100+ Library Jokes for Kids

It’s no secret that kids love jokes. As a parent, it can be a great way to encourage literacy and help kids develop a love for reading. But where do you find jokes that kids can understand, yet still find funny? The answer: library jokes for kids!

Library jokes for kids are a great way to bring laughter into the library and to help kids appreciate the library and the books and other materials it contains. Here are some great library jokes for kids that are sure to get a giggle out of them:

Library Jokes for Kids

1. What type of books do planets prefer to read?

 Comet books.

2.  Which vegetable is favored by librarians?

 Quiet peas!

3.  Where do librarians sleep?

Between the covers!

4.  Which building contains the most stories?

 The library!

5.  Where was the librarian when the power went out?

In the dark!

6.  What does a book do during winter?

 Put on a book jacket!

7.  What do librarians bring when they go fishing?


8.  Why didn’t the thief break into the library?

He was afraid of getting a long sentence!

9.  What does the librarian say when it’s time to go?

 Time to book!

10.  Why did people stop going to the library?

 It was always booked!

11.  Why did the ghost return to the library every day?

 She finished her books too quickly!

12.  Why did the book go to the doctor?

 Because it had a spine problem!

13.  What did the librarian say to the noisy students?

“Shh! We have a volume problem!”

14.  Why did the librarian slip and fall?

Because she was in the non-friction section!

15.  Why did the librarian refuse to lend the dictionary to the student?

Because he kept looking up the definition of “lend”!

16.  Why did the book join the police force?

 To go undercover!

17.  Why did the book join a band?

Because it had a good spine!

18.  Why did the library book go to the nightclub?

 To get checked out!

19.  Why did the book break up with its bookmark?

Because it wanted to see other pages!

20.  Why did the librarian take up gardening?

Because she wanted to help things grow – especially young minds!

21.  What do you call a book that’s always on vacation?

A travelogue!

Library Jokes for Kids

Librarian Jokes for Kids

22.  Which section of the library is the quietest?

 The “shh”-elves.

23.  What’s a librarian’s favorite type of music?

 Quiet storm.

24.  Why did the librarian bring a ladder to the library?

To reach the high shelves of knowledge.

25.  How does a librarian start a race?

Ready, set, check out!

26.  Why did the librarian refuse to lend a book to the pirate?

 Because it was already overdue.

27.  What did the librarian say to the book thief?

 You better return those books or else you’ll face book-arma.

28.  Why did the librarian bring a cat to work?

 To keep the books purr-fectly organized.

29.  What did the book say to the librarian?

 I’ve got a spine, do you?

30.  Why did the thief decide not to steal from the library?

 She feared a lengthy sentence from the judge.

31.  How do librarians express their love?

They think of their loved ones with every ISBN.

32.  What’s the library’s policy on beverages?

 No pouring milk on the serials.

33.  Why did the cardiologist recommend the library to his patients?

Because he heard it’s good for their circulation.

34.  Where can you find books about BigFoot in the library?

Check the large-print section.

35.  What’s the library’s inspirational message?

 Believe in yourself and your shelf.

36.  Are you a banned book?

Because you’re smoking hot.

37.  What did the reader ask the library book they adored?

“May I take you out?”

38.  Why is it difficult to get a reservation at the library?

They’re always fully booked.

39.  Why did the ghost return to the library every day?

She ran out of books too soon.

40.  What do people who can’t let go of their library books say?

 “My love for you is overdue.”

41.  What does a religious enthusiast say to their beloved religious library book?

“Our bond is sacred canon.”

Library Jokes Decorations for Kids

We all know that libraries can be serious places, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun too! Kids love a good joke, and libraries are full of books that can provide plenty of laugh-out-loud material.

To help bring a bit of levity to your next trip to the library, we’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite library jokes for kids!

42.  What is the lengthiest term in the lexicon?

Grins. As there’s a distance of a mile amid each “s”.

43.  In what part of the library can one encounter a snakebite?

 The “Hisssssstory” section.

44.  Why did the tome become a cop?

It longed to work covertly.

45.  What has a backbone without any skeletal frame?

A publication.

46.  Which student is the most deceitful?

The “Liebrarian”.

47.  If you merge a legal expert with a library specialist, what do you receive?

The entire knowledge on earth, yet you can’t grasp a syllable.

48.  Why did the library need new decorations?

 Because their old ones were so book!

49.  How do you get smarter by visiting the library?

 You go there to learn something new!

50.  What did one book say to the other?

 I’ve Got My Book Face On!”

51.  Why don’t librarians like thunderstorms?

 Because they get too many returns”

52.  Why did the firefly visit the library?

Because he wanted to check out some bright ideas!

53.  What do librarians wear on their feet?


54.  Why was there a big cheer at the library checkout counter?

 All of the books had been returned!

55.  Why do librarians like regular customers so much?

 Because they always check in!

56.  What did one book say to another?

 I’m feeling a bit dog-eared – let’s grab a bite!

57.  How many books did the record-breaking reader take home last night?

She took an armload!

58.  “Why did the book go out at night?

 Because he didn’t want anyone checking him out!”)

59.  Why did the dinosaur go to the library?

To get their story straight!

60.  What did librarians have for dessert during a potluck celebration?

Bookworm-bread pudding with pages whipped cream!

61.  What kind of shirt do bookworms wear while studying in the library?

Business Casualtees !

Library Jokes for Students

Library jokes for kids are a great way to encourage a love of reading in young minds. Whether you’re a librarian, a parent, a teacher, or a kid yourself, jokes about libraries are sure to bring a smile to your face. To get you started, here are some of our favorite library jokes for kids!

62.  Why did the librarian prefer peaceful vegetables?

They were all about those Zen cabbages.

63.  What did the librarian say when the reader didn’t recognize Jane Austen? Sense and Sensibility?

More like Senseless, if you ask me!

64.  Looking for books about alternative facts?

Check out the Non-Nonfiction section.

65.  Why was Urgent Tina always rushing?

 She had to make sure the overdue books were returned on time.

66.  What do you call a teacher who never passes gas in the library?

 A silent instructor.

67.  Why did the librarian receive a Lifetime Achievement Award?

She checked out over a million books and never lost one.

68.  Why are magic books always missing from the library?

 They vanish into thin air.

69.  Why didn’t the spell book work?

They forgot to run a spellcheck before casting.

70.  What did the librarian think of the Mount Everest book?

It was a real nail-biter.

71.  What do storytellers and dogs have in common?

They both wag their tails.

Library Jokes for Students

72.  Which book in the library wants to be left alone?

The withdrawn one, please.

73.  Why did the librarian keep buying books?

She had no self-control over her book addiction.

74.  What did the librarian think of the book about anti-gravity?

It was impossible to put down.

75.  Why did the bookworm go to the library?

 To dig up a good read.

76.  Why was the dinosaur scared to go to the library?

 Her overdue books were from 65 million years ago.

77.  When retired, what do librarians prepare for?

 Starting a new chapter in their life.

78.  What was the reason the young man frequently visited the librarian?

To impress her and gain her favor.

79.  How do libraries maintain secrecy about their projects?

They keep everything hush-hush.

80.  Where can you find books on reincarnation in a library?

At the returns counter.

81.  What was the librarian’s advice to the person who borrowed 100 books?

Don’t overdo it and return them on time.

Jokes About the Library

If you’re looking for some fun and lighthearted jokes to tell your kids at the library, you’ve come to the right place.

Kids love jokes, and libraries are great places to share them! We’ve compiled some of the best library jokes for kids, so get ready to hear some giggles, chuckles, and guffaws.

82.  Why was the librarian fired?

She was always unavailable or checked out.

83.  Why did the librarian reprimand the kid who returned a book on amnesia after six months?

 Because she forgot about it and it was overdue.

84.  What is the reason why bookworms rarely go out?

They are always occupied with reading books.

85.  How do libraries ensure that novels stay warm?

They give them book jackets.

86.  Why can’t librarians finish mystery novels?

They keep reading between the lines and can’t put it down.

87.  Why did the librarian slip and fall on the wet floor?

Because she was lost in the book!

88.  Why do librarians love math books?

Because they have lots of problems to solve!

89.  Why did the book go to the library?

To get checked out!

90.  Why did the librarian refuse to lend the book about teleportation?

Because it never returned!

91.  Why did the librarian take a ladder to work?

 Because the library had high shelves!

92.  Why do librarians prefer dogs to cats?

Because dogs always return their books on time!

93.  Why did the librarian bring a frog to the library?

To help her jump-start the circulation!

94.  Why did the librarian wear glasses?

Because she couldn’t see the end of the bookshelf!

95.  Why did the library buy a boat?

 To help people check out books on the high seas!

96.  Why did the librarian throw a book at the clock?

Because she wanted to kill time!

97.  What did the ISBN say to its beloved book?

 “You are my long-awaited love.”

98.  Which building has a plethora of stories?

The library, of course.

99.  What caused the librarian to slip and fall?

He was browsing through the non-friction section.

100.  Which book did the librarian borrow for her cat?

 The Prince and the Paw-purr, naturally.

101.  Why is it impossible to visit the world’s largest library?

 It’s always overcrowded.

102.  Why did the librarian refuse to serve beverages to patrons reading at the library?

 Because someone spilled milk on the magazines.

103.  Why are dystopian novels not commonly found in contemporary libraries?

Because they belong in a time when “1984” was the future.

Funny Library Jokes

If you’re looking for some laughs that are sure to tickle the funny bone of your book-loving kids, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the best library jokes for kids that will have them rolling in the aisles.

104.  Why do people always consider libraries to be tall buildings?

Perhaps because they contain too many stories.

105.  Why do heart surgeons often recommend the library to their patients?

 Because it can improve circulation.

106.  What draws Dracula to the library?

 The opportunity to sink his teeth into good books.

107.  Why is it nearly impossible to get reservations for the world’s largest library?

It’s always overbooked.

108.  How do books stay warm in the library?

They wear book jackets.

109.  Why do ghosts frequently haunt the library?

 They can quickly go through the books.

110.  Where can you find books about Sasquatch in the library?

Look in the large-print section.

111.  Where are the library’s conspiracy books kept?

 Right behind you.

112.  How do poetry books address their readers in the library?

 “Iamb” yours.

113.  How does the library keep top-secret projects confidential?

By keeping everything “hush-hush.”

114.  What do West African bookstore workers do after hours?

 Enjoy some “Liberian Libertarian Librarian Libations.”

115.  What’s a Turkish librarian’s favorite lunch?

 “Shhh kebabs!”

116.  Who’s the biggest liar at school?

The “Lie-brarian.”

117.  What caused the librarian to fall over?

She was in the non-friction section!

118.  What did the librarian say to the child?

“Read More.”

119.  What’s the librarian’s favorite food?


120.  Why does the librarian keep buying books?

 He has no “shelf-control.”

121.  What advice do you get when you speak to a librarian?

“Believe in your shelf!”

122.  Why did the book of incantations fail?

 They forgot to run a “spell check.”

123.  What’s the librarian’s favorite vegetable?

“Quiet Peas.”

124.  How does a music lover organize their book collection?

They use the Melvil Decimal System.

125.  Why do bookworms hate basketball?

Too much dribbling.

126.  Did you hear about the book that fell off the shelf and injured someone?

It was a hardback injury.

127.  What do you call a sandwich made by a book nerd?

A novelwich.

128.  Ask any bookworm, what’s the opposite of e-book.

P-book (print book).

Short Library Jokes for Kids

129.Why did the book go to the library? Because it wanted to meet its shelf!

130.What do you call a librarian who tells jokes? A “punny” bookworm!

131.Why was the math book sad at the library? Because it had too many problems!

132.What do you get when you cross a library with a train? A “book” locomotive!

Short Library Jokes for Kids

133.How do you make a library laugh? You tell it a funny story!

134.What’s a library’s favorite dance? The “Shhh-uffle”!

135.Why did the librarian bring a ladder to work? Because she wanted to read between the lines!

Reading Jokes for Kids

136.Why don’t skeletons like to read? Because they don’t have the guts for it!

137.What did one book say to the other book? “I just wanted to see if we’re on the same page!”

138.What do you call a bear that loves to read? A book grizzly!

139.Why did the book go to the doctor? Because it had a spine-tingling story!

140.How do you catch a squirrel that’s been reading books? Climb a tree and act like a nut!

141.What did the librarian say to the noisy book? “Shhh-ut up and listen!”

142.Why was the math book sad? Because it had too many problems to solve!

Stuck in the Library Joke

143.Why did the librarian get locked in the library? Because she lost the plot!

144.How do you escape from a library full of mysteries? You follow the clues!

145.Why did the student get stuck in the library all night? Because he couldn’t find the right “exit” chapter!

146.What do you call a book that’s impossible to put down? A stuck-on-you novel!

147.How do you know if someone’s been stuck in the library for too long? They have “read” eyes!

148.Why did the ghost refuse to leave the library? Because it wanted to keep haunting the books!

149.How does a librarian get out of a locked library? By using their “bookworm” charm!

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Overall, library jokes for kids are a great way for kids to have fun and enjoy learning about libraries and the books they contain. They provide a great opportunity for children to have a laugh and a good time while also learning more about libraries and books. Being able to find a joke or two to tell while in the library is a great way to make the library a fun and enjoyable place to be.

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