120+ Best Puns About Breathing

Breathing has never been funnier. Take a break and laugh out loud with our collection of these funny puns about breathing. From oxymorons to deep breaths, these puns are sure to tickle your funny bone.

Breathing is a fundamental part of our existence. It’s something that we do without even thinking about it, and yet it keeps us alive. Breathing is essential for our body to function properly, and it’s also an important part of our mental and emotional well-being.

So, without further ado, here are some puns about breathing that will leave you gasping for air pun intended.

Funny Puns About Breathing

1.  If life gives you lemons, just take a deep breath and exhale the sweet smell of success!

2.  Breath in, breathe out…there’s no other way to chillax!

3.  With each inhale and exhale, remember that it all starts with your breath!

4.   Breathe deep and count to manta ray!

5.  Sometimes breathing can be a real gas!

6.  Take more than one breath, it’s good for you oxygen dioxide.

7.  All the world’s lungstage for some fresh air.

8.  Everyone has their own unique breath print.

9.  When oxygen and carbon dioxide go out to the club, they always get a great reaction – Oxygen Dance Party!

10.  Don’t be sheepish about doing your breathing exercises – it will give you lambo lung-ability!

11.  When my brother forgets to wash his face, I like to tell him that he needs some o’Face time!

12.  If someone asks if you’ve been keeping busy, just reply “Sure – but not Breathy”.

13.  Being a deep-sea diver can be really pleasant… Until your breath gets too shallow and it starts getting fishy!

14.  That’s sarcasm, because I am already doing that involuntarily.”

15.  “The hairdresser whispered something about my breathing but I couldn’t hear – it was just too serious!”

16.  I take my breaths away!

17.  That cold was no match for my lungs-sporting prowess!

18.  Whatever the issue, don’t hold your breath waiting for a cure!

19.  I’m breathing easier since the pollen levels dropped off today!.

Funny Puns About Breathing

Clean Breathing Puns

Breathing is an essential part of life, but did you know it can also be the subject of some hilarious puns? Whether you’re a fan of wordplay or just looking for a laugh, these puns about breathing are sure to tickle your funny bone.

21.  An inhaler walks into a bar and says “Since when is this an oxygen free zone?”

22.  I just saw the best breath-taking show ever!

23.   Taking deep breaths really sets my soul at ease – it truly helps me to exhale all of life’s worries!

 24.  Sometimes, in order to make progress you have to take a step back and take a big breath of fresh air!

25.  This flu has got me runnin’ out of air!

26.  A respiratory infection is really just an ironic cough.

27.  I was told to take some breathing exercises – guess I’ll have to do them…in halations!

28.  My dream job would be ventilating puns all day long.

29.  If you stop holding your breath and start taking life one inspiration at a time, it can make the world of difference.

30.  My breathing is of a higher standard.

31.  Taking deep breaths – it’s in my genes!

32.  If your breath takes you to places, sip it and smile.

33.  My oxygen level just dropped to Ed Sheeran’s music.

34.  I have such bad allergies that my sneezes sound like wheezes.

35.  Giving up breathing isn’t an option; I’m a parishioner!

36.  Oxygen and I have an unsteady relationship- sometimes we don’t get along and it’s hard for me to breathe!

37.  Taking deep breaths is medicine for the soul- BE BRAVE AND EXHALE!

38.  Life can get stressful at times but all you need to do is BREATHE IN HAPPINESS AND EXHALE WORRY!

39.  Don’t worry if your lungs struggle with infiltrates; just make sure they inhale humor, exhale sadness).

40.  “If ya don’t breathe, you can bet your last dollar that ya won’t make a cent.”

41.  Be careful not to give oxygen to the cold shoulder – it won’t stand for it!

42.  It’s a gas, gas, gas – when you need to get more air in your lungs!

43.  That lung specialist sure knows how to make breathing treatments funny: He always makes his patients wheeze with laughter!

44.   Unless you’re a balloon, don’t be so quick to puff yourself up about your breath capacity–you still need oxygen!

Funny Breathing Jokes

45.  What did the oxygen say to its date?  “I find you quite breathtaking!”

46.  Taking a deep breath? Well, that’s Deficient!

47.  How do trees get around?  They take a leaf out of their books and just breathe deeply!

48.  Where does air go on vacation?  To cloud nine, where it can really breathe easy!

49.  Did you hear about the musician who was breath skilled? He could make wind instruments out of thin air!

50.  Succumbing to old age? No thanks, I’d rather not go gently into that good night breath.

51.  Keeping track of how much CO2 I’m emitting? I call that my Carbon Footprinting!

52.  Having a hard time taking deep breaths? Take some baaahhmones (hormones)!

53.  Did you hear about the respiratory system that held its own poetry slam? It was an asthma success!

54.  What do mice say when they take big breaths? Wheeze me up, Scotty!

55.  Breathing new life into things? That’s a breath of fresh air!

56.  Need more air? You must be feeling wheezie!

Funny Breathing Jokes

57.  Need some fresh air? Take the inhalator.

58.  What do you call it when air passes through your nose in an exaggerated way? Noseful!

59.  How about ‘My brother loves inventing new things–what does he make them out of? Pun-damental materials!’

60.  Taking a deep breath? That’s called inspiration!

61.  Have you heard the one about oxygen and potassium getting together? It was an atomic romance!

62.  What do ancient Greeks have to say about breathing? Just inhale and exhale: “A-CHOOme!”

Bad Breath Jokes

63.  Why did the dragon need breath mints?Because he had fire-breath!

64.  Why did the garlic go to the dentist?Because it had bad breath!

65.  Why did the dragon have bad breath? Because he was always fire-breathing!

66.  What did the garlic say to its friend with bad breath?”Today, we shall rise above this stench!”

67.  Why do witches have bad breath?Because they always forget to brush their cauldron!

68.  What do you call bad breath from the other side of town?Suburban halitosis!

69.  What did the bad breath call its parents? The smelly honkers!

70.  Why did the smelly dragon always lose at D&D?Because its breath weapon was halitosis!

71.  Why did the dragon have bad breath?Because he had fire in his mouth!

Bad Breath Jokes

72.  What do you call it when garlic has bad breath?Halitosis buster.

73.  Why don’t vampires have bad breath? Because they brush their fangs!

74.  What does a dragon have when it wakes up in the morning?Dragon breath!

75.  Why did the bad breath go to school for language classes?To learn about mint-expressions!

76.  What did the bad breath say when it sneezed?Pee-yew!

77.  What did the garlic say to the other vegetables at the party? I’m here with a breath that’s killer!

78.  Why did the dragon have bad breath?Because he slept near a knight’s armor all night!

79.  What did the breath say to the mind? “Stop holding your thoughts in!”

80.  What type of breath do trees have?Fresh air!

82.  What did the dragon say when it took a deep breath?I’m breathing fire!

Hilarious Breath Jokes

83.  What did the pirate say when he took a breath of fresh air? Ah-har!

84.  What did the grape do when it felt a sneeze coming on?He squeezed himself out of shape!

85.  What did the athlete say after a hard race?”Whew, I’m out of breath!”

86.  What did the fish say when it saw a submarine? “Gasp! Who turned out the lights?”

87.  What did the pirate say when he took a deep breath?Arrrggghhh, that was refreshing!

88.  What did the mountain say when it saw a substantial gust of wind? “Oh, what breath-taking!”

89.  What do you call a breather who always has something nice to say?A sweet talker.

90.  What do you call a deep breath under water? A submarine gasp!

91.  What did the tree say when it sneezed? Leave me alone!

92.  Why did the ghost not smell very good?  Because he didn’t have a nose breath!

93.  What did the breath say to the other?Take a deep one!

94.  Why don’t dragons breathe fire underwater?Because they can’t hold their breath!

95.  What did the tree say to autumn? Leave me alone!

96.  What did the mountain climber say when they ran out of oxygen? Whew, I’m at my wit’s end!

97.  What kind of breath does a volcano have? Lava-breath!

98.  Why did the dragon keep taking deep breaths?So he could fire his draconic puns!

99.  What did the oxygen molecule say to the carbon dioxide molecule?”I’ve got my breath on you!”

100.  What did the rancher say when he ran out of breath?”That’s  a deep subject!”

101.  What did the dragon say when he breathed out fire?Hot pocket!

102.  Why did the chicken take a deep breath?To get to the other side of the sniffles.

103.  What did the exhalations say when they passed each other?“Hey! Breathe you in a while?”

Short Puns About Breathing

Breathing is a fundamental part of our existence. It’s something we do without even thinking about it. But did you know that breathing can also be a source of hilarity?

That’s right! Puns about breathing can be just as funny as any other pun. So, sit back, take a deep breath, and get ready to laugh with us as we explore some of the best puns about breathing.

104.  “Respite from the day? Take a deep breath!”

105.  “My lungs are feeling so liberated today.”

106.  “Take two breaths and call me in the morning!”.

107.  “It’s always good to Oxymoron in fresh air”

108.  Don’t just take a breath – take a sigh of relief!

109.  When life knocks you down, hit back with three big breaths!

110.  Taking deep breaths is like pressing your mental refresh button.

111.  Every morning’s an opportunity to fill up on new oxygen and potential.

112.  If your breathing is a bit labored, you’ve got asthma-teria!

113.  Oh no, I think I’m having an asthma attack!

114.  Just keep taking deep breaths – that’s how to combat pneumonia!

115.  Don’t get too winded – it’ll passa gas soon enough!

116.  Singing shouldn’t be taken for granted, it’s so atmospheric.

117.  Need a quick pick me up? Take a deep breath of fresh air!

118.  Breathing has been trending on Twitter lately – guess AI is going maskless now too.

119.  Asthma inhalers are awesome when you need that extra gasp of freshness.

120.  Taking the breath challenge is an interesting way to explore different types of breathing techniques.

Short Puns About Breathing

121.  Breath hard and party longer – a motto for all who love to breathe!

122.  This breathing business is getting too deep – let’s take a break for some fresh air!

123.  Let it out and don’t hold yourself back, sometimes the best breathing puns are right under your nose!

124.  Don’t be so uptight when inhaling because breathin’ “easy” is key.

125.  Life can get strenuous but taking time to breathe will make you feel buoyant eee.

126.  I tried doing breathing exercises at the gym, but all they gave me was huff and puff syndrome.

127.  Stop holding your breath and waiting for something to develop, just go with the flow!

128.  When things get tough, it pays to take a few moments and inhale deeply before making any decisions.

129.  Breathe easy knowing that whatever storm you’re facing can be survived with patience and persistence!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, breathing is not only a fundamental part of our existence, but it’s also a source of humor and puns. These puns about breathing can make you laugh and appreciate this essential bodily function even more. So, take a deep breath and enjoy the puns!

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