90+ Hilarious Big Feet Jokes

Are you tired of being teased about your big feet? Check out our collection of some Big Feet Jokes that are sure to make you laugh and turn the tables on the teasing.

Big feet can be a source of humor, frustration, or embarrassment for some people. If you’ve ever dealt with teasing or awkward shoe-shopping trips, you’ll appreciate these big-feet jokes. We’ve compiled some jokes and one-liners that are sure to make you laugh.

Big Feet Jokes

1. Why did the Sasquatch wear big shoes?

 Because he had big feet-stomping to do!

2.  What did the bigfoot say when he stubbed his toe?


3.  What do you call a bigfoot with a great sense of humor?


4.  What do you call a big foot that works as a model?


5.  Why did the bigfoot refuse to go on a date?

 He was afraid of being rejected for his big feet!

6.  How do you know if a bigfoot is a good dancer?

 You can feel the earth move under your feet!

7.  What did Bigfoot say to the shoe salesman?

 “I need something in a size-FOOT!”

8.  Why did Bigfoot go to the doctor?

He had an athlete’s paw!

9.  Why don’t big feet like to swim in the ocean?

They don’t want to get mistaken for a giant squid!

10.  Why did Bigfoot refuse to play basketball?

Because he couldn’t find shoes that fit!

11.  What do you call a Bigfoot with small feet?

An imposter!

12.  Why did Bigfoot go on a diet?

He wanted to shed some soul!

13.  What do Bigfoot and Sasquatch wear on their feet in the winter?

Hiber-nation boots!

14.  How do you know if a Bigfoot has been in your garden?

Your pumpkin has footprints in it!

15.  What do you call a Bigfoot who’s always on time?

 A punctual-ped!

16.  What do you get when you cross a Bigfoot with a clown?

Bigfoot the Jester!

17.  Why did Bigfoot join a gym?

He wanted to work on his calves!

18.  What do you call a Bigfoot who loves to dance?

 Sasquatch and roll!

19.  How does Bigfoot stay warm in the winter?

With a big fur coat and some big boots!

20.  Why do Bigfoot and the Yeti never hang out?

They are rivals, with arch-nemesis status.

21.  What did Bigfoot tell his coach after scoring the winning field goal?

 I knew I could toe-tally do it.

22.  Who is Bigfoot’s favorite character in movies?

Two-mater from the “Cars” franchise.

23.  How does Bigfoot captured memories?

 With a pho-toe camera.

24.  Why do ducks have flat feet?

 So that they can extinguish flaming ducks.

25.  Why are rulers always one foot tall?

Because they are monarchs.

26.  Which chips are most preferred by feet?


27.  In the middle of the street, if you hurt your feet, what do you require?

 A toe truck.

28.  When it snows heavily, what do toes do?

They go toe-bogganing.

29.  Did you hear about the podiatrist who always had cold feet?

He invested in some sole heaters.

30.  What did one foot say to the other after a long day of standing?

 “We really nailed it today!”

31.  How do you know if a joke is corny?

When it’s about corn on your toes.

32.  What do you call a fish with no eyes and no feet?


33.  Why did the marathon runner start running backwards?

 He wanted to put his best foot forward.

34.  How do you make a tissue dance?

Put a little boogie in its socks.

35.  What do you call a foot with two toes?

A twinkle toe.

36.  Why don’t ghosts wear shoes?

Because they have boo-ts.

Big Feet Jokes One Liners

37.  She was swept off her feet by me.

38.  One of my acquaintances is renowned for charming the ladies.

39.  In case you find yourself in a sword battle, aim for their feet to disable them.

40.  That way, you will “defeat” them.

41.  My grandfather had a disdain for individuals with deformed toes.

42.  He was intolerant of “lack of toes.”

43.  I had to end things with my partner after he lost his toes in an accident.

44.  As a “lack-toes” intolerant person, it was necessary.

45.  He is an incredibly assertive custodian.

46.  Alligators can attain a length of 15 feet.

47.  However, most of them have only four.

48.  If you injure your feet, they will heal naturally.

49.  When my mother requested a dress change, I had to firmly refuse.

50.  A company initiated by a foot is referred to as a sole enterprise.

51.  A foot that consistently loses can be called “defeeted.”

52.  A man strolls into a tavern and requests a cold brew.

53.  I refuse to allow anyone to trample through my mind with their filthy soles.

54.  Your feet will lead you to the place where your heart resides.

55.  Cinderella serves as evidence that a fresh set of shoes can transform your life.

56.  Feet have the responsibility of walking, but they delight in dancing.

57.  Numerous shoes to choose from, yet only a pair of feet to wear them.

58.  It’s preferable to stumble with your feet than with your words.

59.  I watched a movie all about Bigfoot. It was a real feat of entertainment.

60.  It’s a significant challenge to make shoes for Bigfoot…

61.  After Sasquatch injured his foot, we were worried because it takes a long time for it to HEAL.

62.  Bigfoot is frequently mistaken for the Abominable Snowman, while the Yeti doesn’t seem to have this problem.

63.  I can’t help but compare Bigfoot to the Abominable Snowman, much to my friends’ annoyance. Yet, I persist.

64.  Bigfoot’s parents had to deal with his tantrum and backtalk. It’s no surprise that he’s nicknamed the SASS-quatch.

65.  According to legend, Bigfoot can grow up to 15 feet tall, but in reality, they usually only have two feet.

"Big-Feet -Jokes -One Liners"

Funny Big Feet Jokes

66.  Why did the big-footed guy refuse to play soccer?

He was afraid of kicking the ball into orbit.

67.  Did you hear about the guy with big feet who joined a circus?

He didn’t need stilts to walk on stilts.

68.  Who were two philosophers that Bigfoot admired?

Play-TOE and SOCK-rates were some of his favorites.

69.  How do you know if someone has big feet?

 Just wait until they put on flippers and try to walk.

70.  What do you call a group of people with big feet?

A clown convention.

71.  Why did Bigfoot go to the doctor?

Because he had a terrible case of athlete’s foot.

72.  Why don’t Bigfoots play basketball?

They can’t fit their feet into the hoop.

73.  What did the Bigfoot say when he went to the shoe store?

 “Do you have anything the size of a Sasquatch?”

74.  Why did Bigfoot cross the road?

To get to the other side… with bigger shoes.

75.  What caused a hole in Bigfoot’s sock?

 How else could he get his foot into it?

76.  Why does Bigfoot keep checking his mailbox for payments?

 He expects to receive royalties from Lucas Films for using his likeness as Chewbacca.

77.  Why did Bigfoot put bread slices around his foot?

 To see what a sandwich below the knee would look like.

78.  What did Bigfoot say to the foot doctor?

“I need a bigger shoe size, not a bigger foot!”

79.  Why did Bigfoot wear a turtleneck sweater?

To hide his long neck from people who were already staring at his big feet.

80.  What is Bigfoot’s favorite breakfast?

 He loves to have Buttered TOE-st.

81.  What dessert is beloved by Italian feet?


82.  What does a foot say to its loving counterpart?

We’re perfect sole mates.

83.  How do feet introduce themselves?

 “Nice to meet you, toe-tally!”

84.  Why do podiatrists’ kids follow in their footsteps?

 They inherit their father’s profession.

85.  Why don’t cows have feet?

They lac-toes (lack toes).

86.  How does a podiatrist bill their clients?

By the number of feet.

87.  What do you call a prehistoric reptile with smelly feet?

An ex-stinked dinosaur.

88.  Why did the giant have small feet?

Because he was born before the invention of Big Foot shoes!

89.  Why did the athlete with big feet keep losing races?

 Because he was always putting his best foot backward!

90.  What do you call a person with big feet who is always walking?

A sole survivor!

91.  Why do people with big feet make bad basketball players?

Because they keep tripping over their own feet!

92.  What do you call a clown with big feet?

A happy-go-lucky stomp-o-rama!

93.  How do you know if someone has big feet?

 Just wait for them to step on your toes!

94.  Why do people with big feet always have to buy larger shoes?

 So they can keep their toes from suffocating!

95.  Why did the elephant have such big feet?

So he could stomp out all his problems!

Big Feet Big Shoes Jokes

96.  Why did the person with big feet wear clown shoes to work?

 Because they needed some extra soles!

97.  Why did the basketball player wear big shoes?

Because he wanted to have a bigger footprint on the court!

98.  Why did the duck buy big shoes?

Because he wanted to make sure he had webbed feet that fit comfortably!

99.  Why do people with big feet make great detectives?

Because they always have big shoes to fill!

100.  Why did the bigfoot wear big shoes?

 To keep his toes warm when he’s walking through the forest!

101.  What is Bigfoot’s preferred mint candy?

Men-TOES are his favorite.

102.  How do you know if Bigfoot has been in your garden?

You’ll find some very big footprints – and a missing pair of shoes!

103.  Why did the giant wear such large shoes?

Because he didn’t want anyone to say he had small feats!

104.  Why do people with big feet make good detectives?

Because they always have a good lead!

105.  How do you make a small shoe fit a bigfoot?

You give it a big sole!

106.  Why did the basketball player wear such big shoes?

Because he had big feet!

107.  What do you call a shoe that’s too big for its feet?

A big mistake!

108.  How do you know if Bigfoot is good at basketball?

He has a huge shoe size!

109.  Why did the Sasquatch buy big shoes?

Because he had big feet and didn’t want to be caught barefoot!

110.  Did you hear about the clown with big feet?

He had to wear big shoes, but it was no joke!

111.  What do you call a person with big feet who runs fast?

 A sole survivor!

112.  Why do people with big feet make good detectives?

Because they always have a lead!

113.  What do you call a giant with big feet?

A foot stomper!

114.  Why did Bigfoot refuse to wear shoes?

He wanted to keep his soul!

115.  What do you call a person with big feet who goes to the beach?

 A sandal-ista!

116.  Why did the basketball player with big feet have trouble dribbling?

He kept stepping on the ball!

117.  Why can’t cows with missing toes tolerate it?

Lack-toes intolerant.

118.  When a foot passes away, what do you wish for?

 “May their souls rest in peace!”

119.  What do you nickname a man who has been stung on his foot by a bee?


120.  What is it about ballet classes that feet enjoy?

It keeps them on their toes.

121.  What is the footwear of choice for frogs?

Open toed sandals.

122.  Which chocolate is a favorite of feet?


123.  At the end of the day, what do toes say to each other?

“See you toe-morrow!”

124.  What beverage did the Abominable Snowman offer to Bigfoot during his visit?

Bigfoot was served a unique cup of Yeh-tea by the Snowman.

125.  How did Bigfoot excel at interpreting map symbols?

Bigfoot was a legend, which made him exceptionally good at reading map symbols.

126.  Can you spell the word Sasquatch backward?

 If you spell Sasquatch backward, it becomes “ti.”

127.  Why was Bigfoot’s teacher perplexed by his work?

 Bigfoot’s teacher was bewildered because he kept making Wookie mistakes.

''Big Feet-Big Shoes -Jokes''

Final Thoughts

There’s a fine line between funny and hurtful. If someone is making fun of your big feet in a way that’s mean-spirited or hurtful, that’s not okay. But if someone is making a joke in a lighthearted way, it can be a way of bonding and connecting with others. It’s important to know the difference.

big feet jokes may be silly, but they’re also a way of celebrating our differences. They’re a reminder that we all have unique physical characteristics, and that’s what makes us interesting.

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