140+ Lego Jokes for Kids

It’s no secret that kids love Legos! From the classic brick sets to the latest themed sets, kids love playing with them and creating their own unique Lego masterpieces. But let’s not forget about a key component of the Lego experience – jokes!

Lego jokes are a great way to make kids laugh, engage them in creative thinking, and encourage them to use their imagination. We’ve put together a list of some of the best Lego jokes for kids – so get ready to let the laughter begin!

Best Lego Jokes for Kids

1. What happens when you mix 14 green lego bricks with 20 red lego bricks?

 You get a colorful combination.

2.  Which type of dance is a favorite among lego Minifigures?

Square dancing is their go-to.

3.  What sound does a werewolf make after stepping on a lego brick?

 It’s a painful howl of “Ow Ow Ow OWWW NOOOO.”

4.  If a lego Minifigure and an elf have a baby girl Minifigure, what do you call her?

 A lego Lass is a perfect name.

5.  Why is it impolite to talk about stepping on toy soldiers instead of lego?

It’s a sign of disrespect toward veterans.

6.  What do you name a PC that’s made entirely out of lego bricks?

You call it a “Bricked” computer.

7.  Are you the top of a lego brick?

Because you’re a stud!

8.  What’s the most terrifying thing for a lego?

It’s the vacuum cleaner.

9.  What do you call it when a lego parent sends their kids to their room?

A “Brick Separator” moment.

10.  Why do adults have a special love for legos as they grow older?

They can’t let go of their childhood memories.

11.  What do you call a lego that’s disabled?

An “O” shaped brick.

12.  What do lego neighbors do every year?

They have a block party!

13.  Why couldn’t the detective solve the lego crime?

He just couldn’t piece it all together.

14.  What does Elsa from Frozen sing with her Lego body?

 “LegoOO! LegoOOOO!”

15.  Can a kangaroo out-jump a tower of Lego bricks?

 Absolutely! A tower of Lego bricks can’t jump.

16.  What advice did the doctor give after stepping on a Lego?

“Just block out the pain.”

17.  Who devours Lego bricks on wheels?

 The vacuum cleaner.

18.  Why did the Lego cross the road?

To get to the other brick!

19.  What do you call a Lego detective?

Sherlock Blocks!

20.  What happens to a lego mini-figure when they pass away?

They rest in pieces.

Best Lego Jokes for Kids

Lego Jokes for Adults

Lego jokes are a great way to get kids laughing! Whether they’re playing with their Lego sets or just looking for a good chuckle, these silly jokes made from the beloved brick will have them rolling. So let’s take a look at some of the best Lego jokes out there.

21.  Why are ego trips so expensive?

 Because it’s usually first class all the way!

22.  What did the ego say when it broke a mirror?

“It’s okay, I have seven more!”

23.  What did the ego say when it backed into a mirror?

“Look at that guy, he’s so cool!”

24.  Why did the egoist cross the road?

Because he thought it was beneath him.

25.  Why did the narcissist throw a fit in the mirror?

 He wanted to see how good he could look when he was mad.

26.  What did the ego say to itself in the morning?

Wake up, it’s time for me to shine.

27.  What do you call a person with an inflated sense of self-importance that’s too big to fail?

 A Maximum Ego!

28.  What did the ego say when it saw itself in the mirror?

 Wow, I’m looking really good today!

29.  What does a narcissist look into when brushing their teeth?

 Their own mouths!

30.  What did the egotist say when he woke up in the morning?

 “It’s all about me this morning!”

31.  What did the ego say to its reflection?

Wow, I’m really good looking!

32.  Why did the ego get stuck in traffic?

 Because it thought it was above the rules of the road.

33.  Why did the ego cross the road?

To get attention from both sides.

34.  What do you call an egomaniac with a superiority complex?

An insufferable know-it-all.

35.  What do you call a person who goes around boasting about their accomplishments?

An egomaniac!

36.  Why did the egotistical banana split?

 So he could have all the attention to himself!

37.  What is a hare’s favorite thing to do?

 Hope their ego is around!

38.  What did the ego say when it saw itself in a mirror?

“Wow, I’m impressive!”

39.  Why don’t astronauts tell their egos?

Because they know you can never be too sure when gravity will pull them back down to earth.

40.  Why did the ego cross the road?

 Because it thought it was better than everyone else!

Lego Jokes One Liners

41.  My goal is to master p-lego-lf.

42.  The blockbuster hit, the Lego Movie, is a must-see.

43.  An archive-lego is a collection of Lego islands.

44.  I enjoy visiting lego-ons and spending time in the water.

45.  The sound of my voice echoed back to me when I spoke in a cave- it was my lego.

46.  The topic of e-lego-magnetism is currently being studied in my physics class.

47.  Although there’s a new Lego store in town, I’m avoiding it for now due to the long line of people waiting to get in.

48.  Lego has introduced a new product, the lego-rice, which is made to look like licorice blocks.

49.  In Silicon Valley, digital lego is being produced.

50.  Lego Minifigures drink e-lego-lytes for hydration while playing sports.

51.  The LEGO alien said “I come in pieces.”

52.  Authorities are still trying to piece together the LEGO truck that crashed on the highway.

53.  Everyone knows the pain of stepping on LEGOs because time wounds all heels.

54.  Adults love LEGOs because they can’t let go of their childhood.

55.  The LEGO Minifigure was sick because his nose was blocked.

56.  The doctor told someone who stepped on a LEGO brick to block out the pain.

57.  An Eskimo builds a LEGO house by igloo-ing it together.

58.  To get a LEGO ninja to leave your house, just say “Ninjago.”

59.   After an orc stole his LEGO, the elf said “I’m Legolas.”

60.  An Eskimo builds a LEGO house by igloo-ing it together.

Lego Knock Knock Jokes

61.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Butterfly who?

Butterfly in and let’s play with some LEGO bricks!

62.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Pizza who?

Pizza box full of LEGO bricks, ready to build!

63.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Banana who?

Banana peel on the floor? Better watch out for those LEGO pieces!

64.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Giraffe who?

Giraffe a LEGO set for my birthday, please?

65.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Ocean who?

Ocean of possibilities with all these LEGO bricks!

66.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Lego who?

Lego my Eggo!

67.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Lloyd who?

Lloyd me in, it’s cold out here!

68.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Emmet who?

Emmet you think of a better knock-knock joke?

69.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Batman who?

Batman the door and let me in!

Lego Knock Knock Jokes

70.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Ninjago who?

Ninjago and get the door!

71.  Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Lego-nardo who?

Lego-nardo around the corner and watch out for the next surprise!

72.  Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Alpaca who?

73.  Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Boo who?

Don’t cry, it’s just a joke!

Knock Knock!

74.  Who’s there?


Cheese who?

Cheese a cute puppy!

Knock Knock!

75.  Who’s there?


Gorilla who?

Gorilla me a burger, please!

76.  Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Owen who?

Owen the Lego bricks!

77.  Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Emmett who?

Emmett you didn’t know how fun building with Legos could be?

78.  Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Brick who?

Brick by brick, we’ll build something amazing!

Cute Lego Puns

79.  Which dance do lego miniatures love to do?

 The square dance, it’s their favorite!

80.  Why don’t people complain about stepping on toy soldiers like they do with lego blocks?

It’s because everyone knows you should never tread on a veteran.

81.  What do you call a computer with a case made of legos?

 A “bricked” computer.

82.  What is the biggest fear of all lego blocks?

A vacuum cleaner on the warpath!

83.  What has no driver but loves to eat lego blocks for breakfast?

 A roomba with a morning routine and wheels.

84.  What type of surgery can all lego miniature doctors perform?

 Plastic surgery, of course!

85.  What can you always find in a lego home bathroom?

Toy-let paper, of course!

86.  Why did the lego figurine need therapy?

He was suffering from separation anxiety.

87.  What do legos and kids have in common?

They are both enjoyable to make.

88.  What should you do if someone doesn’t appreciate your lego jokes?

Block them!

89.  When an orc takes away his lego blocks, what does an elf exclaim?

“I guess I’m Legolas now!”

90.  How do you welcome a Lego-made extraterrestrial?

“Greetings! Looks like you come in pieces!”

91.  What’s the way a Lego figure proposes to their beloved?

 By presenting them with a bracelet.

92.  Who was the most famous Lego craftsman in Legoland?

None other than Le-Gogh!

93.  Why do adults hold onto their Legos so tightly?

Perhaps they just can’t let go of their childhood.

94.  What was the reason for the Lego Minifigure’s illness?

 It was suffering from a congested nose.

Funny Lego Jokes for Kids

Lego toys have been a part of kids’ lives for generations. It’s no wonder why there are so many jokes about them! Kids love to laugh, and what better way to do that than with a few jokes about their favorite toy? Here is a list of some of the best Lego jokes for kids.

95.  Why did the Lego character go to sleep?

Because it was a block party!

96.  Why did the Lego man go to the doctor?

Because he was feeling a little brick-ish.

97.  What do you call a group of Lego astronauts?


98.  Why did the Lego teacher go to the hospital?

She broke her ruler!

99.  What do you call a Lego dog that can fly?

A helicopter-pup!

100.  Why did the Lego police officer go to the amusement park?

To ride the police-rollercoaster!

101.  What did the Lego say when it fell off the table?

“I’m falling for you!”

102.  What do you get when you cross a Lego and a snowman?

Frosty blocks!

103.  What did the Lego robot say to the Lego astronaut?

“Follow me to the stars, my friend!”

104.  Which vehicle eats Lego blocks?

The hoover.

105.  Where do Lego figures take their vacations?

The Czech RepuBLIC.

106.  Why is the Lego bathroom unclean?

They’ve run out of toy-let paper.

107.  What’s a Lego pirate’s favorite letter?


108.  Why was Lego scared of the vacuum cleaner?

Because it sucked up all its friends!

109.  What do you call a Lego astronaut?

 A space block!

110.  Why did the Lego man visit the doctor?

Because he had a blockage!

111.  How does a Lego man keep his hair in place?

 With block gel!

112.  What did the Lego say when it fell off the table?

 “I’ve hit rock bottom!”

113.  Why did the Lego teacher quit her job?

She couldn’t control her blocks!

114.  What do you call a group of Lego builders?

A block party!

Lego Dad Jokes

115.  Why did the Lego artist have a tough time drawing?

 He couldn’t get his blocks straight!

116.  What do you call a Lego dinosaur?

 A Bricks-a-saurus!

117.  Why did the Lego man go to the party by himself?

He couldn’t find anyone to Lego with him!

118.  What do you call a Lego superhero?

The Block Knight!

119.  What did the Lego say to the other Lego when they got stuck?

“Let’s build a bridge and get over it!”

120.  Why did Lego break up with his girlfriend?

 She kept trying to snap his pieces together!

121.  Why did the Lego pirate go on a diet?

Because he was looking a little plastic.

122.  What do you call a Lego man with a lot of girlfriends?

 A block player.

123.  Why did the Lego man go to the art museum?

To see the block-busters.

124.  What did the Lego man say to his girlfriend when she asked him to commit?

“I’m not ready to Lego my freedom just yet.”

125.  Why did the Lego man go to the theme park alone?

Because he couldn’t find anyone to brick along.

126.  What do you call a group of Lego people playing music?

A block party.

127.  Why did the Lego man refuse to help his neighbor?

 Because he had a brick in his schedule.

128.  How do you make a Lego man laugh?

You tickle his blocks.

129.  Why did the Lego man break up with his girlfriend?

Because she was always trying to change him, brick by brick.

130.  Have you heard about the towering lego castle, with a fire-breathing dragon?

 It’s not a fabrication.

131.  What do clingy toys do?

They never let go of each other.

132.  How do lego mini-figures like to celebrate?

With a block party, of course.

133.  Have you seen the latest lego mini-figure?

 They’re a real head-turner.

134.  Did you notice the hype surrounding the new lego set?

 People queued up for blocks.

135.  What’s the opposite of Lego?


136.  When a lego mini-figure finds its soulmate, what does it say?

“You’re my missing piece.”

137.  Who is Clark Kent’s alter ego in the lego universe?

Superman, of course.

138.  How does a lego inspire other toys?

By urging them to dream big and achieve their Le-goals.

139.  What’s a common trait among most lego figures?

Separation anxiety.

140.  What’s the most popular lego during Halloween?

The Le-ghost.

141.  What befalls a heartbroken lego mini-figure?

 They fall to pieces.

142.  Why should you avoid picking a lego minifigure for your basketball team?

They tend to throw up bricks.

Short Lego Jokes for Kids

143.Why did the Lego pirate go to the doctor? He had “Lego” my ego!

144.What do you call a ninja who loves building with Legos? A “brick” breaker!

145.How do you fix a broken Lego city? With “Lego-nstruction”!

146.What did the Lego piece say to the other Lego piece? “You complete me!”

147.What’s a Lego’s favorite type of music? Block and roll!

148.Why did the Lego astronaut always feel at home in space? Because everything was out of this world!

149.What do you call a group of friends who love Legos? The “block” party crew!

Cute Lego Sayings

150.”Building memories one brick at a time.”

151.”Let’s stick together like Lego pieces.”

152.”In a world full of blocks, you’re my favorite piece.”

153.”Everything is awesome when you’re with me.”

154.”You’re the missing piece in my Lego heart.”

155.”Life is like a Lego set; you can create something amazing with the right pieces.”

156.”Building dreams and friendships, one Lego at a time.”

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Final Thoughts

Lego jokes are a great way to get kids giggling, and with the endless possibilities of what can be created with Lego pieces the jokes can be endless too.

Whether it’s a punny joke about a Lego pirate or a silly joke about a Lego car, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Kids can have a blast sharing jokes with each other and having a good laugh. So have fun with Lego jokes and let the laughter never end!

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