90+ Super Bowl Dad Jokes 2023

Score a touchdown in humor with our collection of side-splitting Super Bowl dad jokes. From clever wordplay to playful puns, these jokes will have you cheering from the sidelines.

Whether you’re a football-loving dad looking to add some laughs to game day or simply enjoy a good dad joke, these Super Bowl-themed puns are sure to keep you entertained throughout the season. Share a laugh with your fellow football enthusiasts and enjoy a winning combination of humor and sports.

Super Bowl Dad Jokes Funny

1. What do you call a group of football fans watching the Super Bowl?

A touchdown of spectators.

2.  Why couldn’t the football player listen to music after the Super Bowl?

He broke his record player.

3.  Where’s the worst place to watch the Super Bowl?

In the penalty box.

4.  What do the Super Bowl and a broken pencil have in common?

They both have no point.

5.  What did the losing team say after the Super Bowl?

 We’ll get’em next season.

6.  Did you hear about the quarterback who opened a restaurant after winning the Super Bowl?

It has great turnovers.

7.  What did the football fan say when they couldn’t find a place to watch the Super Bowl?

“I guess I’ll have to punt.”

8.  Why did the football coach go to the bank after the Super Bowl?

To get his quarterback.

9.  What do you call a gathering of men watching the Super Bowl?

 A Patriot’s den.

10.  Dad, what happens if there’s no winner in the Super Bowl?”

 “It’s like a Tide commercial.”

11.  Why was the Super Bowl boring?

Bringing Pepsi to a party in Atlanta ensured it would be.

12.  What’s infinitely better than the Super Bowl?

The Hyperbole Bowl.

13.  Were you aware of the Super Bowl?

 Apparently, neither were the Los Angeles Rams.

14.  What kind of tea do football players drink at the Super Bowl?


15.  What is the dessert of choice at the Super Bowl?


16.  Why can all Super Bowl players jump higher than the field goal posts?

Because the posts can’t jump at all.

17.  Where do speedy football players like to eat?

Fast food restaurants, of course!

18.  Why did the little ghost get asked to join the Super Bowl football team?

To bring some team spirit!

19.  What did the football fan plan to do after his team won the Super Bowl?

 Shut off his Xbox.

20.  How did the defeated football team feel after the Super Bowl?

 They were a weeping squad.

21.  What did the football players think of the stadium lights during the big game?

 They gave them shining reviews.

22.  Where do the football players dance after the Super Bowl?

At a post-game bash!

23.  How are running backs similar to water?

 They both flow.

24.  Why do Lions players rarely appear in the Super Bowl?

They mostly watch from the stands.

25.  Why are centipedes not fit for the Super Bowl?

 It takes too long to get their cleats on.

26.  Why wouldn’t the footballer eat Wheaties?

 He was waiting for the big game.

27.  What pastry do defensive backs eat before playing the Super Bowl?

 Turnovers, of course!

28.  What’s the toughest challenge for a Super Bowl quarterback?

 The ground.

29.  Why was the receiver called “Bad News”?

 Because bad news travels fast.

30.  How are scrambled eggs like slow corner-backs?

They both get beaten.

Funny Super Bowl Dad Jokes 2023

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year, and it’s not just about football. It’s also about the commercials, the halftime show, and of course, the snacks.

But there’s one aspect of the Super Bowl that often gets overlooked: the dad jokes. So without further ado, here are some of the best Super Bowl dad jokes we’ve heard:

31.  Why did the coach kick the vending machine at the football stadium?

 He wanted his quarterback to get a little rush.

32.  What do you call a football player who can’t stop sneezing?

 A quarterback-atchoo.

33.  How did the football team celebrate their Super Bowl win?

 They threw a touchdown dance party.

34.  What did the football coach say to the player who kept fumbling the ball?

 “Hold on tight, and don’t let go of your dreams.”

35.  Why do Super Bowl kickers bring strings?

To ensure they can tie the game if needed.

36.  What surrounds the Super Bowl field but remains motionless?

A brick wall.

37.  What weighs nothing but is the same size as a Lombardi trophy?

 The shadow.

38.  Why do field goal kickers take ballet classes?

 To perform upright splits!

39.  Why did the Boxer not play football?

 Because it’s a dog.

40.  Where do Super Bowl players dance?

 At a foot…ball!

41.  How do you illuminate a football stadium?

 With a match.

42.  Why can’t we hold Super Bowl games in outer space?

Because there’s no atmosphere.

43.  What’s the ideal team?

 The one without a substitute player!

44.  What’s the problem with playing football in the jungle?

 The cheetahs might tackle you!

45.  What made the coach visit the bank?

 He went to inquire about financing a new quarterback.

46.  What led the coach to recruit a ghost on the team?

 The team lacked spirit, so he needed some supernatural help!

47.  Why didn’t the dog participate in the Super Bowl?

It was a boxer breed.

48.  What do you call a Texans player in the Super Bowl?


49.  Who’s the cleverest player to win a Super Bowl?

 Tom Brainy.

50.  What is more challenging for a receiver to catch the faster he runs?

His breath!

51.  Why should toddlers avoid wearing Rich Gannon jerseys on Super Bowl Sunday?

 It’s too much of a choking hazard.

52.  What was stuck in L.C. Greenwood’s teeth during Super Bowl X?

A quarterback! (Greenwood holds the record for most sacks in a Super Bowl with 4 for the Steelers).

53.  What is the post-Super Bowl ritual of Cowboys fans?

They switch off their gaming consoles.

54.  What is preventing Matt Ryan from using his phone?

He can’t locate the receiver.

55.  How is an Atlanta Falcons team different from a dollar bill?

 While you can obtain four quarters from a dollar bill, the Falcons aren’t able to deliver in the same way.

Funny Super Bowl Dad Jokes

Best Super Bowl Dad Jokes

The Super Bowl is not only one of the biggest sporting events of the year, but it is also a time for friends and family to gather and enjoy the game together.

And what better way to bring some extra laughs and fun to the party than with some Super Bowl dad jokes? Here are some of the best Super Bowl dad jokes that are sure to make everyone in the room chuckle:

56.  Why did the Super Bowl quarterback bring string to the game?

To tie up the score!

57.  What do Super Bowl players wear on their feet?

Cleats of victory.

58.  What distinguishes the Super Bowl from the Football World Cup Final?

Nothing. Both were fixed.

59.  How can you tell that the Dunkin’ commercial was unrealistic?

 Not because Ben Affleck wouldn’t work there, but because Jennifer Lopez would never be caught driving.

60.  Did you catch Rihanna’s performance?

She’s been on the field longer than the Chiefs have.

61.  Why do most people tune in to watch Super Bowl commercials?

 To see which companies have the worst marketing strategies.

62.  Did you hear about the man from the future who predicted the score of Super Bowl LVII?

He said it would be 0-0.

63.  What do you call fifty men watching the Super Bowl?

The Cincinnati Bengals.

64.  What will you be bringing to the Super Bowl party?

 A large spoon.

65.  What do Cowboys fans do after winning the Super Bowl?

Turn off the PlayStation.

66.  Did you hear about the epic performance at the Super Bowl?


67.  Which artist could have put on a bigger shoe than Rihanna at the Super Bowl?

 A combination of Rihanna and Ariana Grande – Rihanna Grande.

68.  Who are you supporting in the Super Bowl?

 The Soup.

69.  What’s better than the Super Bowl?


70.  Where’s the best place to watch the Raiders during the Super Bowl?

The Discovery Channel.

71.  What’s Superman’s favorite food?

A super bowl.

72.  What does Rihanna say when she doesn’t like a Super Bowl commercial?

“Oh nah nah!”

Bad Dad Jokes Super Bowl

Are you ready for some football and some laughs? Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than with some Super Bowl dad jokes!

73.  What’s a unique name for an Atlanta Falcons player with a Super Bowl ring?

A rare sight.

74.  Can the Atlanta Falcons win a Super Bowl?

It’s a mystery that may remain unsolved.

75.  Why are the Atlanta Falcons and Mailmen alike?

They both take Sundays off.

76.  Why do Seahawks fans put their season tickets on the dashboard?

To park in handicap spaces, of course.

77.  What distinguishes a Panther’s fan from a crying baby?

Babies eventually stop whining.

78.  Is there a magic number of Cardinals needed to win a Super Bowl?

The answer may be forever unknown.

79.  What is the term for a Lions player at the Super Bowl?

Simply put, a bystander.

80.  Did the Seahawks want to win the Super Bowl when the Patriots asked them?

The Seahawks shrugged, saying: “Nah, we’ll sit this one out.”

81.  What is the most popular dessert at the Super Bowl?

Sundays are a fan favorite.

82.  How did the small ghost become part of the Super Bowl football team?

They needed someone to bring a little team spirit.

83.  Why do Super Bowl field goal kickers carry strings with them?

Just in case they need to tie up the score.

84.  What type of tea is served to football players at the Super Bowl?

Penalties in their drink of choice.

85.  Where do speedy football players like to dine?

Fast food joints, as they can keep up with their pace.

86.  What can be seen running around the field during the Super Bowl but doesn’t move?

A stationary wall.

87.  Who wears the largest helmet on Super Bowl Sunday?

The player with the biggest head, of course!

88.  Why were the football players sobbing after losing the Super Bowl?

They were part of the bawl club.

89.  What is as large as the Super Bowl trophy but has no weight?

The trophy’s shadow.

90.  Why did football decide to quit playing in the Super Bowl?

It was exhausted from being constantly kicked around.

91.  How are Super Bowl referees selected?

By making them wear stilts.

92.  Why do the top field goal kickers take ballet lessons before the Super Bowl?

To perfect their technique and split the uprights flawlessly.

93.  Who wears the largest cleats at the Super Bowl?

The player with the biggest feet is the obvious choice.

Bad Dad Jokes Super Bowl

Dirty Super Bowl Jokes

94.  What’s the similarity between tail-backs and water?

Both flow effortlessly.

95.  Why did the football player refuse to eat Wheaties?

He was holding out for a championship breakfast.

96.  What’s the toughest part of being a Superbowl quarterback?

Hitting the ground running.

97.  Why are centipedes barred from playing in the Superbowl?

Putting on their cleats takes forever.

98.  What do scrambled eggs and slow corner-backs have in common?

They’re both easily beaten.

99.  What pastry is popular among defensive backs before the big game?

Turnover turnovers!

100.  How did the receiver get the nickname “Bad News”?

Because he spreads like wildfire.

101.  Why will the stadium be warmer the day after the Super Bowl?

There won’t be any fans to cool it down.

102.  How did the football players feel about the stadium lights during the Superbowl?

They gave them shining reviews.

103.  Where do players celebrate after the Superbowl?

At a footloose ball!

104.  What’s the dress code for football players at the Super Bowl?

Armor, as it’s a game of knights.

105.  Did anyone catch 50 Cent’s Superbowl performance?

Looks like inflation got to him.

106.  How do Superbowl players cool down when they’re overheated?

They move closer to the fans.

107.  What type of tea do football players drink at the Super Bowl?


108.  How do overheated Super Bowl players cool down?

 They move closer to the fans.

109.  During the Super Bowl, what type of attire do football players wear?

 Armor, as the game is like a knight’s battle.

110.  What is the best place to watch the Raiders play during the Super Bowl?

The History Channel.

111.  After the Super Bowl, why can’t Mahomes call his mother?

There’s no reception.

112.  When two cities that legalized marijuana hold a big event, what is it called?

 The “Marijuana Bowl.”

113.  Do any Super Bowl players possess the ability to leap higher than the goalposts?

 All players can; the goalposts, unfortunately, lack the capacity to jump.

114.  What was the reason for inviting the ghost to join the Super Bowl team?

They required some extra team spirit.

115.  Why did football refuse to play in the Super Bowl?

 It was weary of being constantly kicked around.

116.  Why did the boxer opt-out of playing in the Super Bowl?

Because it was a canine, not a football player.

117.  How would you describe a Texans player during the Super Bowl?

Disoriented and perplexed.

118.  Why do the Patriots win so many Super Bowls?

 Because the owner is fond of happy endings.

119.  Who possesses the largest cleats in the Super Bowl?

The one with the most significant feet!

120.  What runs around the field but never moves during the Super Bowl?  A wall.

121.  How are Super Bowl referees selected?

 With the aid of stilts.

Super Bowl Dad Jokes One Liners

122.”Why did the football team go to the bakery before the Super Bowl? To get a good roll model!”

123.”I told my wife I could balance a Super Bowl on my head. She said, ‘Prove it.’ So, I showed her – it’s in the kitchen cabinet now!”

124.”Why did the tomato turn red during the Super Bowl? Because it saw the salad dressing!”

125.”I’m not saying I’m a Super Bowl expert, but I can definitely tackle a bag of chips!”

126.”Why was the math book sad during the Super Bowl? Because it had too many problems to solve!”

127.”I heard the Super Bowl trophy started a band. They called it ‘The Lombardi and the Heartbreakers.'”

128.”I told my friends I’m training for the Super Bowl. They thought I meant football, but I’m just practicing my snacks and couch-sitting skills!”

Dad Bowl Jokes for Adults

Certainly, here are seven “Dad Bowl” jokes for adults:

129.”Why did the dad bring a ladder to the Dad Bowl? Because he wanted to be in a league of his own!”

130.”I’m not saying I’m a pro at the Dad Bowl, but I can make chips disappear faster than any quarterback!”

131.”What’s a dad’s favorite Super Bowl snack? The chips, of course – they never drop the ball!”

132.”Why did the dad call a timeout during the Dad Bowl party? He needed a moment to catch his dad-breath!”

133.”I asked my dad if he was ready for the Dad Bowl, and he said, ‘I’ve been training for this my whole life – pass me the remote!'”

134.”Did you hear about the dad who brought a grill to the Dad Bowl party? He wanted to show off his ‘grill’iant cooking skills!”

135.”Why did the dad dress up as a referee for the Dad Bowl? Because he wanted to make sure no one tackled the dip too aggressively!”

Some Final Talk

These dad jokes may not make you laugh out loud, but they will definitely make you groan and roll your eyes – just like a dad joke should! Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday with some good food, good company, and of course, some good jokes.

And remember, no matter who wins or loses, the real winner is the one who gets to tell the best dad joke of the night!

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