Mango Madness: 125+ Best Mango Jokes

Get ready for a juicy dose of laughter with our collection of funny mango jokes and the best mango puns that will have you peeling with laughter. These mango-themed jokes are not just for kids but also perfect for adults who appreciate a good laugh.

From clever wordplay to fruity humor, these jokes about mangoes are sure to brighten your day. Share a giggle with your family and friends as you savor the tropical hilarity. Get ready to embark on a mango-licious adventure of humor that will leave you craving for more.

Funny Mango Jokes

1. Mango, you are the fruit that brightens my day!

2. For those with a sweet tooth, eating mango is pure happiness.

3. Sweet, oh mango, you stole my heart with your kindness!

4. Mango, you are the epitome of perfection in fruit form.

5. Who knew that mango could be so versatile and sweet as a fruit, yet still considered a vegetable?

6. Forget bananas, I love mango life!

Tasting mango on a lazy summer afternoon is heaven.

7. I am the essence of the perfect summer, refreshing mango!

8. Honey, you are a peach, you are my best friend!

9. This mango juice is not strong, it’s like drinking sunshine every day!

10. I’m as happy as a big mango!

Hello everyone.

11. Mango is the perfect companion for a day in the sun.

12. I like mangoes because they make a gathering like a party. 

13. Even though I’m not a mango fan, this smoothie is a must!

14. Mangoes are my go-to, especially when they are in season and have a rich flavor.

15. I love the sweet strawberry banana piece!

16. Dear mango, mango, I’m so excited for you, I’m so healthy!

17. It’s perfect to start the day with mango.

18. Mango juice is my indispensable drink for lazy summer days.

19. Mango strikes the perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

20. Mango is my first choice for healthy and delicious food.

Funny Mango Jokes

Mango Jokes for Kids

21. Mango juice is the perfect summer treat!

22. I’m obsessed with mangoes, they are my favorite fruity treat!

23. Mangoes are easy to love, they are irresistible!

24. Mango resembles a large, juicy fruit, refreshing and satisfying.

25. Mango is the best tropical treat on a hot day.

26. Enjoying mango is a must; both delicious and healthy!

27. Mango is an ideal fruit for a romantic date.

28. Imagine a place where you can go to the tropics and taste the flavor of mangoes.

29. I am the perfect blend of sweet and tangy flavors like mango! 

30. Drinking mango juice makes me feel fruity and new energy.

31. When I’m hungry, I choose mango; Mango is my first choice when I’m hungry. They make excellent snacks.

32. Mango juice is a good refreshing drink on summer days. 

33. Meat, you are my sunshine, I wonder if life would be possible without you!

34. Mango, you always brighten my day!

35. Drinking juice is my favorite summer afternoon.

36. This mango is so juicy it’s like picking the fruit straight from the tree.

37. Mango is synonymous with summer pleasure.

38. Even on the coldest day, eating mango ice cream is a sweet treat.

39. My sweetness can shine all day long – just like a mango in human form!

40. Mango, you are my world – I love you more than words can describe.

41. Drinking mango juice is the best way to enjoy summer.

42. Mango juice is my nighttime treat – refreshing and delicious. 

43. Beat the heat with mango juice, the best summer thirst quencher!

Jokes on Mangoes

Jokes About Mangoes

44.  Why did the mango go to the doctor?

Because it wasn’t peeling well.

45.   What do you call a group of mangoes that perform together?

A mangoband.

46.   Why did the mango break up with the avocado?

 Because it couldn’t handle the pit.

47.   What do you get when you cross a mango and a banana?

 A manganana!

48.   How do you make a mango shake?

 Put it in the freezer until it’s ice cream

49.   What do you call a mango that is always happy?

 A jolly mango.

50.   Why did the mango refuse to take a vacation?

It didn’t want to mango away.

51.   Why did the mango go on a diet?

It wanted to peel better about itself.

52.   How does a mango greet its friends?

 With a big, juicy mango hello!

53.   What did one mango say to the other mango in a hot tub?

 “This is one pit-ty party!”

54.   Why did the mango go to the gym?

To get a little more ripped.

55.   What do you call a mango that’s not quite ripe yet?

 A pre-mango.

56.   Why did the mango feel embarrassed at the beach?

Because it was wearing a mango-kin.

57.   Why did the mango get mad at the orange?

Because it was trying to steal its zest.

58.   How do you make a mango laugh?

 You tickle its peel.

59.   What do you call a mango that’s always in a rush?

 A man-go-go-go!

60.   Why did the mango start a business?

 It wanted to make a little extra juice

Hilarious Mango Jokes

61. Mango juice The perfect partner of the sun.

62. Mango is my favorite fruit because it has so many varieties.

63. Eating mangoes is always a great way to satisfy your hunger.

64. Mango juice is the perfect blend of delicious and refreshing.

65. Mangoes are a must for any barbecue – they are the star of the show!

66. Mango, mango – the perfect partner in my culinary adventure! 

67. Enhance the flavor of mango juice with ice and lemon for a rich, tropical feel.

68. Warm up with mango juice – a whirlwind treat on a hot day.

69. If mangoes could talk, they would say “I love you” with every bite.

70. Mango juice is the best remedy for hot weather.

71. Even if I’m not crazy about mangoes, I will still enjoy them for my partner.

72. Mango is a good way to beat the heat.

73. Mango is the best way to quench your thirst.

74. Mango with cornflakes is a nice and delicious breakfast.

75. Drinking mango juice is like tasting summer in a glass.

76. Dear, mango, mango – you bring the greatest joy to my life!

77. Mango is a powerful fiber and a delicious snack.

78. Mango season – let’s celebrate with beautiful fruits!

79. A mango themed birthday party is the ultimate tribute to this fruit.

80. I am as vibrant and juicy as a big, ripe orange!

81. Mangoes are not only delicious but also very healthy.

82. Mango can improve everyone’s health.

Hilarious Mango Jokes

Mango Puns Funny

83.   This is the most mango-efficient fruit I’ve ever tasted!

84.  That’s mango-nificent news!

85.   Mango-go, let’s get some fruit!

86.   You’re the mango to my salsa.

87.  Mango, mango, mango, it’s all I can think about.

88.   Mango is crazy for this fruit!

89.   It’s mango time, baby!

90.   I’m going to mango crazy if I don’t get some fruit soon.

91.   This fruit is mango-nificent!

92.   You’re my sweet mango!

93.   Mango, I just can’t get enough of this fruit!

94.   This fruit is the mang-nificent!

95.  Mango, it’s like summer in a fruit!

96.   You’re the mango to my smoothie!

97.  Mango, it’s the king of fruits!

98.   I’m mango-ing bananas for this fruit!

99.  This fruit is mango-awesome!

100.   Mango, you’re so juicy and delicious!

101.   This fruit is absolutely mango-licious!

102.   Mango, it’s like a ray of sunshine in my mouth!

103.   I’m feeling mango-overwhelmed by this fruit!

104.   Mango, you complete me.

105.   This fruit is the mango-velours!

Mango Jokes  Best

106.   “I find mangoes apeeling.”

107.   “Mangoes are berry sweet.”

108.   “Don’t make me mango crazy.”

109.   “Let’s mango for a swim.”

110.   “I can’t mango without you.”

111.   “You’re the mango to my salsa.”

112.   “Mangoes are just peachy.”

113.   “I’m totally mango-ver this weather.”

114.   “That’s a-mango-nificent!”

115.   “Mangoes are my soul-mate fruit.”

116.   “Mangoes are a-peel-ing to my taste buds.”

117.   “Mangoes are the apple of my eye.”

118.   “Mangoes are just plum delicious.”

119.   “Don’t go mango crazy, you’ll get a-peel-ed.”

120.   “Mangoes are the juiciest fruit around.”

121.   “Mangoes are just too hot to handle.”

122.   “Mangoes are the perfect summer fling.”

123.   “Mangoes are the bee’s knees.”

124.   “Mangoes make my heart skip a beat.”

125.   “Mangoes are the best thing ever.”

126.   “Mangoes are the pineapple of my eye.”

127.   “Mangoes are the grape-est fruit of all.”

Mango Jokes One Liners

128. Why did the mango go to school? Because it wanted to become a little bit “smarter-gan” every day!

129. What do you call a mango that’s a superhero? Mango Man to the rescue, saving taste buds everywhere!

130. What did one mango say to the other at the fruit party? “Let’s mango-tango and have a peel-ing good time!”

131.Why did the mango bring a ladder to the fruit tree? Because it wanted to get to the top of the “mango-nificent” world!

132. How do you make a mango laugh? Tick-le its funny bone!

133.What did the mango say when it won the race? I’m the fastest fruit in the orchard; you can’t be-leaf it!”

134.What’s a mango’s favorite type of music? Anything with a “tropi-cool” beat!

Mango Puns for Instagram

135.”Life is just peachy, but I prefer to keep it mango-nificent! #MangoMania”

136.”When life gives you mangoes, make it mango-nificent! #MangoMagic”

137.”Feeling sweet and tropical today, just like my favorite fruit! #MangoMood”

138.”Let’s mango crazy together and create juicy memories! #MangoMoments”

139.”Mangoes are my main squeeze; they never let me down! #MangoLove”

140.”Just trying to find my inner peace… and maybe a mango or two! #MangoMeditation”

141.”Life’s a little sweeter when you add a dash of mango to it! #MangoMagic”

Best Mango Jokes One Liners

142.”Why did the mango break up with the papaya? It just couldn’t find the right ‘pair’!”

143.”What do you call a mango that’s always on time? Punctual-icious!”

144.”Why did the mango bring sunscreen to the beach? To avoid turning into a ‘mango-tan’!”

145.”What do you get when you cross a mango with a banana? A tropical ‘mangonana’!”

Best Mango Jokes One Liners

146.”Why don’t mangoes ever get into arguments? Because they’re too ‘peel’-ite!”

147.”How do you make a mango shake? Give it a good ‘wobble’!”

148.”What did the mango say when it won the lottery? ‘I’m going on a ‘peel-ionaire’ vacation!'”

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mango jokes are as sweet and delightful as the fruit itself! From their juicy humor to their tropical flair, these jokes and puns capture the essence of mangoes in a fun and light-hearted way. Whether you’re a mango enthusiast or just appreciate a good laugh, these jokes are sure to bring a smile to your face. So, let’s “mango” crazy with laughter and enjoy the delicious humor that mangoes have to offer!

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