90+ Funny Bass Jokes

Looking for a good laugh? Check out our collection of funny bass jokes! From puns to one-liners, these jokes are sure to make any bass player (or music lover) laugh. Get ready to slap your knees and tap your toes with these hilarious bass jokes.

If you’re someone who loves a good laugh and also enjoys playing or listening to bass, then funny bass jokes might just be what you need to brighten up your day. there’s no shortage of bass-related humor out there.

From the fretboard to the headstock, the bass guitar has its own unique quirks and quirks that make for great punchlines. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh with some of the funniest bass jokes around.

Funny Bass Fishing Jokes

1) Why are fish so easily fooled? They’re always taking the bait!

2)  How can you easily determine a fish’s weight?  They come equipped with their own scales!

3)  Where does a fishing enthusiast get a haircut?  At the bobber shop, of course!

4)  Which fish is the fastest swimmer? The metopic, by far.

5)  What happens when four men go fishing, but only one returns with a catch?  You’re left with three men and a baby.

6)  What kind of music is best for fishing?  Something that’s really catchy!

7)  Why did Batman stop going fishing with Robin?  Robin kept eating all the worms!

8)  Why didn’t Noah fish much while on the ark?  He only had two worms to spare.

9)  How do fish travel around while golfing?  They use golf carp, of course!

10)  Why do fish always swim in groups?  Because they can’t walk, silly!

11)  Where do fish keep their savings? In a riverbank account.

12)  What’s a fish’s favorite instrument to play?  The bass drum, naturally!

13)  What’s a fish’s preferred TV show? Name That Tuna, of course!

14)  Why is it tough to deliver a punchline while ice fishing?  Because you might break the ice with your laughter.

15)  What is the currency of the ocean? Sand dollars, according to the fish.

16)  Where do fish get their beauty sleep?  In the river bed, of course!

17)  What did the fish exclaim when it collided with a concrete wall? “Dammit!”

18)  Why did the fish leave its school and cross the road?  To get hooked, of course!

19)  During Lent, what does the Pope prefer to dine on?  Holy mackerel, a true delicacy!

20)  How do fish entrepreneurs get started?  They start small, on a minnow scale.

Funny Bass Guitar Jokes

Let’s Get Groovy with Some Humor! As a bassist, you know that playing bass is no joke. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a good laugh every once in a while.

That’s why we’ve compiled some of the funniest Bass Guitar Jokes around. So sit back, relax, and get ready for some serious giggles.

21)  Who is the wealthiest fish in all the land?  A goldfish, the most valuable catch of them all.

22)  How many fishing tackle items can a man collect before his spouse kicks him out?  I’m not sure, but I think I’m getting close.

23)  What do you call a small, magical fish?  A “magic carpet,” a true wonder of the sea.

24)  Why was the bass player staring at the orange juice container?  Because it said, “Concentrate.”

25)  Why do bass players wear sunglasses?  Because they can’t stand the spotlight.

26)  What do you call a beautiful woman on a bass player’s arm?  A tattoo.

27)  Why do bass players always have to be the butt of the joke?  Because they’re always at the bottom.

28)  What do you call a bass player who just got a job with a symphony orchestra?  A liar.

29)  Why do bass players make good pizza delivery drivers?  Because they know how to handle the dough.

30)  Why did the bass player join the marching band?  He wanted to get away from the drummers.

31)  Why do bass players wear sunglasses?  Because they can’t handle the brightness of the lead guitarist’s talent.

32)  Why did the bass player quit the band?  He didn’t get any solos.

33)  What distinguishes a bass from an onion?  No tears were shed over a sliced bass.

34)  What’s the rescued object for a sinking bassist?  Their amplifier.

35)  How many pop bassists are required to switch a light bulb?  Zero. The keyboardist handles it with their left hand.

Funny Bass Player Jokes

36) What are the most challenging years for a bassist?  Their second-grade ones.

37)  What’s the label for a person who accompanies musicians?   A bass player.

38)  Why did the bass player get lost on the way to the gig?  Because he couldn’t find his way past the first four bars!

39)  Why do bass players always play with their fingers?  Because they don’t know how to use a pick!

40)  Why did the bass player quit the band?  Because he was tired of playing the same four notes over and over again.

41)  Why did the bass player wear two jackets on stage?  Because he liked to play in a double-breasted suit!

42)  What do you get when you cross a bass player with a computer?  A nerd with rhythm.

43)  Why did the bass player get a job at the post office?  Because he heard they had great bass-ic benefits!

44)  Why did the bassist go for a bike ride?  He loved the feeling of pedaling to the rhythm.

45)  What’s the difference between a good and bad bassist’s jokes?  Timing.

46)  Why don’t DJs add bass to their tracks?  They’re afraid of dropping it.

47)  What do you call a puppy that loves bass music?  A subwoofer pup.

48)  How do you describe a rude bass instrument?  The high key means.

49)  Did you know that tuna fish can produce perfect sounds from a bass guitar?  If a bassist wasn’t a musician, he could have been a fisherman.

50)  Want to invite bass players to a party?  Ask them to come cordially.

51)  Why did the bass player always have trouble getting into his house?  He kept locking his keys in his office base.

52)  Why do bassists refrain from sharing blonde jokes?  Their comprehension fails to align.

53)  A stunning lady accompanying a bassist is known as what?  A tattooed arm candy.

54)  How does a bassist differ from a vacuum cleaner?  The latter necessitates an electrical outlet for suction.

55)  What’s the number of bassists needed for driveway paving?  Seven, provided they’re sliced thinly and arranged correctly.

56)  What’s the shared trait between a bass and a lawsuit?  The conclusion of the case brings relief to everyone involved.

Funny Bass Clarinet Jokes

Humor for the Musically Inclined The bass clarinet is a unique and often overlooked instrument in the world of music.

However, those who play it know just how powerful and beautiful its sound can be. And while it may not be the most popular instrument out there, it certainly has its fair share of jokes and puns.

57)  Are the sounds of a clarinet and a cat in heat similar?  Only if the cat is healthy.

58)  How many light bulbs does a clarinetist go through before finding the right one?  A whole box.

59)  What is the definition of a nerd? Someone who owns an alto clarinet.

60)  How do you confuse a tenor saxophone with a bass clarinet?  Put it down.

61)  What is the bell on a bass clarinet used for?  Holding the ashes from the rest of the instrument.

62)  How do you rescue a clarinetist stuck in a tree?  Cut the rope.

63)  What’s a common challenge for clarinet players entering a house?  They struggle to find the right key and entrance.

64)  What distinguishes a clarinet solo from the sound of nails on a blackboard?  The vibrato technique was used.

65)  What’s a dark joke about a group of 20 clarinetists in the ocean?  It’s a good start for an underwater concert.

66)  How do you prevent an oboe from getting stolen?  Put it in a case meant for a clarinet.

67)  What’s the key to making a saxophone sound like a clarinet?  Miss a lot of notes during your performance.

68)  How do you recognize the passing of a clarinetist?  The concertmaster moves their chair one position back.

69)  What do you call a formation of clarinetists playing together?  A circular arrangement.

70)  What do a clarinet and a lawnmower have in common?  They can both be tuned.

71)  How is a clarinetist different from God?  God doesn’t think he’s a clarinetist.

72)  How can you tell when a clarinet player is at your house?  They can’t find the right key to enter.

73)  Why was the clarinetist arrested? He was in treble.

74)  How can you make a million dollars playing jazz clarinet?  Start with two million.

75)  How can you prevent an oboe from being stolen?  Put it in a clarinet case!

76)  What is an optimist?  A clarinetist with a mortgage.

Funny Bass Jokes

Are you ready to have a good laugh? Look no further than Bass Jokes. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting out, our jokes are sure to strike a chord with you.

77)  Why was the bass player staring at the orange juice container?  Because it said, “Concentrate”.

78)  Why do bass players always get lost on stage? Because they can’t find their way back to the root.

79)  Why did the bass player get in trouble with the law?  He was caught fingering a minor.

80)  Why do bass players always wear sunglasses?  Because they can’t stand the limelight.

81)  What do you call a bass player with a credit card?  Homeless.

82)  How do you know if a bass player is actually playing?  His fingers are moving.

83)  Why do bass players always look so calm on stage?  Because they know they’re the backbone of the band and everything will be alright as long as they keep a steady rhythm.

84)  Why did the bass player get a ticket?  Because he was caught playing too low.

85)  Why do bass players always carry a spare set of strings?  In case they break one, they can still play with the other three.

86)  How can you tell if a drummer and bassist are outside your door?  Their knocking is off-beat, and they can’t find the right entrance.

87)  What is the term for someone who spends time with musicians?  A bass guitarist.

88)  How is a Bass guitar different from Netflix?  Netflix has “Stranger Things 4,” while a Bass guitar has four strange strings.

89)  What compliment do you give to a bass player with a gorgeous woman on his arm?  Your tattoo looks fantastic!

90)  Why don’t bassists play hide and seek?  Because no one will look for them!

91)  Why did the bassist go to jail? Because they were caught stealing a riff!

92)  Why did the bassist quit the band? Because they couldn’t handle the “bass-ic” pay!

Some Final Talk

To wrap up, funny bass jokes are a great way to add humor to your day and appreciate the quirks of the bass guitar. Whether you’re a bass player or just appreciate the low-end tones of this wonderful instrument, these jokes are guaranteed to make you chuckle.

And who knows, maybe the next time you’re jamming with your bandmates, you can share one of these jokes and lighten the mood. So go ahead and have a few laughs with these funny bass jokes!

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