85+ Alien Dad Jokes To Make You Laugh

Get a giggle out of your little aliens with these funny and clever alien dad jokes. From strange intergalactic puns to goofy one-liners, these jokes are sure to bring a smile to any extraterrestrial!

It’s no secret that alien dads have a reputation for being a bit more jovial and lighthearted than their human counterparts. That’s why it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that they also enjoy telling dad jokes!

Alien dads may not have the same understanding of human culture or humor as their human counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate a good dad joke. In fact, because of their unique perspectives, alien dads can come up with jokes that are truly out of this world! Let’s take a look at some of the best alien dad jokes out there.

Funny Jokes About Aliens

1.  What is an extraterrestrial’s favorite hot beverage?


2.  Why don’t aliens consume clowns?

Because they have a peculiar taste.

3.  Which musician do aliens adore?

Bruno Mars, hands down.

4.  What did the xenophobic person say when they spotted an alien spacecraft?

“You’re a F.O.!”

5.  What did the alien say to the feline?

“Lead me to your litter.”

6.  Where do extraterrestrials prefer to hang out?

 The space bar, of course.

7.  How much does it cost an alien to buy the moon?

Only a dollar, made up of four quarters.

8.  What is an alien’s go-to drink at the bar?

A satellite beer.

9.  Where do visiting aliens go for a haircut?

 Hairea 51, the most popular spot in town.

10.  What did the Galaga aliens and WWII Navy officers share?

They both came in waves.

11.  Which tennis player is actually an alien from space?

Venus Williams, according to some rumors.

12.  Why haven’t we made contact with extraterrestrial life yet?

Perhaps they are searching for intelligent beings, too.

13.  How do aliens plan a celebration?

The planet, of course!

14.  What did E.T.’s mother ask when he returned home?

“Where in the world have you been?”

15.  Why don’t aliens frequent the restaurant in space?

 It lacks atmosphere.

16.  How do aliens take measurements?

They use meteor sticks, of course.

17.  Why did Mickey Mouse require the assistance of an alien?

He was attempting to locate Pluto.

18.  Why was the extraterrestrial reading a book on anti-gravity?

They simply couldn’t put it down!

19.  Did you hear the one about Chuck Norris being abducted by aliens?

The extraterrestrials vanished without a trace.

20.  Where should a 500-pound alien go?

On a diet, perhaps?

Funny Jokes About Aliens

Best Alien Dad Jokes

No Dad joke list would be complete without some zingers about outer space and aliens. Here are some of our favorite alien Dad jokes to share with your extraterrestrial friends:

21.  Where do alien mothers send their offspring to obtain a brighter future?

To the sun.

22.  What do you call an ill Martian bird?

An ill eagle alien, naturally.

23.  What might you call a TV program in which undocumented immigrants hunt sex offenders for the chance at citizenship?

“Alien vs Predator,” naturally!

24.  What genre of literature do aliens enjoy the most?

 Books about comets, of course.

25.  What do aliens use to cut the grass?

A spaceship lawn mower.

26.  What did one alien say to the other while they were flying in their spaceship?

 Take me to your litter box!

27.   What did the alien say when he saw a UFO?

 “Shoot, there goes my ride.”

28.   What do aliens like most about BBQ?

 Saucers in the sky.

29.  What did one alien say to the other when he saw a UFO?

“Take me to your litter!”

30.  What does an alien use to cut his pizza?

 A ufo slicer!

31.  Why did the alien dad always take long walks?

 He wanted to explore this planet we call Earth.

32.  What do aliens call human dads?


33.   What do aliens order at a fast food restaurant?

 A burger of the ab-dude-acne!

34.   What do aliens call their dads?


35.  What do aliens typically eat on Father’s Day?

 Out of this world BBQ.

36.  What do you call an alien daddy that always tells the best jokes?

 A dadab-OOM!

37.  What did the alien say when his spaceship finally landed on Earth?

“Home at last!”

38.  What did the alien say to his dad after getting a poor grade on an exam?

 “Take me to your grader!”

39.  What did the alien say when his ship ran out of fuel?

Oh no, I’m stuck in interstellar traffic!

40.  What did the alien say when he looked into a telescope?

“Take me out of this universe!”

41.   What do you call an alien dad who’s really good at fixing things?

A Space Wrench!

42.   What did one alien say to the other?

UFO you later!

43.  What did the alien say when he found out earthlings eat cows?

 “Moo-st be kidding me!”

44.  What did one alien say to the other when they bumped into each other?


45.  What did the alien say when it saw a flying saucer?

Wow, look at that UFO!

Jokes About Aliens

It’s no secret that dads can be a bit corny when it comes to telling jokes. But what if those dad jokes were out of this world? We’ve compiled a list of alien dad jokes that are sure to get a chuckle out of your alien friends.

46.   What kind of coffee did the extraterrestrial mother enjoy on Mother’s Day?

A Starbucks blend.

47.   What might you hear at an opera dedicated to space creatures?

A rendition from Area 51.

48.  What term describes an alien with three eyes?

 A tri-eyed being, or a trillion.

49.  Why do some extraterrestrials struggle to get along with their own kind?

 Their moods can be as unpredictable as mercury.

50.  What makes aliens envious of the sun?

 Its scorching million-degree temperature.

51.  What is the name for an overweight E.T.?

 A chubby extraterrestrial or a portly alien.

52.  Why did the space creatures require housekeepers on their spacecraft?

 To tidy up the cosmic debris.

53.  What chocolate treat is preferred by aliens?

The Mars bar, hands down.

54.  What do you call an extraterrestrial shopper?

A Wal-Martian, naturally.

55.  Why are cows prime targets for alien abductions?

They can jump over the moon.

56.  What do the Jolly Green Giant and aliens have in common?

 Both come in peace.

57.  What is Donald Trump’s proposed solution for extraterrestrials?

 A roof over their heads.

58.  What do aliens spread on their toast?

Cosmic jelly or space preserves.

59.  What social media platform do aliens favor?

Space-book, of course.

60.  What do alien dogs say when they land on a new planet?

“Introduce me to your litter.”

61.  Where does an extraterrestrial set his teacup?

 On a flying saucer, naturally.

62.  What is the term for an alien that won’t leave you alone?

A clingy alien or a persistent space invader.

63.  Why is it challenging to maintain a healthy relationship with an alien?

Because they always need their personal space.

64.  How does an alien get in touch with Saturn?

 By giving the planet a ring.

65.  Why have extraterrestrials not visited Earth?

It only has a one-star rating.

American Dad Alien Jokes Celebrity

If you’re looking to entertain your family and friends (or even yourself), alien dad jokes are the way to go. After all, who doesn’t love a good laugh? So, what are some of the best alien dad jokes? Well, here are a few of our favorites:

66.  What do you call an alien who’s a famous celebrity?

The Unidentified Flying Icon!

67.  What do you call an alien who has a famous family?

 A celebrity from outer space!

68.  What did the Alien say when he met a celebrity?

 “Take me to your leader!”

69.  What did the alien say when he was asked to leave an American Dad fan event?

 “Take me to your leader…of this house!”

70.  What did the alien say when it heard celebrity gossip?

 “That’s out of this world!”

71.  How do you capture an alien celebrity?

 With a UFO-photo!

72.  What did the alien say when he found out he was adopted by an American family?

“That’s Out of This World!”

73.  What do you call an alien that crashes a party?

A late-comer!

74.   What do you call an alien celebrity from the 90s?

The Macaulay Culkin E.T.n

75.  What did the alien say when he saw Jimmy Kimmel?

 “Kimmel-O, mama! That guy’s serious science fiction.”

76.  What do you call an alien’s celebrity crush?

 A space fan-demonium!

77.  Can a celebrity be an alien?

Absolutely! Just look at the character Roger from American Dad.

78.  What do you call an alien who does impressions of celebrities?

A George Clooneythopter!

79.  What do you call an alien who malforms his face-hugger disguise to look like a famous celebrity?

 An Impostor Abduction.

80.  What does an alien from another galaxy call steak?

 Interstellar Medium Rare.

81.  Why don’t aliens watch American Dad?

 Because they find the jokes too out of this world.

82.  What did the alien say when he stepped onto the White House lawn?

“Take me to your leader!”

83.  What do you call an alien from outer space with celebrity status?

A Hollywood starman!

84.  What’s the difference between a Hollywood star and an alien from American Dad?

A Hollywood star is famous for their fame, while an alien from American Dad is famous for being out of this world!

85.  Why did the alien try to crash land on Terrance and Phillip’s house?

He heard they were searching for a new special guest star!

86.  What do you call an alien who loves French food?


Why Did the Alien Cross the Road

87.Why did the alien cross the road? To get to the Milky Way, of course!

88.Why did the alien cross the road? Because it wanted to abduct some chicken for its otherworldly chicken soup recipe.

89.Why did the alien cross the road? To prove it was more adventurous than E.T.

90.Why did the alien cross the road? To meet up with its UFO ride on the other side.

Why Did the Alien Cross the Road

91.Why did the alien cross the road? Because it heard the other side had better Wi-Fi signal.

92.Why did the alien cross the road? It was the quickest way to escape Area 51!

93.Why did the alien cross the road? To get to the intergalactic space disco on the other side, where the cosmic beats are out of this world!

Funny Alien Sayings

94.”In space, no one can hear you order takeout.”

95.”I come in peace, but I also brought snacks from another galaxy.”

96.”Don’t judge an alien by its antennae.”

97.”When in doubt, just probe further.”

98.”Why do aliens love Earth so much? Because it’s the only planet with chocolate!”

99.”The universe is vast and mysterious, but my Wi-Fi still sucks.”

100.”If you think human politics are strange, you should see our Intergalactic Council meetings!”

Funny Alien Quotes

101.”Take me to your leader, or at least to the nearest coffee shop. I’ve traveled millions of light-years, and I need a good cappuccino!”

102.”Aliens don’t play hide and seek – they play ‘hide and zap you with a ray gun.'”

103.”I asked the alien, ‘How do you communicate with your home planet?’ It replied, ‘We use extraterminal messaging.'”

104.”Aliens enjoy Earth’s reality TV shows, but they think it’s all just one big ‘planetary’ drama.”

105.”Aliens have a unique sense of humor. They find crop circles hilarious because they’re just ‘wheat’ art to them!”

106.”Why did the alien apply for a job at NASA? Because it wanted to find a ‘space’-tacular career!”

106.”If aliens landed in New York City, they’d probably complain about the interstellar traffic jams!”

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Final Thoughts

We hope these alien dad jokes have given you a few chuckles. Whether you’re an alien or a human, these jokes are sure to bring a smile to your face. So the next time you have a few spare moments, why not share a few of these alien dad jokes with your family and friends? We guarantee they’ll be out of this world!

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