70+ Funny Halloween Cat Jokes 2023

Get into the Halloween spirit with this ultimate collection of black cat jokes. From puns to riddles, these jokes are sure to entertain kids and cat enthusiasts for the Happy Halloween!

Get your claws into some spooky fun with Halloween Cat Jokes! These funny and hilarious puns will have you howling with laughter this Halloween season.

Hilarious Halloween Cat Jokes

Looking for a good laugh this Halloween? Check out these funny black cat jokes that will have you howling with laughter. Great for sharing with kids and friends!

1. What do you get when you mix a cunning black kitten with a vampire stake?  A feline night-stalker!

2.  Why was the black cat unable to attend the fancy party?  Her fur was at the spa, getting pampered!

3.  What do you call a mysterious black cat performing tricks on Halloween?  A bewitching fur-tunist!

4.  How do you identify a black cat ready to pounce?  It exudes a purr-fectly predatory vibe!

5.  Why did the black cats decide to sell their homes?  They were looking for a perfect new neighborhood!

6.  Have you ever spotted a catfish?  No, I think it prefers to swim incognito.

7.  How do you make a black cat dizzy?  Give it a consistent spin!

8.  What game does the black cat enjoy playing with the mouse?  A thrilling round of “Catch me if you can!”

9.  What is a black cat’s favorite dessert?  A delectable dish of mice pudding!

How do you mail a black cat?   You use fur-tastic fur-class mail!

10.  If there were ten black cats in a haunted house, and one jumped out, how many would remain?  None! They all have the same escape plan!

11.  How do you groom a black cat?  With perfect precision using a catacomb!

12.  Why did the judge dismiss the jury composed of black cats?  They were all guilty of perjury!

13.  Why did the black cat run from the tree?  I was terrified of the barking!

13.  How do black cats resolve conflicts?  They hiss and make amends!

14.  Did you hear about the cat who drank 13 bowls of water?  He set a new lap record!

15.  What kind of car does a fat black cat drive?  A luxurious Cadillac!

16.  What is the cat’s favorite magazine?  Good Mousekeeping, of course!

Best Halloween Kitty Jokes

Get ready for some Halloween fun with these hilarious black cat jokes that will make you purr with laughter. Perfect for kids and cat lovers!

17.  Why did the black cat become a chef?  To whip up purr-fectly delicious meals!

18.  What did the black cat say when asked about its secret talent?   “I’m a purr-suasion expert!”

19.  How did the black cat improve its math skills?  It used cat-curators!

20.  What’s the black cat’s favorite game at Halloween parties?  Whisker twister!

21.  Why did the black cat take up meditation?  To achieve perfect inner peace!

22.  How do black cats stay in shape?  They do pawsome exercises – like the cat-stand!

23.  What did the black cat wish for on its birthday?  To have nine lives filled with adventure!

Best Halloween Kitty Jokes

24.  Why did the black cat get a job at the bakery?  To put the “meow” in “meow-sician”!

25.  How did the black cat get over its fear of water?   It realized it had a purr-fectly natural ability to swim!

26.  Why did the black cat open a dance studio?  To teach the purr-fect moves – the “purr-itto” and “feline swing”!

27.  What did the baby black cat aspire to become?  A fierce and mighty puma!

28.  What is a black cat’s favorite subject in school?  Paws-itively fascinating HISStory!

29.  Where is one place your black cat can sit, but you can’t?  Your lap, of course!

30.  How many cats can you put into a haunted house?  Just one, after that, it’s not haunted anymore!

31.  Is it bad luck if a black cat follows you?  It depends on whether you’re a man or a mouse

Funny Halloween Cat Jokes

32.  If stars twinkle at night, what do flowers do during the day?  They bloom with beauty.

33.  Why do bicycles prefer to ride on smooth roads?  Because it’s a smoother ride.

34.  How do birds navigate while flying in flocks?  They follow their instincts and the lead bird.

35.  What do trees do when they’re feeling stressed?  They shed their leaves to lighten the load.

36.  Why do butterflies love flowers so much?  Because they find nectar-like treasure within them.

37.  What’s your favorite game of lightning during a storm?  A game dof hide-and-strike.

38.  How do clouds stay in shape?  They do cloud yoga to maintain their fluffy form.

39.  What do raindrops like to do on weekends?  They enjoy a splashdown party on rooftops.

40.  Why did the moon become friends with the night sky?  Because they shared the same love for stargazing.

41.  How do rivers feel when they reach the ocean?  Relieved to finally reach their destination.

42.  Why did the book enjoy hanging out with the library?  Because they loved being surrounded by knowledge.

43.  What do shoes dream about at night?  Going on adventures with their owners.

44.  How do pencils communicate with each other?  They leave written messages on paper.

45.  Why did the compass become best friends with the map?  Because they always knew where they were heading together.

Funny Halloween Cat Jokes

46.  What do clouds discuss during their meetings?  The art of creating unique shapes.

47.  How do waves greet each other in the ocean?  With a cheerful splash and a friendly hello.

48.  Why did the clock always feel sleepy at work?  Because it had too many hands to watch over.

49.  What’s the favorite game of the sun during summertime?  Sun-dodgeball with the clouds.

50.  What do stars do when they gather in the night sky?  They have a twinkling party to light up the darkness.

51.  How do mountains stay grounded and strong?  They draw strength from the earth beneath them.

52.  Why did the river enjoy winding through the forest?  It loved the company of the trees.

53.  What do lakes do when they want to relax?  They have a calm reflection time.

54. How do leaves prepare for autumn?  They change their colors like artists preparing for an exhibition.

Clean Halloween Cat Jokes

55. Why don’t cats like online shopping? Because they prefer a “purchase” they can bat around!

56. What do you call a cat dressed up as a vampire? Count Whiskula!

57. Why don’t cats use cell phones? They already have nine lives!

58. How do you know if a cat is having a great time at a Halloween party? They’re feline good!

59. What do you get when you cross a black cat and a lemon? A sourpuss!

60. Why did the cat wear a fancy costume to the ball? Because they wanted to be the cat’s meow!

61. What did the cat say when they saw a ghost on Halloween? “Meow-some costume!”

Clean Halloween Cat Jokes

Ghost Cat Puns

62. “Why did the ghost cat refuse to play hide and seek? Because it was always transparent!”

63. “When a cat crosses over to the afterlife, it becomes a ‘purr-anormal’ activity!”

64. “Ghost cats don’t need litter boxes – they have ‘boo-rooms’!”

65. “What do you call a group of ghost cats having a meeting? A ‘phantom-fur’ committee!”

66. “Did you hear about the ghost cat’s favorite TV show? It’s ‘Whisker Peaks’!”

67. “Why do ghost cats make terrible poker players? Because they always give away their ‘tells’!”

68. “When you feel a sudden cold spot and hear eerie meows, you know you’re in the presence of ‘meow-sterious’ ghostly felines!”

Cat Jokes For Adults

69. Trick or treat your funny bone to a frightfully good time with Halloween Cat Jokes. Share these funny puns at parties or around the pumpkin patch!

70. Why was the cat sitting on the computer? Because it wanted to keep an eye on the mouse!

71. What do you call a group of musical cats? A “meow-sical” ensemble!

72. What’s a cat’s favorite type of music? Heavy metal, because it’s all about the purr-cussion!

73. What’s a cat’s favorite Shakespeare play? “Romeow and Juliet”!

74. Why did the cat bring a ladder to the bar? I heard the drinks were in the house!

75. What do you call a cat who can sing and dance? A “purr-former”!

76. Why did the cat go to therapy? Because it had too many “purr-sonal” issues!

Some Final Talk

Feel free to share these funny Halloween cat jokes and puns with your loved ones and make this spooky season even more enjoyable with some laughter.

Whether you’re trick-or-treating or hosting a Halloween party, these jokes are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face even the ones who claim they don’t like cats!

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