Over 9000 Side-Splitting Dragon Ball Z Jokes: Super Saiyan Your Way to a Laugh-Filled Conversation

Supercharge your laughter with Dragon Ball Z Jokes, a collection of clever and amusing puns that playfully explore the iconic moments and characters of this legendary anime series.

Get ready for a dose of hilarious humor as we dive into the world of Dragon Ball Z jokes! Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just someone looking to brighten their day, this blog post is here to deliver an explosive fusion of puns, punchlines, and super Saiyan-level comedy.

Dragon Ball Z Jokes Extravaganza: Powering Up with Laughter!(Editor Pick)

1 I’m ‘saiyan’ this is the best day ever!

2.  I’m ‘cell’-ficient at multitasking!

3.  I’m ‘krillin’ it at work today!”

5.  Let’s ‘kamehameha’ this Monday blues away!”

6.  This weekend was ‘super saiyan’ awesome!

7.  I’m having a ‘vegeta’-rian day today!

8.  I’m ‘trunks’-lated to hear that!

9.  I ‘gohan’ get a coffee before I do anything else!

10.  I’m ‘raditz’ing my positive vibes today!

11.  Let’s ‘fusion dance’ through the day together!”

12.  Feeling ‘buu’-tiful today!

13.  I’m ‘piccolo’-ing up good vibes!

14.  My weekend plans? Just ‘saiyan’ – they involve relaxation!

15.  Time to ‘trunks’-form this day into something amazing!

16.  I’m ‘cell’-ebrating every little victory!a

17.  This project is ‘krillin’ me, but I got it!

18.  You’re ‘goku’-ing to do great things today!

19.  Feeling ‘trunks’-lated? Just ‘piccolo’ a goal and go for it!

20.  I ‘chi-chi’ on life – taking it one day at a time!

Kamehame-ha-ha!: Unleashing Humor with Dragon Ball Z Jokes

Enter the comedic universe of Dragon Ball Z with Dragon Ball Z Jokes, where Saiyan strength meets side-splitting humor in a fusion that will leave fans and newcomers alike laughing.

21.  Why don’t Dragon Ball Z characters play hide and seek?

Because good luck hiding when the power levels are over 9000!

22.  How does Goku like his coffee?  Instant transmission – straight from the Kamehameha-roast.

23.  What’s Vegeta’s favorite genre of music?  Heavy metal – he likes to keep it Saiyan!

24.  Why don’t Saiyans ever get lost?  Because they always find their way back through sheer ‘Kai’ intuition!

25.  Why did the Dragon Ball character break up with their partner?  They needed space to train and achieve Super Saiyan status.

26.  What’s Krillin’s favorite subject in school?  History – he has a blast revisiting his own epic battles!

27.  What’s Piccolo’s favorite type of pasta?  Namek-oroni and cheese – it’s out of this world!

28.  What’s Gohan’s favorite school activity?  Lunch breaks – he gets to feast like a Saiyan warrior!

29.  What’s Bulma’s favorite social media platform?  Snap-chat – she loves capturing Capsule Corp moments!

30.  Why did Yamcha open a bakery?  To prove he could fill something other than graves!

31.  Why don’t Dragon Ball characters use smartphones?

They prefer Namekian scrolls – it’s a Saiyan tradition!

32.  What’s Frieza’s favorite sport?  Freezer burn – he’s always chilling out in his spaceship!

33.  What do you call a Dragon Ball Z fan who can’t cook?  A Yamcha – they’re always afraid of heat!

34.  How does Beerus stay calm during a fight?  He takes a ‘whis’-k of catnip and relaxes!

35.  What’s Tien’s favorite card game?  Tri-Beam poker – he’s always up for a blast!

36.  Why did Chiaotzu start a gardening club?  To teach others the ‘art’ of blowing up things peacefully!

37.  What’s Master Roshi’s favorite dance move?  The Kame-hula – he’s got some ancient island rhythm!

38.  How does Vegeta relax after a battle?  He enjoys a hot bath and contemplates how to surpass Kakarot!

39.  Why don’t Saiyans use umbrellas?  Because a little rain won’t dampen their warrior spirit!

40.  What’s the Saiyan version of a selfie?  A Cell-fie – capturing the moment before the battle begins!

Saiyan Silliness: Getting Dirty with Dragon Ball Z Jokes

41.  Why does Goku never lose his keys?  Because he always finds them with his ultra-instinct!

42.  Why was Piccolo great at math?  He was always ‘Nameking accurate calculations!

43.  What’s Goten’s favorite bedtime story?  The Legend of the Super Saiyan – it’s a tale of his legacy!

44.  How does Krillin make decisions?  He flips a Destructo Disc – it’s a cutthroat strategy!

45.  Why don’t Saiyans get scared in horror movies?  Because they know the real monsters are in other universes!

46.  What cryptic message did Piccolo convey to Frieza? Unravel the mystery in the next Dragon Ball Z saga!”

47.  “The eternal question: Dragon Ball Z or Dragonball Ball Z?  The  awaits in the unfolding saga of Dragon Ball Z!”

48.  How many Dragon Ball Z characters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?  Hint: More than you’d expect!”

49.  Ever dreamt of possessing Dragon Ball Z powers?  Prepare for a journey of superhuman dreams and Saiyan ambitions in the upcoming episodes!”

Knock Knock, Who’s There? Dragon Ball Z Jokes Enter with a Bang

50.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Goku who?

Goku finds the Dragon Balls, I’ll be right back!

51.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Frieza who?

Frieza cold in here, can you turn up the heat?

52.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Vegeta who?

Vegeta better hide your Dragon Balls, because here I come!

53.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Piccolo who?

Piccolo you up and take you on an adventure through the Dragon Ball world!

54.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Bulma who?

Bulma you better not tell Yamcha I’m here, it’s a secret!

55.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Cell who?

Cell-ebrating because I absorbed another opponent!

56.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Chi-Chi who?

Chi-Chi out the awesome moves I learned in martial arts class!

57.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Trunks who?

Trunks for the memories of our epic battles together!

58.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Gohan who?

Gohan gets some training done before the next big fight!

59.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Krillin who?

Krillin me softly with your ki blast.

60.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Raditz who?

Raditz moment, I thought I lost my scooter!

61.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Tien who?

Tie your shoes, they’re untied!

62.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Majin Buu.

Majin Buu who?

Majin Buu-tiful day for a battle, isn’t it?

63.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

King Kai.

King Kai who?

King Kai believes how strong you’ve become!

64.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Nimbus who?

Nimbus my way to the next Dragon Ball adventure!

65.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Roshi who?

Roshi over here to teach you some new techniques!

66.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Who’s who?

Whis-ping secrets about the next tournament!

67.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Shenron who?

Shenron-ly you didn’t forget to make a wish?

68.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Nimbus who?

Nimbus-one can beat me in a fight!

69.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Pilaf who?

Pilaf my dinner, please!

70.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Supreme Kai.

Supreme Kai who?

Supreme Kai-ry, I think I left my Potara earrings at your place!

71.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Yamcha who?

Yamcha, glad I didn’t say Krillin!

72.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Raditz who?

Raditz me or Raditz me not, I’m still the strongest Saiyan around!

73.  Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Zarbon who?

Zarbon a scale of 1 to 10, you’re definitely an eleven!

Pun-tastic Power Levels: Dragon Ball Z Names Get a Chuckle

74.  Goku-late for Dinner

75.  Trunks of Memories

76.  Vegeta-ble Garden

77.  Piccolo My Interest

78.  Frieza Brain Freeze

79.  Krillin It Softly

80.  Gohan Bananas

81.  Cell-ebrity Crush

82.  Goten Something to Say

83.  Bulma in My Heart

84.  Chi-Chi-potle

85.  Raditz Romance

86.  Tien-talizing

87.  Yamcha-nge Your Mind

88.  King Kai-ser Roll

89.  Buu-rrito Bowl

90.  Dende-lion Roar

91.  Bardock in Time

92.  Pancake Breakfast

93.  Videl-ity Card

94.  Hercule-rious Feats

95.  Master Roshi-mallows

96. Beerus Cheers!

97.  Nappa-lause for You

98.  Oolong Time No See!

99.  Pure Genius

100.  Emperor Pilaf of Dreams

101.  Majin Buu-yah!

Shenron-Approved Clean Laughs: Dive into the Best Dragon Ball Z Jokes

Enter the comedic universe of Dragon Ball Z with Dragon Ball Z Jokes, where Saiyan strength meets side-splitting humor in a fusion that will leave fans and newcomers alike laughing.

102.  Why did Vegeta break up with Bulma?  Because every time he said, “I love you,” she replied, “Over 9000?”

103.  What’s Goku’s favorite dessert?  Kamehameha-nna Split!

104.  How does Gohan answer the phone?  “Cell-o?”

105.  What’s Krillin’s favorite TV show?  Dragon Ball Z – he never misses an episode!

106.  Why did Frieza start a band?  To create some ‘inter-galactic’ music!

107.  What’s Vegeta’s favorite exercise?  Saiyan-etics!

108.  What do you call a Dragon Ball Z marathon?  Super Saiyan Saturday!

109.  How does Piccolo stay in shape?  Namekian-etics and plenty of Namekian push-ups!

110.  Why did Bulma become an engineer?  To upgrade Vegeta’s armor and her tech-savvy life!

111.  What’s Trunks’ favorite ride at the amusement park? The Saiyan Swing – it’s a blast!

112.  Why did Yamcha go to therapy?  To overcome his fear of ‘hitting the ground.’

113.  How does Master Roshi stay cool in the summer?  He uses the Kame-humidity Wave!

114.  What’s Chi-Chi’s favorite kind of music?  Chopin and Goku – a mix of classical and Saiyan beats!

115.  Why did the farmer join the Z Fighters?  To learn how to grow Super Saiyan-tific crops!

116.  What do you call Vegeta when he meditates?  Zen-getsu!

117.  Why did Cell open a bakery?  To make Cell-muffins and absorb the deliciousness!

118.  What’s Frieza’s favorite game?  Freezer Tag – he always wins!

119.  How does Goku stay on top of his training routine?  He ‘cell’-does his progress for motivation!

120.  What’s Goten’s favorite subject in school?  History – he loves learning about his Saiyan heritage!

121.  Why did Krillin join a band?  To prove he’s more than just a ‘Destructo Disc’ thrower!

Shenron-Approved Clean Laughs: Dive into the Best Dragon Ball Z Jokes

Journey through the laughter-filled saga of Dragon Ball Z with Dragon Ball Z Jokes, a fusion of wit and anime nostalgia that will have fans laughing like a playful Dragon Ball Shenron.

122.  What’s Cooler’s favorite weather?  Ice-olated thunderstorms!

123.  Why did Tien become a chef?  To master the art of ‘Tri-Beam’ stir-frying!

124.  What’s Chi-Chi’s favorite board game?  Monopoly – she’s the reigning Saiyan property tycoon!

125.  Why don’t Saiyans play hide and seek with Goten and Trunks?  Because they can’t handle the fusion surprise!

126.  How does Vegeta make tea?  He Saiyan-steeps the leaves for the perfect flavor!

127.  Why did Mr. Popo become a therapist?  To teach people the art of ‘Popo-sitive’ thinking!

128.  What’s the Great Saiyaman’s favorite movie genre?  Superhero flicks, of course!

129.  Why did Beerus enroll in cooking classes?  To master the art of ‘destruction by dessert’!

130.  What do you call a Dragon Ball Z comedian?  A stand-up Saiyan!

131.  Why did Goku bring a ladder to the tournament?  To reach new ‘heights’ in his battles!

132.  What’s Vegeta’s favorite music genre?  Heavy metal – it matches his Saiyan spirit!

133.  Why did Piccolo become a gardener?  To prove that Namekians have the greenest thumbs in the universe!

134.  How does Bulma fix her hair in the morning?  She uses a Capsule Corp flatiron for the perfect Saiyan style!

135.  Why did Gotenks start a detective agency?  To solve ‘fusion’ mysteries!

136.  What’s Goku’s favorite type of movie?  The ones with ‘cell’-ular storylines!

137.  Why did King Kai get a smartphone?  To keep up with the ‘Kame-ha-me-memes’!

138.  What’s Chi-Chi’s favorite dance move?  The ‘Kame-hula’ – it’s a fusion of Hawaiian and Saiyan rhythm!

139.  Why did Yamcha become a motivational speaker?  To teach people how to ‘rise from the crater’!

140.  How does Piccolo stay calm?  He practices ‘media-Nam-ekian.’

141.  Why did Bulma start a tech company?  To develop ‘Dragon Radar’ apps for locating lost items!

Saiyan Stand-Up: The Ultimate Collection of Funny Dragon Ball Z Jokes

142.  What do you call Vegeta’s skincare line?  Saiyan-glow!

143.  Why don’t Saiyans use smartphones?  Because they always break the ‘Cell’ towers!

144.  How does Frieza like his coffee?  Ice-cold and with a side of destruction!

145.  What’s Gohan’s favorite band?  The Cell Fighters!

146.  Why was Piccolo always good at music?  Because he had perfect “Cell-o” skills!

147.  What do you call a sleepwalking Saiyan?  A Vegeta-rian!

148.  Why doesn’t Krillin play hide and seek with the Z Fighters?  Because good luck hiding when you’re always screaming, “I’m over here!”

149.  What’s Frieza’s favorite type of party?  A ‘Namek-ian’ party – it lasts for hours!

150.  Why did the Z Fighters start a band?  Because they wanted to have a ‘rocking’ time, especially when they played the ‘Cell-o’!

151.  What does Goku do when he can’t find his car keys?  He goes Super Saiyan and looks for them with a power level of over 9000!

152.  Why doesn’t Yamcha make coffee?  Because he always breaks the Yamcha-ffe maker!

153.  How does Vegeta keep his hair so perfect?  With a lot of Saiyan spray!

154.  Why did Bulma break up with Yamcha?  She realized he couldn’t protect a Dragon Ball, let alone her heart!

155.  What’s Frieza’s favorite game?  Freeze tag, of course!

156.  What does Piccolo say when he answers the phone? “Piccolo, here. Nail, not so much.”

157.  How does Goku make a sandwich?  He uses Kame-hame-ham!

158.  Why can’t Saiyans play hide and seek?  Because no matter where they hide, their power level gives them away!

159.  What’s Cell’s favorite app?  Cell-ular games!

160.  Why did Trunks bring a pillow to the battlefield? Because he wanted to have a ‘Cell’ out session!

161.  What’s Gohan’s favorite subject in school?  Cell-ogy!

162.  What do you call Vegeta when he meditates? Vegeta-ting!

163.  Why did Krillin become a stand-up comedian?  He wanted to master the art of being ‘Krill-arious’!

164.  What’s Vegeta’s favorite type of math?  Trig-onometry, because it sounds like ‘Trunks-on-ometry’!

165.  Why does Piccolo never get lost?  Because he always knows the way to Namek-and-back!

166.  What do you call a Saiyan who loves nature?  Gohan Green!

167.  Why does Goku bring a ladder to the grocery store?  To reach the ‘Ultra Instinct’ shelf!

168.  Why did King Kai become a chef?  Because he wanted to teach everyone the ‘Kai-oken’ of cooking!

169.  Why doesn’t Shenron use social media?  Because he doesn’t want his wishes to be ‘public Shenron-ouncements’!

Laugh Like a Saiyan: Whether You Like It or Not, Double Entendre Jokes with a Dragon Ball Z Jokes Twist!

170. “Why did Goku go to the farmers market? He was looking for Super Saiyan-gria.”

171. “What do you call a Saiyan who loves plants? Vegeta-ble.”

172. “Why did Krillin always carry an umbrella? He wanted to stay ‘cell’-dry during the rain.”

173. “What do you get when the Dragon Ball characters have a fashion show? Catwalk-aratops.”

174. “What did Frieza say after defeating a group of puny Saiyans? ‘That was over-9000-whelming!'”

175. “Why did Vegeta get a job at a bakery? He wanted to learn the art of ‘dough-goku’.”

176. “What do you call a Saiyan who can’t throw a punch? Brocco-li.”

177. “Why did Yamcha become a magician? He wanted to master the ‘Spirit Bomb-o’ trick!”

178. “What do you call Goku’s favorite type of pasta? Spaghetti Super Saiy-an.”

Saiyan Laughs Unleashed: Weathering the Jokes (Juxtaposition) Dragon Ball Z Jokes

179. The Saiyan power-up and the delicate teacup had a ‘cracking’ conversation.

180. The Kamehameha wave and the bubble bath had a splashy showdown.

181. The Dragon Balls and the game of hide-and-seek played a celestial game.

182. The Super Saiyan transformation and the bad hair day had a follicle rebellion.

183. The fusion dance and the ballet performance had a synchronized confusion.

184. The Spirit Bomb and the birthday candle joined forces for an epic blowout.

185. The Saiyan training and the lazy Sunday afternoon engaged in a battle of wills.

186. The Capsule Corp technology and the lost car keys formed a perplexing mystery.

187. The Final Flash and the disco ball lit up the dance floor with explosive energy.

188. The Senzu Beans and the gourmet feast embarked on a journey of taste and power.

189. The Namekian healing ability and the clumsy waiter collided in a messy encounter.

190. The Instant Transmission and the teleporting magician had a disappearing act.

191. The Fusion earrings and the mismatched socks sought unity in a fashionable dilemma.

192. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber and the procrastinator turned time into a dimension of avoidance.

193. The Galaxy Cannon and the firework display engaged in a battle of explosive beauty.

Saiyan Shenanigans: Rain or Shine, Jokes Spoonerisms to Power Up Your Dragon Ball Z Day Jikes

194. “It’s a sunny super Saiyan daycast today.”

195. “I can shear the sneers on Goku’s kame-rims.”

196. “The freezing fog is freezily.”

197. “The funny sky has turned dun-gray.”

198. “It’s raining south instead of snow.”

199. “The sysex of fire feels like Goku’s spirit does.”

100. “It’s making a drake when there is a storm outside!”

Saiyan Spirals: Recursive Raindrops of Dragon Ball Z Jokes on Weather and Beyond

101. “The peaceful Saiyan battle was chaotic harmony.”

102. “The wise Master Roshi had a moment of clueless enlightenment.”

103. “The villainous Frieza displayed a surprisingly innocent smile.”

104. “The mighty Goku had a surprisingly delicate touch.”


105. “The epic battle had a strangely calm and nonchalant atmosphere.”

106. “The fiery explosion created a soothing aura of serenity.”

107. Did you hear about the Saiyan who wanted to become a weather forecaster? He said, “I’m training to predict 

108. Why did the Saiyan bring a radar to the battle? To track power levels and storm into action!

109. Why did the Dragon Ball Z character open an umbrella during a storm? To protect himself from the “Cell”-ular rain!

110. Why did Bulma become a meteorologist? Because she wanted to create the perfect weather for the Dragon Radar to work efficiently!

111. “What about the icy slopes?” Goku replied, “I handle them like my freezer – with ease!”

Dragon Ball Z jokes are a fun and lighthearted way to show your love for this beloved anime series. From clever references to hilarious memes, these jokes are sure to make any fan laugh.

So next time you need some entertainment, remember these jokes and share them with your fellow fans!

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