100+ Hilarious Flower Dad Jokes

Flowers are a beautiful way to show someone you care. But what if you could also make them laugh? That’s where flower dad jokes come in! These hilarious puns and one-liners featuring flowers are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. From classic bouquet jokes to rose-related zingers, there’s something here for everyone. So read on for a bouquet of fun!

It’s no secret that dads love to crack a joke, and there’s something special about dad jokes that make them so lovable. But, who says dad jokes have to be just your typical puns? Here at Flower Dad Jokes, we’ve compiled a list of flower-related dad jokes that are sure to get a laugh!

For those of you who don’t know, a dad joke is a joke typically told by a father to his children, and often involves puns or silly wordplay. To put it simply, it’s a joke that could only come from a dad. So, without further ado, here are our top picks for flower dad jokes:

Flower Dad Jokes

1. What did the flower say to Dad when he was too tired to go for a walk?

 “Petal back!”

2. How do cats greet flower dads?

 With a purr-ents welcome.

3. What did the flower say when it saw its dad?

 “I petal to the metal!”

4. What did the iris say to its admirer?

 “I only have eyes for you!”

5. What did the flower say to its dad?

 Bloomin’ greetings!

6.  Did you hear about the blooming romance between two flowers on a date?

 It’s a unique budding relationship.

7. How is a flower similar to the letter “a”?

 Both attract bees.

8. What did the flower say when it saw dad?

 “Hello, pollen!”

9. What did the flower say when it got in trouble?

 I petal my eyes out!

10. What does a flower do when it sees its dad?

 It petals!

11. What did the flower say when it won a trophy?

 “I’m scorching!”

12. What did the flower dad say when his daughter brought home her new pet?

 “Oh no, not another dandelion!”

13. What did the flower say to the getaway driver during a bank robbery?

“Let’s Floret out of here!”

14. Why do scentless flowers confuse people?

 Because they don’t make any scents, making it hard to identify them.

15. Why do flower beds have mulch?

To conceal their underpants from the surface.

16. What happens when you combine a flower with a T-Rex?

 A squished flower.

17. When asked why he was having trouble tying his shoes, what did the forgetful flower say?

 “Sometimes, I forget-me-nots.”

Flower Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes About Flowers

Whether you’re a gardener, a floral enthusiast, or just looking for a few laughs, flower dad jokes are the perfect way to show your dad some love.

Whether you’re looking for a laugh or a way to show your dad some appreciation, these dad jokes about flowers are sure to bring a smile to his face.

18. What kind of flower grows on a wall?


19. What did the flower say when it got invited to a party?

 I’m blooming excited!

20. What did the flower say when it got in trouble?

 “I’m petal-ing out!”

21. What did the daisy say when it saw a bee?

 “Hey B! It’s pollen good to see you!”

22. What did the flower say to its dad?

 “Don’t be sappy!”

23. Why don’t flowers try to get ahead in life?

 Because they’d have too many thorns.

24. What did the flower say when he saw his dad?

“I’m petal-fied!”

25. What did the flower say when it saw a bee?

 “Ah, pollen!”

26. What did the flower say when it forgot its dad joke?

 “Petal no, where did my pun go?”

27. What do you call a dad who grows roses?

A stern-otarian!

28. What did the dad flower say to his son when he was mad?

 “Don’t get too heated! I’m sure it’ll blow over soon!”

29. What did the flower say when it got stepped on?

“Ouch! Petal that hurts!”

30. What did the flower say to its dad?

 “Do you have pollen?”

31. Why did the sunflower take a nap?

 Because it was started.

32.  What did the flower say when its dad said he was going to the store?

 “Flower power!”

34. Why did the sunflower go to the doctor?

Because it was feeling a little down in the petals.

Flower Jokes One Liner

Flower dad jokes are the perfect way to make your dad smile this Father’s Day! These jokes will bring a smile to his face and brighten his day.

Whether you’re looking for a pun, a one-liner, or a good old-fashioned dad joke, these flower dad jokes that are one-liners will bring your dad a much-needed laugh.

35. Have you heard of the love story between two flowers?

 It’s a budding romance.

36. Why did the flower apologize to the bee?

 He pollen for his mistake.

37. Do you know how flowers kiss?

 With tulips!

38. When offering a job, what does a flower say?

“Take it or leave it.”

39. Why did the flower join Tinder?

 He was looking for somebody to love.

40. What happened to the lazy flower that finally got its act together?

 It just needed a kick in the bud.

41. What does the youngest flower say?

 “Last but not least!”

42. Have you heard about the flower that never bloomed?

 It was a bad omen.

43. What does a flower therapist ask her patients?

 “Are you feeling bouquet?”

44. When the flower’s son went off to college, what did she say?

“I beleaf in you.”

45. Have you ever seen a flower speed away like a race car?

 They really know how to put the pedal to the metal.

46. The flower forgave her cheating husband, why?

Because she rose above the situation and chose to move on.

47. Want to encourage a flower to speed up while driving?

 Just say “Floret” and watch them zoom past you.

48. Flowers in college, what do they learn?

 They study the stem, the backbone of their existence.

49. Why didn’t the flower get a second chance at love?

 Because they were just another garden variety, nothing special.

50. How do flowers greet each other?

 With a simple “Hey bud, how’s it growing?”

51. What flower is on your face?

 Your lovely tulips, bring beauty to your appearance.

52. Which flower is perfect for a boy to present his mother on Mother’s Day?

Certainly, son-flowers!

Flower Jokes and Puns

It’s time to bring some smiles to the garden with these flower dad jokes! Whether your dad is a gardening expert or just loves to bring a smile to your face, these flower dad jokes are sure to make you both laugh.

53. Taking flowers without permission is a terrible offense. It’s unflo-werable.

54. The big flower greeted the little one, “Hey there, little bud.”

56. A collie-flower is the result of crossing a sheepdog and a rose.

57. The old rose made a living by going from house to house, selling her petals.

58.  I had to choose my top houseplant, but with three favorites in the room, I was in a real foliage dilemma.

59.  An inn operated by a flower and a chef is known as a bud and breakfast.

60.  On Halloween, a flower’s favorite game to play is Light as a heather, stiff as a board.

61. Hannah Lantana is Miley Cyrus’ alter ego in the flower world.

62.  A gardener’s go-to pick-up line is, “You’re simply iris-istible.”

63.  Bakers usually have flour gardens in their backyards.

64.  The tiger lily is the fiercest flower in the garden.

65. The daffo-dill is the favorite flower of pickles.

66. The bee-gonia is the favorite flower of a bumblebee.

67.  I never cared much for flowers, but after planting a few seeds, they grew on me.

68.  I was going to arrange my fresh flowers, but I realized I needed to prioritize my tasks.

69.  On Valentine’s Day, she received a bouquet of flowers without their heads.

70.  She thinks she might be stalked by someone.

71.  A man got kicked out of his home by his wife when he gave her the wrong flower as her favorite.

72. He said her favorite flower was “Gold Medal All Purpose.”

73.  The sunflower bride whispered to her groom on their special day, “My love for you grows like a flower, every petal revealing my affection.”

74.  When the flower expressed his dislike for being a flower, his best friend retorted, “Don’t be so daisy-chained, being a flower is a beautiful thing.”

75.  As the flower headed off for vacation, inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, she exclaimed, “I’ll be back, but for now, hasta la vista, baby!”

Unique Flower Dad Jokes

Ah, flower dad jokes. Is there anything better to brighten up the mood with a little lighthearted humor?

Whether you’re in the middle of a tough day at work, or just enjoying a sunny afternoon with your family, a few flower dad jokes can be just the thing to lighten the mood. So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite flower dad jokes:

76. How do sunflowers make a living?

They bask in the sun’s rays.

77. What do you get if you cross a daisy with a poodle?

 A poo-sey.

78. What kind of flower is always asking questions?

  A curious bloom.

79. What do you call a vampire with a pollen allergy?

 Count Sneeze-ula.

80. What do you say to a flower to encourage it?

  “Bloom, baby, bloom!”

81. What do you get if you cross a gorilla with a dandelion?

  A primate puffball.

82. What’s a forgetful pirate’s favorite flower?

  I don’t remember.

83. What do you get when you mix a bicycle and a lily?

 Petal power.

84. Did you hear about the country where everyone drives pink cars?

  It’s a rose-tinted nation.

85. What did the bee say to the sunflower?

  “Hey there, cutie-pollen.”

86. What did the flower say after telling a joke?

 “I was just stumming you.”

87. What do you call a flower that emits light in the dark?

 A glowing blossom.

88. What’s a French chef’s favorite flower?


89. What did the flower say to the bee that was buzzing around its petals?

 “I’m glad you’re not pollinating my leg!”

90. Why did the flower take a break from dating?

  It needed to work on itself-stem.

91. What did the flower say when it saw its reflection in the mirror?

  “I’m looking quite bouquet today!”

92. How did the flower propose to its partner?

 With a ring of daisies, of course!

93. Why don’t flowers like to share secrets?

 Because they’re always Lily-lipped!

94. How did the flower impress its dad?

  With a bouquet of humour!

95. Why did the sunflower need to see a doctor?

 Because it was feeling “Swedish”!

96. Why do daisies smell so sweet?

 So their fathers can have something to pick on Mother’s Day!

97. Why did the flower give her dad a necklace as a gift?

 Because he had pollen on his oats!

Short Flower Jokes

98.Why did the flower bring a suitcase to the garden? Because it wanted to pack up and “petal”!

99.What’s a flower’s favorite game? “Tulip” and seek!

100.How do flowers stay friends? They “rose” to the occasion!

101.Why did the sunflower bring sunglasses to the garden? To protect its “seeds” from the bright sun!

Short Flower Jokes

102.What’s a flower’s favorite kind of music? “Petal” rock, of course!

103.How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little “boogie” in it, just like flowers!

104.What did one flower say to the other? “Hi, bud!”

Hilarious Flower Dad Jokes Clean

105.Why did the flower start a band? Because it had all the right “petals”!

106.Did you hear about the flower who got in trouble at school? It was caught “tulip” talking!

107.Why do flowers always drive so fast? Because they put the “petal” to the metal!

108.What do you call a flower that can play the guitar? A “rock-rose” musician!

109.Why was the flower always in trouble? It had a bad “bud”itude!

110.What did one flower say to the other during a romantic dinner? “I’m ‘lily’ impressed by your ‘blossoming’ personality!”

111.How do you know when a flower is feeling down? It starts to “wilt” under the pressure!

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Flower dad jokes are a great way to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces and make them laugh. Whether you’re a parent looking for a good joke to share with your children or a friend looking for a funny way to lighten the atmosphere, flower dad jokes are sure to do the trick. So next time you’re looking for a good laugh, don’t forget to check out some of the above given flower dad jokes!

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