90+ Funny Campfire Jokes

The campfire – a time for roasting marshmallows, singing songs, and most importantly, telling jokes! There’s something about sitting around a campfire that brings out the joker in everyone, and these funny campfire jokes are sure to bring out some laughs and smiles.

Whether you’re looking for some classic knock-knock jokes or some silly one-liners, these funny campfire jokes guarantee you’ll have a good time.

Funny Campfire Jokes

1. What makes Humpty Dumpty’s fall camping trip so enjoyable?

 He loves a great fall in Autumn!

2.  Where do campers store their cash?

In the riverbank, there is a natural ATM.

3.  Why is it best to avoid telling inside jokes with your close friends while camping?

 They’ll be “in-tents”!

4.  How did your camping trip go?

It was intense!

5.  How can you easily communicate with fish while camping?

 Drop a line and talk to them!

6.  What is the favorite beverage of every tree in the forest?

 Root beer, of course!

7.  Why is April 1st not a popular day for camping?

Because everyone just completed a 31-day March!

8.  What did the trees wear when they went swimming in the lake?

Their swimming trunks, naturally!

9.  Why did the man looking for camouflage tents come home empty-handed?

 He couldn’t find any!

10.  What happened to the camper who broke his arm on his last trip?

Don’t worry, he’s all right now!

11.  How do computer programmers supplement their income in the summer?

They take on part-time jobs helping campers get rid of pesky bugs.

12.  What do you call a thief who goes camping?

Someone with criminal intent!

13.  Why did the corporate workers decide to go camping?

 They needed to release some “tent-sion”.

14.  What kind of camping chair does yoga?

 A folding chair, of course!

15.  What causes a fish to turn red?

Seeing the bottom of the lake!

16.  Want to turn your soup into gold?

Just add 24 carrots!

17.  Have you heard about the deer with no eyes?

 They call it a no eye-deer!

18.  Do you know what’s brown and adhesive?

 A stick, of course!

19.  Why didn’t the elephant need a backpack for the hike?

 Because it carried everything in its trunk!

20.  How do termites access the internet?

 By logging in!

Funny Campfire Jokes for Adults

Are you looking for some funny campfire jokes to make your next camping trip even more fun? Look no further! We have compiled a list of some of the best jokes that will have everyone around the campfire laughing!

21.  Can you differentiate between a dogwood and a pine tree?

 Check their barks!

22.  Want to stay warm in a tent at night?

Sleep in the corner – it’s always 90 degrees!

23.  Why did the chocolate leave the graham cracker for the marshmallow?

Because it wanted s’more!

24.  How do trees make friends?

They branch out, of course!

25.  What’s the name for a gathering of polar bears having a good time?

A CHILLarious party!

26.  Where is the most common spot for teenagers to camp out?

Right outside the mall, waiting for the latest iPhone release!

27.  How did the squirrel feel when it finally found its acorn?

Nuts about it!

28.  What do you call a group of trees that like to sing together?

A choir-forest.

29.  Why don’t ants get sick?

Because they have tiny ant-bodies!

30.  What did the owl say to the campers?

 Because it’s too far to walk.

31.  What did the camper say when his tent fell down?

“Oh, tent! Looks like we’re sleeping under the stars tonight.”

 32.  Why don’t oysters share their pearls?

Because they’re shellfish!

33.  How does a snowman get to work?

 By icicle.

34.  What would you call a camper without a body or a nose?

A Nobodynose.

35.  If a group of crows go camping, what is it called?

A tent full of murders.

36.  Why is it stressful when two couples go camping?

Because they need Two Tents.

37.  What made the fish turn red?

Catching a glimpse of the lake bed.

38.  Which camping spot is ideal for pet birds?

 The Canary Islands, of course!

39.  Why does Humpty Dumpty prefer camping in the fall?

Because he had a great fall.

40.  Where did the sheep go camping?

 The Baa-hamas.

Funny Clean Campfire Jokes

The great outdoors – the fresh air, the night sky, the star-studded horizon, and, of course, the campfire. Gather around the campfire and share a few laughs with these funny campfire jokes!

41.  How do trees get on the internet?

They log in!

42.  What did the tree say when it was being cut down?


43.  Why did the secret service agent stop going to the campfire?

 He was afraid of getting burned by all the top-secret stories!

44.  Why don’t skeletons ever go out to eat?

 Because they always prefer to pick their own food.

45.  What did the tree say when it was being cut down?


45.  What did the ghost say when it lost its way around the campfire?

“Ooooo, this is just spooky.”

46.  Where do vampires like to sit around a campfire?

 On stakeout!

47.  Why did the scarecrow win an award?

 Because he was outstanding in his field.

48.  What did the tree say to autumn?

Leave me alone!

49.  Why did the scarecrow get promoted?

 Because he was outstanding in his field!

50.  What did the metamorphic rock say to its date?

 Let’s get this date started with a little heat!

51.  Do you know what the ocean did when it saw the campers?

 It just waved!

52.  What did the lake say to the sailboat at the camping site?

Nothing, it simply waved.

Camp Fire Jokes

53.  What was the reason for the camper to bring two pants while camping?

 In case he was lost, he could utilize them to make a shelter by tying the legs.

54.  What motivated the scarecrow to go camping?

 He desired to witness some straw-mation.

55.  What is the process to make a s’more?

 Abduct a grammarian and compel them to use “some more” in a sentence.

56.  Why did the ranger choose to wear a suit to work?

To be the most elegantly dressed tree in the woods.

57.  What provoked the campfire to share ghost stories?

 It craved the limelight.

58.  What does a toothless bear go by?

A gummy bear.

59.  Why can’t campers dance?

 They’re always stepping on the tent.

60.  Why can’t campers perform magic tricks?

They always misplace their wand-er.

61.  What do you call a heap of sleeping campers?

 A snore pile.

62.  What’s a mosquito doing at the North Pole called?


63.  What’s a camper who never stops talking?

A chatterbox.

63.  Why did the camper pack duct tape for the trip?

To quickly patch up the sleeping bag if needed.

65.  Why did the camper bring a calendar on the trip?

To schedule meals according to the full moon.

66.  Why did the camper bring a stapler on the trip?

 To make a paper tent.

67.  What do you call a bunch of grown-ups camping?

 A midlife crisis.

68.  Why did the adult camper bring a book?

 To read while the kids play.

69.  Why did the adult camper bring a pillow?

 To rest their beer on.

70.  What was the reason for the camper to carry a king-sized mattress on the camping trip?

He desired to sleep like royalty amidst the wild.

71.  Why did the camper choose to bring a memory foam mattress for the camping trip?

 To ensure a comfortable sleep on the rough and rugged terrain.

72.  What motivated the camper to bring a fan along on the camping trip?

Soothing white noise would assist in a restful sleep throughout the night.

73.  What was the camper’s motive to bring a sleeping bag on the trip?

To avoid the need for snuggling with the bears.

Best Campfire Jokes

These funny campfire jokes are sure to get you some laughs around the campfire! Whether you’re camping with family or friends, you’re sure to have a great time with a few funny campfire jokes.

So, go ahead, gather around the campfire, and share some laughter with these funny campfire jokes!

74.  Mummies avoid camping because they fear relaxing.

75.  Campers store their money in a river bank.

76.  Avoid telling inside jokes when camping with close friends.

77.  A man searched for camouflage tents but couldn’t find any.

78.  A camper who broke his left arm on a trip is all right now.

79.  Programmers earn extra money by helping campers with bug problems.

80.  A thief who goes camping is guilty of criminal intent.

81.  Corporate workers camped to relieve their tent-sion.

82.  The folding chair for camping also doubles as a yoga chair.

83.  A robot goes on trips to recharge its batteries.

84.  Humpty Dumpty enjoys camping in Autumn because he had a great fall.

85.  Nobody wants to go camping on April 1st after a long March.

86.  Trees wear swimming trunks when taking a dip in the lake.

87.  Fish keep their money in the riverbank.

88.  Married campers got anxious camping with another couple because it was two tents.

89.  A fish blushes upon seeing the lake’s bottom.

90.  The campers received no greeting from the ocean, it simply waved.

91.  Distinguishing between a dogwood tree and a pine tree can be done by examining their respective barks.

92.  To keep warm during a chilly night in a tent, sleeping in the corner is advisable, as it is always 90 degrees.

93.  Chocolate forsook graham crackers in favor of marshmallows because it preferred them s’more.

94.  Trees make numerous friends by branching out.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, incorporating funny campfire jokes into your camping trip can enhance the overall experience in numerous ways. Laughing together around the fire not only creates a memorable moment but also helps to relieve stress and promote relaxation.

It’s an opportunity to connect with nature and with each other on a deeper level, sharing stories and creating memories that will last a lifetime. So, whether you’re roasting marshmallows or stargazing, don’t forget to bring a few funny campfire jokes to share with your fellow campers.

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