160+ Hilarious Nickelodeon Jokes That Will Have You Rolling in Laughter!

Looking for a good laugh? Look no further than these hilarious jokes inspired by the iconic children’s network, Nickelodeon. Whether you grew up watching shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, Rugrats, or The Fairly OddParents, or you’re a current fan, these jokes are sure to tickle your funny bone. From puns to one-liners, we’ve got you covered with the funniest Nickelodeon jokes around. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh out loud with these funny Nickelodeon jokes!

Nickelodeon Foot Jokes: Ticklish Tales to Tantalize Your Toes (Editors Pick)

1. Why did the foot go to school?  Because it wanted to be well-arched!

2. What kind of music do foots like?  Sole music!

3. How many feet does it take to screw in a lightbulb?  None, they can’t reach it!

4. Why did the foot go to the doctor?  It was feeling a bit corny!

5. What did the foot say to the ankle?  Let’s stick together!

6. How do feet stay warm in the winter?  They wear “toe-sties”!

7. What did the foot say to the shoe?  I’m falling for you!

8. Why did the foot go to the comedy club?  It wanted to be a “hilarious” stand-up comedian!

9. What’s a foot’s favorite type of candy?  “Toe”-tally awesome!

10. Why did the foot go to the beach?  Because it wanted to soak up some “sand”-als!

11. What do you call a foot that’s good at math?  A “calc-u-later”!

12. What did the foot say to the sock?  Let’s make great strides together!

13. Why did the foot go on vacation?  It needed a break from all the running!

14. What did the foot say to the leg?  I’m just tickled to be your “soulmate!

15. How do feet greet each other?  With a “high toe”!

16. Why did the shoe go to the doctor?  It had a splitting headache!

17. What do you call a foot that’s really fast?  A “streaker”!

18. How do feet have intellectual conversations?  They exchange “footnotes”!

19. What did the foot say to the toes?  I love hanging out with you “phalange”-ers!

20. Why did the foot go to the dance party?  It wanted to show off its fancy “foot”-work!

Nickelodeon Jokes in Titanic: Ship-Shape Laughter on the High Seas

21. “Why did SpongeBob wear a life jacket on the Titanic ?  He didn’t want to be sponge-drowned!”

22. “What did Arnold from Hey Arnold! say when the Titanic hit the iceberg?  ‘Hey, that’s my block!'”

23. “Why was Timmy Turner from Fairly OddParents able to survive the Titanic?  Because he wished for a life raft!”

24. “Why did Zim from Invader Zim want to sink the Titanic?  Because he hates humans!”

25. “Why did the Rugrats crawl through the air ducts on the Titanic?  They wanted to avoid the rush of people trying to get to the lifeboats!”

26. “What did Squidward say when the Titanic hit the iceberg?  ‘Great, now I’m stuck on this boat with SpongeBob and Patrick.'”

27. “Why did Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life want to jump off the Titanic?  He was afraid he was going to become ‘shark bait’.”

28.  “Why was Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender able to save people on the Titanic?  He used his airbending to create a giant bubble around the ship!”

29. “What did Jimmy Neutron say when he saw the iceberg?  ‘This looks like a job for my jetpack!'”

30. “Why was Angelica from Rugrats happy on the Titanic?  She thought it was like being on a giant playground!”

31. “Why did Korra from The Legend of Korra refuse to leave the Titanic?  She wanted to save everyone on board!”

32. “What did Jenny from My Life as a Teenage Robot say when the Titanic started to sink?  ‘I must protect the humans!'”

33. “Why did Eliza from The Wild Thornberrys try to communicate with the Titanic’s animals?  She thought they might be able to help rescue people!”

34. “What did Ickis from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters say when the Titanic sank?  ‘This is going to be a scary story for the ages!'”

35. “Why was Dora from Dora the Explorer able to navigate the Titanic safely?  She had her trusty map and backpack!”

Nickelodeon Dad Jokes: Popsicle Puns That’ll Make You Say ‘Dad, You’re Silly!

36. Why was the Nickelodeon Dad upset when his daughter was accepted into Harvard?  Because he wanted her to go to Hey Arnold U.

37. Why did the Nickelodeon Dad refuse to take his family on vacation to Bikini Bottom?  He didn’t want to run into SpongeBob and his crazy friends.

38. What did the Nickelodeon Dad say to his kids when they asked him to build them a treehouse?  “Sure, but I hope you’re not expecting the Krusty Krab.”

39. Why did the Nickelodeon Dad refuse to buy his son a pet snail?  He didn’t want to deal with all the “Meow meow meow” that would come with it.

40. Why did the Nickelodeon Dad take his kids to a museum of modern art ?  Because he wanted to see if they could find anything more confusing than an episode of Ren & Stimpy.

41. Why did the Nickelodeon Dad decide to let his daughter dye her hair pink?   Because he wanted her to fit in with the Rugrats.

42. What did the Nickelodeon Dad say when his kids asked him to teach them how to surf?  “Sorry, I only know how to shred the gnar like Rocket Power.”

43. Why did the Nickelodeon dad cross the playground?  To get to the slime side!

44.  What do you get when you mix a Nickelodeon dad with a superhero?  The incredible pun-slinger!

45.  Why did the Nickelodeon dad try to teach his cat how to tell jokes?  Because he heard it was the cat’s meow in comedy circles!

46.  What do you get when you cross a Nickelodeon dad with a bird?  A feather-brained pun-master!

Best Nickelodeon Jokes: Cream of the Comedy Crop for Non-Stop Chuckles

47. Why did the tomato turn red?  Because it saw the Nickelodeon slime coming!

48.  Why did the scarecrow win an award?  Because he was outstanding at scaring away slimy Nickelodeon characters!

49. Where do fish perform on Nickelodeon?  On the catfish walk!

50. What do you call a sponge that loves Nickelodeon?  A SquarePants fanatic!

51. Why did the Nickelodeon character go to the dentist?  To get his “spare teeth” checked!

52. How does a Nickelodeon character write a letter?  With a Patrick-stamp!

53. What does Nickelodeon do when it’s raining?  It puts on a splashy show!

54. Why did the chicken join the marching band?  Because Nickelodeon’s beats were cluckin’ awesome!

55. How did the Nickelodeon character laugh?  SpongeBob SquarePants: “Abs-solutely hysterical!”

56. What’s a Nickelodeon character’s favorite type of shoe?  Jellyfish sandals!

57. Why did the Nickelodeon character bring a ladder to the store?  To reach the top shelf of slime!

58. What do you call a Nickelodeon show about a basketball team?  “Hoops and SpongeBalls”!

59. Why did the Nickelodeon character eat his homework?  Because SpongeBob told him it was a Krabby Patty recipe!

60. What’s a Nickelodeon character’s favorite type of candy?  Gooey gummy worms!

61. Why did the Nickelodeon character bring a lion to the theater?  Because there’s no roar like a Nickelodeon audience!

62. What do Nickelodeon characters do when they’re too tired to walk?  They take a Patrick-tic cab!

63. Why did the sock go to Nickelodeon auditions? To show off his incredible “sock-shion” sense!

Dirty Nickelodeon Jokes: Risqué Humor for the Grown-Up Nick Fans

64. Why did the Nickelodeon character bring a ladder to the party?  Because they heard the fun was off the charts!

65. How do you make a tissue dance?  Put a little “boogie” in it, just like on Nickelodeon!

66. Why did the Nickelodeon character go to school?  To learn the “ninja” way of slime-fighting!

57. What did one Nickelodeon character say to the other?  Let’s make some “toon”-amentally awesome memories!

68. Why did the Nickelodeon character bring a trampoline to the game?  Because they wanted to “bounce” their way to victory!

69. What’s a Nickelodeon character’s favorite snack?  Popcorn with a side of slime, of course!

70. How do you catch a squirrel?  Climb a Nickelodeon tree and act all “nuts”!

71. Why did the Nickelodeon character start a band?  To make incredible music that rocks like Nickelodeon shows!

72. What kind of music do Nickelodeon characters listen to?  Anything that makes them want to dance like nobody’s watching!

73. Why did the Nickelodeon character go to the zoo?  They wanted to see if any animals knew the secret to slimy success!

74. How do you clean up a playground covered in slime?  Call the Nickelodeon cleanup crew, they’re experts at it!

75. Why did the Nickelodeon character become a detective?  To solve the mystery of who’s been sliming everyone!

75. What’s a Nickelodeon character’s favorite type of pizza ? A “topping-loaded, extra cheesy, slimetastic” kind!

76. Why did the Nickelodeon character bring a fishing pole to the beach?  To catch some slimy adventures in the sea!

77. How do you impress a Nickelodeon character?  Show them your best slime-dodging skills!

68. Why was the Nickelodeon character always asking for a raise?  They wanted to increase their slime allowance!

79. What’s a Nickelodeon character’s favorite game to play?   Hide and SLIME!

80. Why did the Nickelodeon character become a chef?  To create dishes that are slimetastically delicious!

81. What do you call a party hosted by Nickelodeon characters?  A slimetacular celebration!

82. How did the Nickelodeon character win the race?  They had a slimetastic burst of speed!

Nickelodeon Jokes for Adults: Grown-Up Giggles with a Splash of Nostalgia

83. Why did SpongeBob fail his boating test?  He was under the influence of Krabby Patties.

84. What did Arnold say when he saw Helga’s unibrow?  “Looks like you’re wearing your thinking cap on your forehead.”

85. Why did Tommy Pickles never age?  Because he had a serious case of diaper rash.

86. How does Doug Funny afford his expensive lifestyle?  By selling his beloved journal to the highest bidder.

87. What do you call it when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles order a pizza?  Shell Shocked.

88. What’s the difference between the Power Rangers and a bunch of grapes?  The Power Rangers know how to save the world in style.

89. Why did the Angry Beavers cross the road?  To get to their favorite dam.

90. What did Timmy Turner’s fairy godparents say when they ran out of magic?  “Oops, we poofed!”

91. How do you know when SpongeBob is up to no good?  When you see him sporting his notorious evil grin.

92. Why did Zim become an alien invader?  Because Earth’s candy selection was too enticing to pass up.

93. What did CatDog say when they realized they were both cats?  “This is purrfect!”

94. What does Ren say when Stimpy breaks something valuable?  “You stupid, idiotic, idiot!”

95. How does the Wild Thornberrys’ monkey feel about their adventures?  He’s a bit ape-rehensive.

96. Why did Rocko’s Modern Life get canceled ?  Because his neighbor Mr. Bighead was a stick-in-the-mud.

97. What do you call it when Rugrats are making trouble?  A playdate from hell.

98. Why did Angelica Pickles always get what she wanted?  Because she had the ultimate trump card – a really big temper tantrum.

99. How do you make The Fairly OddParents appear?  Just wish for them to show up.

100. Why did Drake & Josh get stuck in a tree?  Because Josh was always pushing the envelope and trying to impress his crush.

101. What does Sam say to Danny when he asks for help saving the world?  “I’m your ghoul-friend, not your sidekick.”

102. Why did Aang choose to be a monk instead of an avatar? Because he already had enough responsibility in his daily life.

Funny Jokes About Nickelodeon: Hilarity Unleashed for All Ages

103. Why did the SpongeBob SquarePants character go to school? To get a little more “sponge-ucation”!

104. Why did the Nickelodeon star miss the bus?  Because he couldn’t find the slime-time!

105. What do you call a chipmunk that loves watching Nicktoons?  An Alvin-odeon fan!

106. Why did the ghost become a fan of Nickelodeon shows?  Because it loved the “supernatural” slime!

107.  How did the Rugrats solve mysteries?  They followed the clues in their “diaper-ective” work!

108. Why did the Nickelodeon character bring an umbrella to school?  Because it was “rainin’ slime”!

109. What do you call a snail that loves Nickelodeon cartoons?  A “sponge-shell”!

110. Why did the Nickelodeon character go to the dentist?  To get a “toothpaste” made of slime!

111. How do the characters of Are You Afraid of the Dark decide who tells the scariest story?  They have a “frighteningly funny” competition!

112. What did the Nicktoons character say when asked about their favorite food?  “Slime-ething delicious”!

113. Why did the Nickelodeon character always carry a map?  To make sure they never got lost in the “cartoon-iverse”!

114. How did the Nickelodeon character win the race?  They used “slime-speed” to zoom past everyone!

115. What did the Nickelodeon character say when they found buried treasure?  “Slime to celebrate”!

116. What do you call a chicken that’s a huge fan of Nickelodeon shows?  A “cluck-tastic” viewer!

117. Why did the Nickelodeon character take up gardening?  Because they wanted to grow their own “slime-spewing” plants!

118. What did the Nickelodeon character say when they won the lottery?  “Slime-tastic! Let’s celebrate!”

119. What do you call a turtle that loves watching Nickelodeon?  A “SpongeBob shell” fan!

120. Why did the Nickelodeon character become a doctor?  To give everyone a dose of “slime-medicine”!

121. How does a Nickelodeon fan greet someone?  With a “slime-alicious” high-five!

Nicky Giggles: Miniature Zingers That Deliver a Nickelodeon Jokes (Double Entendre)

122. Just ‘Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper’  Nick edition!

123. Not just surviving but thriving in the ‘Wild & Crazy Kids’ world!

124. SpongeBob may live in a pineapple, but my heart belongs to Nick!

125. BFF goals like CatDog, but without the arguments! 

126. Rugrats by day, Nickelodeon superhero by night!

127. Nickelodeon memories: where every cartoon was a masterpiece! 

128. Life’s an adventure, and I’ve got my own personal ‘Map’ to guide me!

129. No ‘Doug’-days here – just awesome Nickelodeon vibes!

130. Channeling my inner ‘Aaahh!!! Real Monsters’ quirky and proud!

131. Slime is the secret ingredient to a perfect day. Fact!

Nicky Giggly Spoonerisms: Nickelodeon Jokes Wordplay!

132. Why did the cartoon character start a band? Because they wanted to create some “Rocko’s Modern Jams”!

133. What did Rugrat say at the comedy club? “I’m not ‘Angelica’-lly sure about these jokes!

134. How does a Nickelodeon character stay organized? They use a “Jimmy Neutron” notebook with brainy notes!

135. What did the cartoon character say when they aced the test? “A ‘CatDog’-gone good grade!”

136. Why did the orange blimp go to school? To get an “Award for Nickelodeon Excellence”!

137. What’s Nicktoons favorite instrument? The “Clarinet” – it’s Squidward approved!

138. How does a ’90s Nicktoon make a sandwich? With “Dexter’s Lab-tastic precision”!

139. Why did the cartoon character become a chef? Because they wanted to serve up some “Aaahh!!! Real Munchies”!

140. What do you call it when a cartoon character paints a masterpiece? “Art-vark” – the art of being a Nickelodeon character!

Nicky Coins & Chuckles: Word Idioms, Nickelodeon Jokes Style!

141. Living in a pineapple under the sea of endless Nick adventures!

142. Rocking the ’90s Nick vibes where every show was a masterpiece! 

143. Slime, smiles, and SpongeBob – the ultimate recipe for a perfect day! 

144. Pawsitively wild and free with my Paw Patrol crew!

145. In a world full of adults, be a ‘Rugrat’ and embrace the chaos! 

146. Living my best ‘Rocket Power’ life  catching waves and good vibes! 

147. Embracing the chaos with my ‘CatDog’ kind of day! 

148. From slime to smiles, every moment is a Nick moment!

Nicky Coin Confusion: Oxymoronic Jokes for Nickelodeon Giggles!

149. Just a ‘CatDog’ kind of friendship – double the trouble, double the fun! 

150. Clarissa may not explain it all, but Nickelodeon sure does! 

151. Living my best ‘Rocket Power’ life extreme vibes only!

152. Embracing my inner slime queen with a side of orange blimp vibes. 

153. When life gives you lemons, make orange soda! Kel Mitchell style. 

154. Kelpo, the breakfast of champions in Bikini Bottom! 

155. Fairly OddParents, but definitely older friends! 

154. Taco Tuesday? Nah, it’s T.U.F.F. Puppy Tuesday! 

155. Slime time is the best time Nickelodeon style! 

156. If life gives you lemons, make orange soda. Kel would be proud!

Nicky Coin Capers: Laughing all the Way with Recursive Nickelodeon Jokes!

157. Feeling slime-tastic with my Nickelodeon crew! 

158. Life’s a ‘Fairly Odd’ adventure with friends! 

159. Chillin’ like a villain in Bikini Bottom vibes!

160. No drama, just llama! Keeping it real with Nick vibes. 

161. Dora-ble adventures with my explorer squad! 

162. Rockin’ the Rugrats life because growing up is overrated! 

163. Legend says the more slime, the more fun!

164. Pawsitively enjoying my Paw Patrol kind of day! 

165. A wild Thornberry appears! Living my wild and free Nick life.

166. The secret ingredient to a great day? A dash of Nickelodeon magic! 


Nickelodeon jokes hold a special place in the hearts of many, evoking feelings of nostalgia and lighthearted humor. They remind us of simpler times, when our biggest concerns were choosing the right cartoon to watch and navigating the complexities of childhood friendships. These jokes, often silly and nonsensical, serve as a reminder of the innocence and joy of childhood.

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