60+ Devil Jokes For Halloween 2023 

Explore our collection of clean and funny demon jokes for Halloween! Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and provide some devilish delight.

Step into the abyss of laughter with Devil Jokes for Halloween and embrace the wicked side of humor. These jokes are the perfect incantation for those who revel in the Halloween spirit while unleashing their inner imp. 

Dare to chuckle in the face of darkness, and let the devilish hilarity commence!”

Short Devil Halloween Jokes

Looking for funny demon puns and jokes to share at your Halloween party? Look no further! These devilishly good jokes will have everyone in stitches.

1. Why does Satan get frustrated with geometry? Too many angles in play.

2.  What’s the name of the mythological figure who takes your presents away?  Satan Claus.

3.  Why did the vegetarian end up in hell?  Because he loved Seitan.

4.  How did Michael throw Lucifer into Hell?  With his Judo-Christian values.

5.  Do you think Satan can ban gambling?  No chance in hell.

6.  What is the name of Satan’s long-lost brother?  Sacos and Sasin.

7.  What celestial event occurs when Satan throws a party?  A hellish eclipse.

8.  Can you imagine Satan in a cooking show?  He’d call it “Hell’s Kitchen.”

9.  What do you call a devil’s favorite dessert?  Devil’s food cake, of course!

10.  Why did Satan become a gardener?  He loves to raise hell… and plants.

11.  Have you heard about Satan’s new fashion line?  It’s devilishly stylish.

12.  Why did Satan start a rock band?  To perform in “Inferno” concerts.

13.  What’s Satan’s favorite instrument to play?  The devil’s fiddle.

14.  Why did Satan become a teacher?  To spread knowledge of the dark arts.

15.  Have you heard about Satan’s new ride?  It’s a diabolical motorcycle, fueled by souls.

16.  What’s Satan’s favorite sport?  Playing “Fiendball” in the fiery pits.

Short Devil Halloween Jokes

17.  Why did Satan start writing poetry?  To pen verses of eternal damnation.

18.  What does Satan wear to stay warm?  A hellscarf and brimstone gloves.

19.  How does Satan stay in shape?  He practices soul cycling.

20.  What does Satan like to do on vacation?  Relax on the beaches of the Lake of Fire.

21.  Why did Satan become an artist?  He loves creating infernal masterpieces.

22.  What’s Satan’s favorite board game?  Monopoly, but he always plays with souls.

Devil Costume Jokes

23.  Why did Satan start a comedy club?  To spread wicked laughter around.

24.  What’s Satan’s favorite genre of music?  Hell-metal, of course!

25.  Why did Satan become a tailor?  To design devilishly sharp suits.

26.  What’s Satan’s favorite dance move?  The infernal shuffle.

27.  Why did Satan become a pilot?  To fly through the skies of hell.

28.  What’s Satan’s favorite pastime?  Playing soul chess.

29.  Why did Satan start a restaurant?  To serve up sinful delicacies.

30.  What does Satan do to relax?  He takes a fiery bath in lava.

31.  Why did Satan become a therapist?  To help souls deal with their demons.

32.  What’s Satan’s favorite hobby?  Soul collecting.

33.  Why did Satan become a mathematician?  To calculate the circumference of Hell.

34.  What’s Satan’s favorite type of shoes?  Hell-Heels, of course!

Devil Costume Jokes

Funny Devil Jokes One Liners

34.  Why did the devil go to school?  To become a little imp-ressive!

35.  What did the devil say to the angel?  “You’re heaven-sent, but I’m devilishly charming!”

36.  Why did the devil start a band?  Because he wanted to rock ‘n’ roll all night in hell!

37.  How does the Devil handle incoming calls?  Does he use a hell phone?

38.  Where does the Devil clean his dishes?  In Helsinki, of course.

39.  What’s the term for selling your soul to the Devil to achieve a slender figure? Fausting, it’s called.

40.  Ever wondered what happens when you give the Devil two eyes and turn him around?  He becomes livid. Time for me to see myself out now.

41.  Why can’t the Devil make money off YouTube?  Because he keeps getting demonetized.

42.  What did the Devil say when he couldn’t find any cheese?  There’s no whey in hell!

43.  In hell, what did the optimist say about the heat? “I’m glad it’s dry heat.”

44.  Did you hear about the demon who tossed some shoes into the hellfire?  He wanted to watch their soles burn.

45.  The local priest couldn’t make it to dinner because he was busy exorcising the neighbors’ demons. That’s a thoughtful act.

46.  I tried banishing a demon with holy water, and my wife was furious, telling me not to treat her mother that way.

47.  Why are demons usually overweight?  Because they hate exorcising.

48.  How does a demon stay fit?  By exorcising, of course.

Funny Devil Jokes One Liners

Devil Halloween Jokes For Adults 

49.  Why did the devil go to the Halloween party?  To find some soul mates!

50.  What’s the devil’s favorite dessert?  Devil’s food cake, of course!

51.  How did the devil get so good at telling scary stories?  He’s had centuries of practice!

52.  Why did the devil become a stand-up comedian?  He loves to make people laugh like hell!

53.  What did the devil give out on Halloween?  Fiendishly delicious candy!

54.  How did the devil prepare for Halloween?  He practiced his evil laughs in the mirror!

55.  What do you call a devil who can’t stop telling jokes?  A devil-liver!

56.  Why did the devil go on a diet?  He wanted to shed some “hellish” pounds!

57.  What’s the devil’s favorite instrument?  The infernal organ, of course!

Devil Jokes For Kids

58.  How did the devil react when he lost in a Halloween costume contest?  He was absolutely “devil”-astated!

59.  Why did the devil take up gardening?  He wanted to grow some “spooktacular” pumpkins for Halloween!

60.  What’s the devil’s favorite dance?  The “hell”-shake!

61.  Why did the devil get a pet snake for Halloween?  He wanted a “devilishly” good companion!

62.  How does the devil like to enjoy his Halloween night?  He loves to raise a little “hell”!

63.  Why did the devil join a gym?  To work on his pitchfork skills, of course!

64.  What do you get when you cross a devil and a vampire?  A creature that can really “raise” some spirits!

65.  Why did the devil become a DJ?  He loves to play “hell”-ish beats at Halloween parties

66.  What’s the devil’s favorite sport?  Soul tennis – he enjoys serving up wicked challenges!

67.  Why did the devil open a haunted house attraction?  To give people a taste of the frights that await them in the underworld!

Some Final Talk

We hope you had a good laugh After reading through all these hilarious devil jokes for Halloween! 

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