Glow Bright With These 120+ Lunar Eclipse Jokes

Step into the shadowy realm of lunar humor as we embark on a cosmic journey through the realm of lunar eclipses. Brace yourself for a collection of jokes that will leave you howling at the moon and seeing stars. From puns that are out of this world to humorous observations about the celestial dance between the Earth, moon, and sun, get ready to be eclipsed by laughter. Whether you’re an amateur astronomer or just someone who enjoys a good chuckle under the night sky, these lunar eclipse jokes are sure to illuminate your sense of humor. So, fasten your seatbelt and prepare for a comedic voyage through the lunar eclipse universe!

Jokes About Lunar Eclipse

1. The other day, I tried to call NASA to report a lunar eclipse, but the recorded message said they were on a cosmic vacation until the stars aligned again.

2. I saw a streaker freeze mid-stride during a lunar eclipse once. 

3. The town council decided to immortalize him with a plaque until the moon moved on.

4. UN inspectors suddenly thought the lunar eclipse was a cover-up for an alien invasion. 

5. They were convinced that the darkness was hiding extraterrestrial weapons.

6. People were sticking their hands in their pockets during the lunar eclipse just to keep them warm. 

7. It was like a cosmic pickpocketing spree!

8. Starbucks started serving coffee on a stick during the lunar eclipse.

9. They claimed it was the only way to enjoy a hot beverage while gazing at the darkened sky.

10. I tried to milk a cow during the lunar eclipse, hoping for ice cream. 

11. Turns out, the only thing I got was a confused look from the cow and a chill from the moon’s shadow.

12. The squirrels in the park were so confused during the lunar eclipse.

13. They started throwing themselves at the electric fence, thinking it was a force field protecting them from the darkness.

14. When the lunar eclipse hit, words froze in the air. 

15. If you wanted to communicate, you had to grab them like snowflakes and thaw them by the fire of your conversation.

16. Playboy magazine stopped publishing during the lunar eclipse because even the models.

17. Refused to take off their clothes in the moon’s shadow. 

18. They said it was too cold for a centerfold.

19. I had to carry around hammers and chisels during the lunar eclipse just to chip away at the ice on my parka. 

20. It was like living in an igloo on Earth’s shadowy side.

21. The other night, I went outside during the lunar eclipse, and this guy asked if I could check the moon’s balance.

22. So, I pushed him over and told him it’s waxing, not banking!

23. If the moon is the root of all cosmic mischief, then why do astronomers ask for it during stargazing sessions?

24. If time is the essence of a lunar eclipse, are telescopes the time machines of astronomers?

Jokes About Lunar Eclipse

Best Lunar Eclipse Jokes

25. Love is like a lunar eclipse, not with money, but with your heart. 

26. You can always find a new moon, but you might not find another eclipse of the heart.

27. If robbers ever broke into my house during a lunar eclipse and searched for moon rocks, I’d just laugh and search with them. 

28. Who knows, maybe we’ll find some stardust too!

29. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about the lunar eclipse, I’d be in a crater-sized tax bracket!

30. A man and his young wife were in lunar eclipse court, but the custody of their moon children posed a problem. 

31. The wife gets up and says to the judge that since she witnessed the moon phases, she should retain custody of them. 

32. The man also wanted custody of his moon children, so the judge asked for his justification.

33. I think I have LMD… Lunar Madness Disorder. 

34. Every time there’s a lunar eclipse, I find myself howling at the moon!

35. I got rid of my telescope. The moon was allergic.

36. Don’t tell me a funny lunar eclipse , or I’ll eclipse the laughter with my puns.

37. Are you a moon because you’re out of this world?

38. Lunar eclipses are like potato chips. 

39. You can never have just one in the night sky.

40. Since the moon is getting old, I’m gonna start calling it GrandMoon.

41. Lunar eclipses look silly with sunglasses on.

42. When you come home from work, your telescope will be happy and gaze at the stars. 

43. Lunar eclipses will still be there, but they’ll just shadow your day.

44. Telescopes will give you an unobstructed view until the end of time. 

45. Lunar eclipses will make you pay for every cloudy night you’ve ever had.

46. A telescope knows when you’re sad. And it’ll try to brighten your night sky. 

47. Lunar eclipses don’t care how you feel, as long as you remember when to look up.

48. Telescopes will show you the stars. 

49. Lunar eclipses will cast their shadow over your plans.

50. When you take telescopes for a stargazing session, they’ll sit by your side.

51. Lunar eclipses will demand their own spotlight, or they won’t shine at all.

52. Telescopes will come when you call them. And they’ll be happy to show you the universe.

53. Lunar eclipses will have someone take a photo and eclipse your message.

54. Telescopes will explore the cosmos with you all night long. 

55. The only thing lunar eclipses will explore.

56. All night long are celestial bodies, preferably ones that look like they’re in shadow.

57. If robbers ever broke into my house during a lunar eclipse and searched for moon rocks, I’d just laugh and search with them. 

Funny Lunar Eclipse Jokes

58.  Why did the moon become an eclipse photographer?  It wanted to capture the perfect “shot” of darkness.

59.  What did the moon say to the sun after a lunar eclipse?  “I’ll be shining in your shadow till the next one!”

60.  Why did the owl love lunar eclipses?  It was a “night-owl” after all!

61.  How does the moon feel during a lunar eclipse?  Just a little “obscured” but still glowing.

62.  What do you call a lunar eclipse that’s not on time?  A “late-night” show.

63.  Why did the moon always bring its telescope to a lunar eclipse?  To get a closer “look” at its own shadow.

64.  How did the sun feel after a lunar eclipse?  A little “moonstruck” but still radiant

65.  What do you call a lunar eclipse that happens on a Tuesday?  A moon-day.

66.  What do you call a lunar eclipse that happens on a Friday?  A moon-day-off.

67.  Why did the moon look so sad?  It was going through a phase.

68.  Why did the moon get fired from the movie theater?  It kept blocking the screen.

69.  Why did the moon go to the doctor?  It had a lunatic breakdown.

70.  What did the moon say to the sun when it blocked it out?  “I’m blocking you out!”

71.  What do you call a group of lunar eclipses ?  A lunar eclipse party!

72.  What’s the best thing about a lunar eclipse?  It’s totally

73. Why did the moon get a restraining order against the sun?  Because it was constantly trying to shine on it.

74.  What do you call a lunar eclipse that happens on a Saturday night? A moon-lit party!

75.  Why did the moon go to the library? To check out some lunar books.

76.  What do you call a group of people who are obsessed with lunar eclipses? A moon-atics club!

77.  What’s the best thing about a lunar eclipse? It’s totally moon-tastic!

78.  Why did the moon get a new haircut?  It wanted to be more lunar-attractive.

79.  What do you call a lunar eclipse that happens on a cloudy night?  A moon-bummer.

80.  Why did the moon go to the hospital?  It had a lunar-tic breakdown.

81.  What do you call a group of people who are obsessed with lunar eclipses?  A moon-atics club.

82.  What do you call a lunar eclipse that happens on a Friday the 13th?  A moon-day-mare.

Lunar Eclipse Memes Jokes

83.   When you realize that you forgot to charge your camera for the lunar eclipse

84 “Me trying to explain the lunar eclipse to my cat” – A meme with a confused cat and a person pointing at the moon

85.  “When the lunar eclipse happens during your graveyard shift” – A meme with a person sleeping and missing the eclipse

86.  “The moon during the lunar eclipse be like…” – A meme with a funny facial expression of the moon

87.  “When the lunar eclipse is more interesting than your ex” – A meme with a person choosing to watch the eclipse instead of texting their ex

88.   “When you accidentally confuse the lunar eclipse with a zombie invasion” – A meme with a scared person holding a weapon in front of the moon

89.   “Me pretending to understand the scientific explanation of the lunar eclipse” – A meme with a person wearing a lab coat and glasses pretending to understand something complicated

90.   “The moon after the lunar eclipse is over” – A meme with a person waving goodbye to the moon

91.  “When you try to take a picture of the lunar eclipse but it comes out like…” – A meme with a blurry or messed up picture of the eclipse.

Funny lunar Eclipse memes Jokes

92.  “When you realize the moon is just playing peek-a-boo during a lunar eclipse.”

93.  “A lunar eclipse is nature’s way of reminding the moon that it needs its beauty sleep too.”

94.  “The moon during a lunar eclipse: ‘I’m just here for the dramatic effect.'”

95.  “When you finally see the moon during a lunar eclipse, but it’s wearing sunglasses.”

96. “The moon during a lunar eclipse be like: ‘Hold my beer, I’m going to shade Earth like a pro.'”

97.  “When someone asks if you’re going to watch the lunar eclipse: ‘I’m moonstruck and ready!'”

98.  “The moon’s favorite dance move during a lunar eclipse? The shadow shuffle!”

99.  “The moon during a lunar eclipse: ‘Oops, sorry Earth, I didn’t mean to moon you!'”

100.  “During a lunar eclipse, the moon turns into the ultimate eclipse hunter.”

Lunar Eclipse Flat Earth Jokes

101.  Why do Flat Earthers never see lunar eclipses?  Because they’re still trying to find the edge of the pizza-shaped Earth!

102.   How do Flat Earthers explain lunar eclipses? They think the moon just disappears into the giant hole at the center of the Earth!

103.  Why did the Flat Earther refuse to watch the lunar eclipse? He didn’t want to fall off the edge of the Earth when the moon disappeared!

104.  What do Flat Earthers think causes a lunar eclipse? They believe it’s just God flicking the lights off and on!

105.  How can you tell if a Flat Earther is watching a lunar eclipse? He’s the one standing on his tiptoes trying to see over the edge of the Earth!

106.  Why did the flat Earth believer love lunar eclipses?  It was the one time the round Earth theory “eclipsed” their doubts.

107.  How do flat Earthers explain lunar eclipses?  They claim that a giant cosmic pancake flips over the moon for a while.

108.  What did the flat Earth believer say during a lunar eclipse?  “Hey, look! The moon’s trying to hide behind its edge again!”

109.  Did you hear about the flat Earther who tried to disprove lunar eclipses?  He held up a pancake to block the moonlight but only succeeded in making breakfast.

110. Why did the flat Earth believer organize a lunar eclipse party?  They wanted to prove that the moon was just a hologram projected onto the flat Earth’s sky

111.  What do flat earthers think causes a lunar eclipse?  Their theory is that the moon is just taking a nap and accidentally rolls over to cover itself with a shadow.

112.  Why don’t flat earthers believe in lunar eclipses?  They think it’s just a holographic projection put on by NASA to deceive people.

113.  What do you call a flat earther during a lunar eclipse?  Moon-blind. 

114.  Why don’t flat earthers ever organize moon-watching parties during a lunar eclipse?  Because they’re convinced that everyone would fall off the edge of the earth if they tried to look at it.

115.  .  Why did the flat Earther refuse to watch a lunar eclipse?  They thought it was just a big hoax to distract us from the “true” flat shape of the moon.

116.  How does a flat Earther describe a lunar eclipse?  They say it’s like a dimmer switch turning down the moon’s light until it goes dark.

117.   How do flat Earthers explain the red color of the moon during a lunar eclipse?  They claim it’s just the moon blushing because it knows it’s being watched.

118.  Why did the flat Earther think a lunar eclipse was a sign of impending doom?  They believed it was a warning from the edge of the Earth, signaling the end of the world.

119.  Did you hear about the flat Earther who tried to measure the shadow during a lunar eclipse?  They used a flat ruler and wondered why the results didn’t make sense.

120.  Why did the flat Earther refuse to believe in a lunar eclipse?  They thought it was all a ploy by the government to sell more round globes.

Lunar and solar eclipse

121.”A lunar eclipse is like Earth’s way of saying, ‘Hey Moon, it’s not you, it’s us!'”

122.”During a solar eclipse, the Moon photobombs the Sun’s spotlight moment, and we’re all here for it!”

123.”When the Moon covers the Sun during a solar eclipse, it’s like the universe’s version of a cosmic game of peek-a-boo.”

124.”Lunar eclipses are the celestial equivalent of the Moon hitting snooze on its nightlight.”

Lunar and solar eclipse

125.”Solar eclipses: the universe’s way of reminding us that even the Sun needs a break from its daily grind.”

126.”During a lunar eclipse, the Earth gives the Moon a fashionable shadow makeover, and it rocks that ‘red carpet’ look!”

127.”A solar eclipse is when the Sun and Moon have a ‘stellar’ meeting, but they’re just not on the same page about who gets to shine.”

Final Thoughts

In the celestial dance of humor, lunar eclipse jokes shine as a beacon of wit and amusement. From playful puns to illuminating quips, these jokes offer a delightful journey through the cosmic wonder of lunar eclipses. Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or just enjoy a good laugh under the moonlight, these jokes are sure to eclipse your expectations and leave you howling at the moon with laughter. So, let’s continue to bask in the glow of lunar humor and keep the laughter shining bright!

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