80+ Best Jokes About Bananas

Peel with laughter as we present you with a bunch of funny jokes about bananas and the absolute best banana puns that are sure to split your sides. These jokes are not just for kids; they’re ripe for adults who appreciate a good chuckle.

From clever wordplay to fruity hilarity, these jokes about bananas will add a healthy dose of humor to your day. Share a giggle with your family and friends as you go bananas over these comical delights. Get ready for a potassium-packed adventure of laughter that will leave you craving more.

Funny Jokes About Bananas

1. Why do monkeys have a fondness for bananas?

Because they find them extremely appealing.

2.  How can you recognize someone who’s optimistic?

An elderly person buying green bananas is a good indicator.

3.  What happens when a banana is told a hilarious joke?

They burst into laughter that splits them apart.

4.  Why did the banana fail his driving test?

Because he kept peeling out.

5.  If you see a blue banana, what would you do?

Try to cheer it up.

6.  Why couldn’t the police catch the banana?

Because he made a quick split.

7.  What do you call a group of bananas that befriend monkeys?

A bunch of silly bananas.

8.  Which day of the week is a banana’s favorite?


9.  What did the green banana feel about the ripe banana?

He was green with envy.

10.  Why didn’t the banana cross the road?

Because he was too yellow.

11.  Why did the banana receive so many Valentine’s Day gifts?

Because it was too sweet.

12.  Who won the race between a hot dog and a banana?

The wiener.

13.  Why do bananas stay quiet while sleeping?

To not disturb other bananas in the bunch.

14.  Why was the banana farmer fired?

He kept throwing away bananas that were slightly curved.

15.  What is the preferred fruit of ghosts?


16.  What looks yellow inside and green outside?

A banana disguised as a cucumber.

17.  What kind of footwear do bananas wear?


18.  How did the banana react upon seeing a monkey approaching?

It split.

19.  Why did the banana go to the doctor?

 Because it wasn’t peeling well!

20.  What did the banana say to the apple?

Nothing, bananas can’t talk!

Bad Jokes About Bananas

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world. Not only are they delicious and nutritious, but they also make for great material for jokes and puns.

In this section, we will explore some of the funniest jokes about bananas that are sure to make you smile

21.  Why did the banana put on sunscreen?

Because it was going to peel!

22.  How do monkeys make banana bread?

 They use ape-ricots!

23.  Why did the banana go to the beach?

 To see the peel!

24.  Why don’t bananas ever get lonely?

 Because they always have bunches of friends.

25.  What did one banana say to the other?

 “Yellow there!”

26.  How do monkeys make banana bread?

 They use ape-solutely ripe bananas.

27.  Why did the banana go to the party?

To get a-peel.

28.  What do you call a banana that’s scared?

A yellow belly.

29.  What’s a banana’s favorite game?

Peel and seek.

30.  What did the banana say when it saw the ice cream?

 “I’m splitting!”

31.  Why did the banana go to the gym?

 To work on its split.

32.  What is Beethoven’s preferred fruit?


33.  Can you spot the banana in cucumber disguise?

 It’s green outside, yellow inside!

34.  How do you refer to two banana peels?

 A duo of slippers.

35.  Why did the banana visit the hair salon?

 To get rid of split ends.

36.  What do you call a group of bananas hanging out with monkeys?

 A bunch of foolish fruits.

37.  What’s worse than a chimp eating bananas?

 A chimp having a meltdown.

38.  What type of literature do banana peels enjoy reading?

 Nonfictional works.

39.  Why was the monkey elated after consuming the banana?

He had a productive day.

40.  Have you heard about the sheep’s favorite fruit?

 It’s the baaa-nana!

Bad Jokes About Bananas

Banana Dad Jokes

Bananas are a versatile fruit that can be eaten as a snack, added to smoothies, or used in baking.

But did you know they’re also a source of humor? Here are some dad jokes about bananas to add a little laughter to your day.

41.  Do you know what Beethoven’s preferred fruit was?


42.  Beethoven had a particular fondness for which fruit?

Beethoven was quite fond of bananas!

43.  Why did the banana refuse to go to school?

 The banana said he wasn’t “peeling” well and couldn’t attend.

44.  Is it true that banana peels are considered a controlled substance?

 No, that’s not true. It’s just a joke!

45.  Why was the banana feeling upset?

Someone mistook him for a plantain, which made him quite unhappy.

46.  What did the banana say when he couldn’t find a date?

He ended up going out with a prune instead.

47.  Why did the banana have to visit the hair salon?

 She had split ends that needed to be taken care of.

48.  Do bananas ever feel lonely?

No, they always hang out in bunches, so they never feel lonely!

49.  What’s the best thing to include in a banana cream pie?

 Your teeth!

50.  Why did the banana need to see the doctor?

He wasn’t feeling well and needed to be examined.

51.  What would you call a really charismatic banana?

 A banana smoothie!

52.  What type of school do bananas attend?

Sundae school!

53.  What happened to the banana that got sunburnt?

 It peeled.

54.  What’s worse than a monkey consuming bananas?

A monkey going bananas.

55.  Why do bananas use sunscreen?

Otherwise, they would peel.

56.  Where does a banana buy its outfits from?

The Banana Republic.

57.  What buzzes and is yellow in color?

An electric banana.

58.  What fruit is loved by sheep?

A baaa-nana.

59.  What do fruits use as currency?

Banana bread.

60.  What unlocks a banana?

A mon-key.

61.  What distinguishes a monster from a banana?

 Try lifting it. If it’s too heavy, it might be a monster or a massive banana.

62.  How does a banana greet you on the phone?

By saying, “Yellow?”

63.  How can you spot an optimist?

 By witnessing an elderly person purchasing green bananas.

64.  What is the reaction of a banana to a funny joke?

They burst into uncontrollable laughter.

65.  What object, tinted in yellow, can travel at 30 miles per hour?

 A banana spinning inside a washing machine.

66.  How did the baby banana become so rotten?

Its mother left it out under the sun for too long.

67.  Why do bananas never feel lonely?

 They always hang out in clusters.

68.  What’s the best ingredient for a banana cream pie?

Undoubtedly, your teeth!

Banana Dad Jokes

Funny Banana Jokes

Bananas are one of the most versatile fruits out there. They are delicious, nutritious, and can be used in a variety of recipes, from smoothies to banana bread.

But did you know that bananas are also the subject of some hilarious jokes? Here are some of the funniest jokes about bananas that are sure to make you laugh.

69.  What object is yellow and consistently points north?

A magnetized banana.

70.  What did the banana say to the monkey?

The banana couldn’t communicate as it lacked the ability to speak.

71.  Why was the ice cream social canceled?

The ice cream event was called off because of the banana’s departure.

72.  What’s yellow and used for writing messages?

A ballpoint pen-shaped like a banana.

73.  Which fruit always likes to tease?

A ba-na-na-na-na-na.

74.  What do you refer to as two bananas?

A pair of slippers-shaped like bananas.

75.  Where do bananas go swimming?

In a bowl of cereal.

76.  Where do bananas go to learn?

At sundae school.

77.  What was the banana’s position during the Tour de France?

He was cycling with the rest of the “peel-oton.”

78.  How do monkeys go down the stairs?

They use the banana-ster as a slide.

79.  What political figure loves bananas?

Al Gore-illa.

80.  Why couldn’t the banana yell high?

The banana was only capable of saying “yel-low.”

81.  What is the reason bananas don’t snore?

They avoid disturbing the bunch’s slumber.

82.  How does a banana reply when it rings?

By turning yellow.

83.  Where do bananas pursue knowledge?

At Sundae School.

84.  What made the monkey find the banana tempting?

Its attractive appeal.

85.  What kind of key unlocks a banana?

A monkey-shaped one.

86.  Why did the banana require hospitalization?

Because it was suffering from yellow fever.

Final Thoughts

We hope these hilarious banana jokes brought a smile to your face or even had you burst into laughter. After all, laughter is the best medicine, and even fruit-inspired humor has its healing powers.

So, why not savor a delicious banana while you’re at it? And if you’re feeling generous, spread the joy by sharing one of these jokes with a friend. Laughter is meant to be shared, just like the sweetness of a ripe banana. Keep the laughter going and enjoy the fruity fun!

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