcome for the American who had to seek medical attention for a fractured leg?

 He became broke.

4.  What term is used to describe a bee that resides in the United States?


5.  Why did the President issue a ban on the sale of shredded cheese?

 To facilitate the country’s grate-ness.

6.  What did Tennessee witness that left it in a state of speechlessness?

 The same spectacle that Arkansas beheld.

7.  What musical instrument commonly associated with country and jazz does Donald Trump enjoy playing?

 The Trump-et.

8.  What was the reason for the man’s arrest after he shot a bald eagle that was unwell?

It was an ill-eagle act.

9.  What were the parting words of the daredevil from the South?

 “Hold my beer and watch this!”

10.  Why haven’t Americans switched to the metric system?

 They fear it would cause mass confusion!

11.  What was the name of the Atlanta rap duo that specialized in hip hop covers of Queen songs?

 Bohemian Rap City.

12.  How does my friend divide his time between playing American Football and the Piano?

He’s a Quarterbach.

13.  What was the intention of Delaware during the football game?

 To defeat her neighboring state of New Jersey.

14.  Why aren’t there many knock-knock jokes about the United States?

 Because freedom rings!

15.  Why do Canadians come across as cooler than Americans?

Because of their frigid winters.

16.  Where did the vampire obtain school supplies for his child?


17.  What was Biggie’s reaction after viewing the map of the US?

 “Where Brooklyn At!?”

18.  Why was there a lack of electricity in the rural areas of Pennsylvania?

 The Amish had something to do with it.

19.  What fruit is disliked by Californians?


20.  How would you describe the airport security in Los Angeles?

 It was quite LAX.

21.  Why are Xboxes and PCs not prevalent in Pennsylvania?

 Because it’s always Sony in Philadelphia.

22.  Why don’t you see many tubas in Country music?

Because they’re too heavy-metal for the genre!

23.  Have you ever noticed how National Anthems sound like ancient Country music?

 That’s because they’re the OG country tunes!

24.  Why did Coca Cola drop their sponsorship deal with the Country musician?

 Because his music wasn’t pop enough for their taste!

25.  How can you tell if the Grammys are rigged when a Country artist wins?

The exchange just doesn’t seem fair!

Funny Jokes About Countries

The world of international relations. What better way to lighten the mood and add some laughter than to tell a few jokes about countries?

Whether they’re puns, one-liners, or long-form jokes, these funny jokes about countries will get your audience laughing in no time.

26.  Wondering what username a cowboy might choose on Twitch?

 Look no further than Jolly Rancher.

27.  What did the Country singer with a taste for Indian cuisine call herself?

Curry Underwood, of course!

28.  Why did the southern couple forbid their kids from listening to Jazz music?

They couldn’t handle all the sax and violins!

29.  What is the name of the country that has a unique blend of hot and cool climate?

That country is known as Chile, where the temperature can vary widely.

30.  Which country boasts the fastest growing capital city?

Ireland takes the lead, as Dublin expands day by day.

31.  What is the most popular sport in Mexico?

Mexicans love to run cross country.

32.  What is the origin of French Fries?

The tasty snack we know as French Fries has its roots in oil and potatoes.

33.  In the event of an earthquake, what do you call a cow?

During an earthquake, a cow might be referred to as a milkshake.

34.  What was the reason behind the scarecrow winning the Nobel Prize?

The scarecrow was honored with the Nobel Prize for being exceptional in his field.

35.  How would you describe a happy cowboy?

A cowboy who is overjoyed can be called a Jolly Rancher.

36.  What was the farmer’s way of finding his wife?

The farmer found his wife by using a tractor to track her down.

37.  What happens when you play country music backward?

Playing country music in reverse can bring back your job and your spouse.

38.  What do you call a country singer who loves Indian cuisine?

A country singer with a taste for Indian food might be called Curry Underwood.

39.  How can a Russian string quartet be defined?

A Russian string quartet can be described as an orchestra from the Soviet era that has returned from a US tour.

40.  What has five eyes and rests on the water?

The mighty Mississippi River boasts five eyes and flows on the water.

41.  Which country holds the title of the fastest in the world?

The country that is known for speed is Russia, or “Rush-a” for short.

42.  How do sheep in Mexico greet each other during the holiday season?

Sheep in Mexico might say “Fleece Navidad” to wish each other a Merry Christmas.

43.  Where would dolphins live if they resided on land?

If dolphins lived on land, they would call Finland their home.

44.  Why was the man who shot a sick bald eagle arrested?

The man who shot a sick bald eagle was arrested for committing an “ill-eagle” act.

45.  What do tornadoes and southern divorces have in common?

Somebody’s gonna lose their trailer!

Funny Jokes About Turkey Country

Jokes about countries have been around for a long time, and no matter where you come from, you can certainly relate to the funny stories that have been told about different countries.

Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or just a way to break the ice, here are some of the best funny jokes about Turkey that you can share with your friends and family.

46.  Why did the turkey cross the Bosphorus?

 To prove he wasn’t chicken!

47.  What do you call a group of turkeys playing music?

 A poultry in motion!

48.  Why did the turkey go to Istanbul?

To get to the other Constantinople!

49.  Why did the turkey join a gym in Ankara?

 He wanted to work on his gobble muscles!

50.  What do you call a turkey who’s good at math?

 A number gobbler!

51.  Why did the turkey cross the Bosphorus Bridge?

 To prove he wasn’t chicken.

52.  What do you call a turkey that’s been playing too much sports?

 Fowl Play.

53.  Why did the turkey refuse dessert?

 Because he was already stuffed!

54.  Why did the turkey go to the doctor?

 Because he had a fowl attitude.

55.  Why did the turkey join the band?

Because he had the drumsticks.

56.  What do you call a turkey that’s gone crazy?

 A gobbling wobble.

57.  Why did the turkey cross the playground?

 To get to the other slide.

58.  What do you call a turkey that’s good at math?

 A math-gobbler.

59.  Why did the turkey cross the Bosphorus Strait?

 To prove he wasn’t chicken!

60.  How does a turkey stay fit?

By doing squats-urkeys.

61.  What do you call a turkey that plays basketball?

 A slam dunk-ey!

62.  Why did the turkey refuse dessert?

 He was already stuffed!

63.  What did one turkey say to the other after Thanksgiving dinner?

“Man, I feel like a featherweight!”

64.  Why did the turkey go to the gym?

To work on his drumsticks!

65.  How do you make a turkey float?

You add two scoops of ice cream, some root beer, and a turkey!

66.  What do you call a turkey who’s a sore loser?

 A gobblin’ crybaby!

Jokes About Countries

Whether you’re looking for a clever joke about a particular country or a silly one about any country, we’ve got you covered. No matter what your sense of humor is, you’ll be sure to find something to make you chuckle.

67.  Why don’t they have fireworks at Euro Disney?

 Because every time they try, they shoot off Portugal.

68.  Why did the tomato turn red?

Because it saw the salad dressing in Italy.

69.  Why did the Mexican take Xanax?

For hispanic attacks.

70.  Why did the chicken enter the seance room?

 To talk to the spirits in Germany.

71.  Why do they call it Iceland?

Because Greenland was already taken.

72.  Why did the kangaroo emigrate to Austria?

 He wanted to hop on the Sound of Music tour.

73.  Why did the British man buy a new hat?

Because he lost his tweed one in Wales.

74.  Why did the Norwegian cross the road twice?

 He was a double-crosser.

75.  Why don’t scientists trust atoms from Ireland?

 Because they make up everything!

76.  Why was the math book sad?

Because it had too many problems, just like Greece!

77.  Why did the Mexican take anti-acid?

 Because he had too much quesadilla!

78.  Why did the kangaroo go to Austria?

To visit the hop-ski resorts!

79.  Why did the Norwegian cross the road?

 To get to the fjord on the other side!

80.  Why did the chicken go to the seance?

 To talk to the spirit of Colonel Sanders in Kentucky!

81.  Why was the Japanese cat so good at martial arts?

Because it had a black belt in karate!

82.  Why did the Russian potato refuse to join the army?

 Because it was a conscientious objector!

83.  Why did the British person have to bring an umbrella to the bank?

Because it had pounds raining from the sky!

84.  Why did the Norwegian cross the road?

 To get to the fjord on the other side!

85.  Why did the Frenchman go to the eye doctor?

Because he couldn’t see past his wine!

86.  Why did the Japanese man go to the dentist?

Because he had Tokyo-thesia!

87.  Why did the German football team play with only 10 players?

Because they lost Nein-tendo!

88.  Why did the Swiss man refuse to tell jokes?

 Because he was afraid he would make a Swiss-take!

89.  Why did the Australian wear a cowboy hat?

 Because he thought he was in the Wild Outback!

90.  Why did the British man take a ladder to the pub?

 Because he heard the drinks were on the house!

91.  Why did the Indian man refuse to eat seafood?

Because he didn’t want to curry a fish!

Funny Country Jokes

Do you like jokes about particular countries? We have a few jokes about countries that will make you laugh. Take a look at some of our favorite jokes about countries:

92.  Why do Yankees fans prefer the darkness?

 So they can reminisce about the old lightbulb.

93.  What led to the cowboy’s dismissal from work?

 His derangement.

94.  Why did the southerner couple ban Jazz music for their children?

 They couldn’t handle all the sax and violins.

95.  Why is a Country singer’s win at the Grammys considered rigged?

Because it’s an unfair exchange.

96.  How many Country singers does it take to replace a lightbulb?

Two: one to change it, and the other to sing about the good old days with the old bulb.

97.  What made the man from Colorado move to Las Vegas?

 He wanted to take a chance.

98.  Which American state do lions love to reside in?


99.  Why did the comedian from Arizona lose his sense of humor in the rainforest?

Because it was too wet.

100.  Where do dentists hold their annual convention?

 Floss Vegas.

101.  Why did the Indian family enjoy living in Texas?

 Because there’s a Delhi on every corner.

102.  Where can you find the most dad jokes in the US?

Corny Island.

103.  Which American state is the most grounded?


104.  Why is the President’s office oval?

Someone cut corners.

105.  What did the Minnesota Timberwolves fan do after they won the NBA Championship?

 Turn off their Playstation.

106.  How did the buffalo pass their exams?

 They winged it.

107.  Why did Taylor Swift develop a dislike for the Western region?

Because during her last encounter with someone from the West, she was denied an award she deserved.

108.  What’s the common denominator between a tornado and a divorce in the South?

Both of them result in someone losing their trailer.

109.  What did Keith Urban call his mediocre Country band?

Sub-urban was the name he came up with.

110.  What did the cowboy decide to use as his Twitch Username?

He went with Jolly Rancher as his choice.

111.  Why were the patrons at the bar perplexed by the Spanish Southerner?

Because he kept speaking in Espan-y’all, which left them confused.

112.  What name did the Country music enthusiast give to his playlist of top Country songs?

He named it Johnny Cache.

113.  Why did the Country artist lose his Coca-Cola sponsorship?

His music wasn’t mainstream enough for the company’s taste.

114.  What if Keith Urban became a fervent Country music lover?

He would undoubtedly rename himself Keith Rural!

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To sum up, humor is a universal language that can transcend cultural boundaries, and funny jokes about countries are a great example of this. They provide a lighthearted way to explore and appreciate different cultures, and can also be a powerful tool to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

Whether you’re at a social gathering, a business meeting, or simply enjoying a conversation with a friend, a good joke about a country can help to break down barriers and create a sense of camaraderie

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