100+ Funny Big Ear Jokes

Get ready to laugh with these hilarious big ear jokes! From puns to one-liners, you’ll find plenty of humor about those famously large ears. Read on and enjoy the laughs!

Laughing Out Loud with the Sound of Your Ears We all have our quirks and unique physical features that make us who we are. Some people have big noses, while others have freckled faces.

But what about those who have big ears? Well, they often become the subject of jokes and teasing. But instead of being embarrassed, why not embrace it and laugh along with some big ear jokes? Here are some hilarious big ear jokes that will have you laughing out loud:

Big Ear Jokes Funny

1. What is a gray animal with a long trunk and large ears called?

An elephant.

2.  Why do elephants have such large ears?

To help regulate their body temperature and enhance their hearing.

3.  What is a furry creature with big ears that provides network connectivity to children on a particular Sunday in April?

There is no such creature, this is a made-up concept.

4.  What did the man with prominent ears say when his boss asked to speak with him?

Sure, I’m ready to listen.

5.  What animal brings Easter treats and hops with a “Hippity-THUD, hippity-THUD, hippity-THUD” sound?

There is no such animal, this is a made-up concept.

6.  Excuse me, could you look up and to the left a bit?

 I need a better cell signal here.

7.  Did Dr. Frankenstein attach the Mr. Potato Head ears to you without your consent?

That is a fictional scenario, it did not happen.

8.  What were the vegan sorceresses’ magical ingredients?

Kernel of maize and spud eyeballs.

9.  On what occasion does corn celebrate and indulge in alcohol?

 New Year’s Ear.

10.  Why did the keyboardist repeatedly hit his head on the keys?

He was playing by ear.

11.  What would you call beneficial guidance from a hearing specialist?

Advice that resonates.

12.  If Vincent Van Gogh and George Thorogood were merged, what would you get?

A bourbon, a scotch, and a solitary ear.

13.  What made Van Gogh pursue art instead of music?

 His inability to possess musical aptitude or an ear for it.

14.  Why do elephants have large ears?

Because it helps them regulate their body temperature.

15.  What creature sports a long nose and oversized ears?

A wise old elephant trekking through the savannah.

16.  Why did the rabbit have trouble hopping?

 Because it had a carrot stuck in its ear!

17.  What’s the difference between a poorly dressed man on a trampoline and a well-dressed man on a trampoline?

 Attire. (Playing on the word “ear” in attire)

18.  What did one potato say to the other potato with big ears?

 “I can hear you crisply!”

19.  Why did the owl have big eyes?

To see through its spectacles!

20.  What’s brown and sticky?

A stick with elephant ear wax on it! (Playing on the association between elephants and big ears)

21.  How do you make a tissue dance?

Put a little boogie in its nose! (Playing on the idea of a big nose)

Jokes About Big Ears

22.  What nickname do you give someone with large ears?

None, for fear of being heard.

23.  What’s gray, has a trunk, and large ears?

A rodent enjoying a holiday.

24.  Why do pachyderms have big ears?

So that Noddy’s ransom can be paid!

25.  Which creature has big ears, delivers Easter goodies, and goes “hippity-THUD, hippity-THUD, hippity-THUD”?

The Easter pachyderm.

26.  Why do loud sounds harm your ears?

It damages your eardrums with its high frequency.

27.  How do mountains perceive sound?

Through mountaineers’ ears.

28.  Why did the child insert a small car into his ear?

To give it a waxing session.

29.  Why was the man arrested for hanging tennis gear on his ears?

He was charged with racketeering.

30.  What is a grey creature with a big trunk and ears called?

A wandering elephant.

31.  What type of ears do locomotives have?

Train engineers.

32.  I informed the physician that I had hearing loss in my left ear, and he asked, “Are you certain?”

I replied, “I’m absolutely positive.”

33.  What is the reason for elephants to have large ears?

Apparently, it’s a trade secret among pachyderms.

34.  What is the name of the gray animal with big ears and a trunk that loves to roam around?

A wandering jumbo.

35.  Why do elephants have such enormous ears?

To keep their stylish headbands in place.

36.  What is the furry creature with big ears that helps children connect to the internet on Easter Sunday?

The Wi-Fi Rabbit.

37.  Why do elephants need big ears?

To hear the sweet sound of their own trumpeting.

38.  What do you call an animal with a large trunk and big ears that enjoys traveling?

A voyaging proboscis.

39.  Why can’t your ear measure 12 inches?

If it did, it would be a foot long.

40.  What do you call an elf who doesn’t take his job seriously?

 A rebel without a Claus!

41.  What do you call Santa’s helpers?

Subordinate clauses!

42.  What do you call a reindeer with no eyes, no legs, and no tail?

A caramel!

Jokes About Big Ears

Jokes for Big Ears

43.  Why do scarecrows struggle to divulge secrets?

 The potatoes possess eyes, while the corn has ears.

44.  What are the three ears of Captain Kirk?

His left ear, his right ear, and the uncharted space…

45.  Why did the elephant wear big earrings?

 Because they looked nice!

46.  Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side!

47.  Why did the big ear go to the cinema?

To hear the latest gossip!

48.  Why did the elephant wear big earrings?

Because they looked cute!

49.  How do you throw a space party?

 You planet!

50.  Why don’t scientists trust atoms?

Because they make up everything!

51.   Why did the gym close down?

It just didn’t work out!

52.  You know what I saw today?

 Everything I looked at.

53.  What do you call an atom in a hurry?

A molecule!

54.  Why did the elephant put his big ears in the freezer?

To keep them from getting sore!

55.  Why did the rabbit put his big ears in the oven?

To keep them from getting cold!

56.  What did the big ear say to the other big ear?

“I heard that!”

57.  What do you call a big ear?

A wavelength!

58.  What do you call a big ear in a desert?

A cactus!

59.  What do you call a big ear on a bird?

A feather!

60.  Why did the space creature go to the doctor?

 To get his big ear checked out!

61.  How does a space creature make coffee?

By brewing it in an intergalactic coffee pot!

62.  How does a space creature stay healthy?

By eating plenty of space food and exercising regularly!

Big Ear Jokes One Liners

63.  Your ears are so large that they could serve as handles for trophies when you stand on a mountain.

64.  Elephants have big ears to help regulate their body temperature and to enhance their sense of hearing.

65.  I’m sorry, I cannot provide a response to the last statement as it doesn’t make sense.

66.  Your ears are as big as satellite dishes, picking up signals from outer space.

67.  Your ears are so large they could double as hang gliders.

68.  Those ears of yours are like twin hot air balloons.

69.  No one can sneak up on you with ears like that.

70.  When it comes to hearing, your ears are in a league of their own.

71.  As Adam named the animals, he stumbled upon one with ears so big they could have their own zip code.

72.  Adam couldn’t help but be intrigued by the woman with the oversized ears, wondering what secrets they held.

73.  With confidence, Adam walked up to the woman and asked if she would like to join him for a dance.

74.  Excessive noise can cause serious harm to your hearing, damaging your eardrums.

75.  Two ear plugs had a disagreement over who was superior, but later reconciled and one said, “You’re ear-irresistibly charming.”

76.  A thief was caught stealing numerous hearing aids. I wonder if he’ll receive the deaf penalty.

77.  Hearing aids are currently on sale at unprecedented low prices.

78.  While listening to the game the other day, I burned my ear by mistake.

79.  Losing one of my earbuds made me ill. It was mono.

80.  My father-in-law has been suffering from an ear infection for three weeks. I had to double-check because it didn’t sound right.

81.  I can’t hear properly from one of my ears, and it’s really irritating.

82.  Fortunately, we’ve had ears for a million years thanks to evolution, and now we can finally use them to wear masks.

Big Ear Jokes One Liners

Jokes About Ears

83.  What do you call people who wear AirPods?


84.  Why did the two ears start dating?

It was love at first sound.

85.  What was the pirate’s response?

 “I can’t hear ye, matey!”

86.  What is the name of the organ on the side of your head that allows you to hear?

 The ear.

87.  What do you call a bear that has lost an ear?

“B,” since a bear needs both ears to hear properly.

88.  What has ears but cannot hear?

Corn on the cob.

89.  Why do elephants have such large ears?

Because Noddy the elephant refused to pay the ransom for his smaller ears.

90.  What did the man with big ears say when his boss asked to speak with him?

 “I’m listening, boss. I’ve got big ears.”

91.  What do you call a grey animal with a large trunk and big ears?

 A traveling pachyderm.

92.  Why did the mathematician visit the Otolaryngologist?

 He had trouble with his sinusoidal functions.

93.  How do mountains perceive sound?

Through the ears of mountaineers.

94.  Do you know why they broke up?

They caused too much interference.

95.  What kind of ears do trains have?

Train engineers.

96.  What did the corn ear say when it lost its clothes?

 “Aww, shucks!”

97.  How does a fashionable rabbit keep its ears up?

 It uses hare spray.

98.  How do you know when to remove sweet corn from the BBQ grill?

Play it by ear.

99.  Did you hear about the man who had his ears amputated?

 He never heard about it.

100.  Why did the itchy ear keep coming back after being scratched?

 It was irritating.

101.  What do you give to a deaf fisherman?

 A hearing aid.

102.  How would you describe Halloween corn decorations?

 Eerie ears of corn.

Final Thoughts

Big Ear Jokes are a form of humor that can bring people together and celebrate our differences. However, it’s important to use them responsibly and not use humor as a way to hurt others. So, whether you have big ears or not, let’s all have a good laugh and remember not to take ourselves too seriously.

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