80+ Funny Chickpea Jokes

Looking for a lighthearted and amusing read? Look no further than our latest blog post about chickpea humor! Discover the unexpected side of these protein-packed legumes as we share some funny jokes and one-liners that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Whether you’re a foodie, a comedian, or just looking for a good laugh, these chickpea jokes are a must-read. So sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into the world of chickpea humor!

These little legumes are packed with protein and nutrients, making them a healthy addition to any diet. But did you know that they also have a funny side?

Yes, that’s right chickpeas can be the source of endless humor, with plenty of hilarious jokes and puns to entertain anyone. So buckle up, get your laughing gear ready, and let’s dive into the world of funny chickpea jokes!

Best Chickpea Jokes

1.How did the chickpea respond when asked to dance?

 I’m not sure, I’m a little hummus-tated.

2.  Why did the chickpea break up with his girlfriend?

She was always so falafel-mannered.

3.  What did the chickpea say to the chef who cooked it?

You’re really chickpea-k’n me happy!

4.  Why did the chickpea refuse to leave its pod?

It was too peaceful there.

5.  What did the chickpea say when it won the race?

 I’m hummusing with joy!

6.  What distinguishes black eyed peas from chickpeas?

Black eyed peas can serenade, while chickpeas can only hummus a tune.

7.  Why should the chickpeas be recruited for our choir?

They can hummusify a song!

8.  What do women’s restrooms and hummus have in common?

Chickpeas can be found in both.

9.  How do you describe two homosexual chickpeas?


10.  How do you refer to chickpeas that are cooked in a waffle maker?

Fa Waffles!

11.  How are chickpeas different from garbanzo beans?

Chickpeas don’t get reposted every single day like garbanzo beans.

12.  Why were the chickpeas arrested after a night of binge-drinking and killing someone?

For committing homicide.

13.  What is the similarity between water sports and chickpeas?

They both involve diving in.

14.  Why did the chickpea break up with his girlfriend?

She was too hummus-sive.

15.  What do you call a chickpea in space?

A hummus-tronaut.

16.  Why did the chickpea go to the doctor?

It was feeling a bit hummus-d.

17.  How do you make a chickpea laugh?

You give it a falafel-tickle.

18.  What do you call a chickpea that’s always on time?

A hummus-clock.

19.  Why did the chickpea go to school?

To get a degree in hummus-try.

20.  What do you call a chickpea that’s good at math?

A hummus-genius.

21.  Why did the chickpea go to the gym?

To get hummus-cles.

Chickpea Jokes One Liners

Chickpeas are a staple in many cuisines around the world. They are versatile, nutritious, and delicious. But did you know that chickpeas can also be the subject of some hilarious jokes?

That’s right, we’re talking about chickpea jokes! Whether you’re a fan of puns or one-liners, there’s a chickpea joke out there for everyone. Here are some of our favorites:

22.  He was awarded posthumously.

23.  Now, I’m feeling like a falafel gone bad.

24.  My spouse and I discovered this AMAZING chickpea spread…

25.  It’s so good we wished it could sing. But it could only hummus a melody.

26.  A man was discovered dead in a vat of ground chickpeas.

27.  Authorities are considering it a hummus-cide.

28.  I just massacred a clan of chickpeas

It was a brutal hummuside.

29.  I can’t comprehend how some people consume so many chickpeas.

30.  My bean-on-bean violence resulted in a pile of battered beans.

31.  In a regrettable act, I ended the lives of several chickpeas.

32.  I’m sorry for turning into a fried ball produced from crushed chickpeas.

33.  I recently engaged in a game of cat and chickpea, tossing the legumes at my feline’s paws for amusement.

34.  A chickpea was summoned to a murder scene. It was a homicide.

35.  A professor finds a cure for cancer just before falling into a vat of chickpea dip and passing away.

36.  Everyone claims that garbanzo beans and chickpeas are the same thing.

37.  This is pretty mild for me, but I can see how it might offend some, hence the NSFW tag.

38.  There was a farmer who drowned in chickpeas. The authorities suspect it was a homicide.

39.  In a strange incident, a man was killed with a can of chickpeas, and the police are investigating the matter.

40.  After consuming expired, moldy chickpeas, I experienced gastrointestinal distress.

41.  Tragically, a man lost his life due to an unexpected complication from consuming mashed chickpeas.

42.  Authorities are now investigating the possibility of a humus-related homicide.

43.  My spouse tragically passed away after consuming my homemade chickpea mixture, leading authorities to investigate the incident as a “hummus-side.”

44.  It’s ironic that the nutrient-rich chickpea and spice patties are often considered a healthy meal option.

Chickpea Jokes One Liners

Chickpea Jokes Funny

Chickpeas are a beloved legume that are enjoyed all around the world. From hummus to falafel, there are countless ways to enjoy these versatile beans.

But did you know that chickpeas also have a funny side? That’s true, chickpea jokes are a thing, and they are sure to make you laugh. Here are some of the funniest chickpea jokes out there:

45.  Why did the chickpea feel bad after being cooked, mashed, and fried?

It’s falafel.

46.  What sets chickpeas and garbanzo beans apart?

 Chickpeas are only half awful, whereas garbanzo beans are falafel.

47.  What occurs when one chickpea murders another?


48.  Why did the plant-based dieter stop consuming chickpeas?

To abstain from supporting hummuside.

49.  Have you been told about the chickpea that stumbled?

The guy fell.

50.  What is the term for a chickpea murdering another chickpea?


51.  How does a lentil differ from a chickpea?

No one has ever paid a premium to have a lentil adorn their face.

52.  What is the name for the act of dying due to excessive chickpea consumption?


53.  In what way do a chickpea and a garbanzo bean differ?

I have never experienced the sensation of a garbanzo bean on my face.

54.  What sets apart a garbanzo bean from a chickpea?

I have never had a garbanzo bean touch my chest before.

55.  Why did the garbanzo bean seek therapy?

It had a hummus fixation.

56.  How can you give a chickpea a trendy appearance?

You offer it a hummus upgrade.

57.  What is the result of crossing a chickpea with a kidney bean?

 A “chickney” salad.

58.  What did the chickpea ask the pickle?

 “Hey there, cucumber, what’s the dill?”

59.  Why did the garbanzo bean aspire to be a cook?

 It aimed to craft the perfect hummus formula.

60.  What do you name a chickpea that is always in a hurry?

 A “hummus-tle-bustle.”

61.  How can you make a chickpea feel like royalty?

You present it with a hummus throne.

62.  What did one chickpea say to the other?

 “Nice to meet you, chickpea!”

63.  Why did the garbanzo bean turn into a private investigator?

It wanted to unravel the mystery of hummus.

64.  How do you make a chickpea feel special?

You give it a hummus garnish that’s exceptional.

65.  Why did the chickpea choose to work at the pet store?

It wanted to be a hummus stylist and more.

66.  What genre of music does the chickpea love the most?

It’s falafel rock, a beat that can’t be lost.

67.  Why did the chickpea visit the library?

 To read up on hummus literature, so necessary.

68.  What was the chickpea’s greeting to the cashew?

“Hey, nutty, what’s the cracking news?”

69.  How can you tell if a chickpea is fibbing?

 Its nose elongates like a falafel.

70.  What do you label a chickpea that dozes all the time?

 A “hummus-snoozer.”

71.  How do you identify a chickpea that is a herbivore?

It solely indulges in hummus.

72.  What’s the way to make a chickpea sing?

 Provide it with a mic and a hummus rhythm.

73.  How do you induce a sense of adventure in a chickpea?

 Take it on a journey full of hummus.

74.  What’s the key to making a chickpea appear trendy?

 Give it a hummus-inspired makeover.

75.  Why did the chickpea hit the gym?

It desired to be a “hummus-cle-man.”

76.  What did the chickpea say to the carrot?

 “Hey, carrot, how’s it crunchin’?”

77.  What did the chickpea say after winning the race?


78.  What do you call a chickpea that is always spinning yarns?

 A “hummus-teller.”

Chickpea Jokes Funny

Clever Chickpea Jokes

79.  How is a chickpea, unlike a Brazilian nut?

I wouldn’t allow chickpeas in my mouth.

80.  What did the chickpea say when it fell ill?

I falafel.

81.  Did you hear about the chickpea who perished saving his friend in the war?

He was posthumously awarded a medal.

82.  Why was the chickpea arrested?

He committed hummus-cide.

83.  What distinguishes Black Eyed Peas from Chickpeas?

Black Eyed Peas can belt out a tune while Chickpeas can only hummus one.

84.  How is a potato different from a chickpea?

I’ve never shelled out cash to see a potato.

85.  What sets apart a chickpea from a lentil?

I never paid $100 to have a lentil on my face.

86.  What do you call the act of killing a chickpea?


87.  Why did the chickpea go to the doctor?

Because it was hummus.

88.  Why was the chickpea always calm?

Because it knew how to stay in its own hummus.

89.  Why did the chickpea get into a fight with the lentils?

Because they were always peas-ing it off.

90.  What did the chickpea say to the avocado?

 Guac my world!

91.  What did the chickpea say when it won the race?

“I falafel is amazing!”

92.  Why was the chickpea afraid of the dark?

 Because it was afraid of the hummus-monster.

93.  Why did the chickpea refuse to wear a shirt?

 Because it wanted to be hummus-naked.

94.  What do you call a chickpea that’s in a bad mood?

 A grum-mus.

95.  How does a chickpea celebrate a victory?

 With a hummus dance!

96.  Have you heard about the chickpea family that was murdered during dinner last night?

The authorities ruled it as a homicide.

97.  What do you term the act of killing a chickpea?


98.  How can you prepare chickpea soup?

You cannot. The closest option is for her to experience diarrhea.

99.  Why do chickpeas despise being pulverized and transformed into balls?

It makes them feel like falafel.

100.  How did the chickpea impress its friends?

 It made a smashing hummus dip!

101.  Why did the chickpea feel embarrassed?

It realized it was the only one without a falafel ball.

102.  What do you call a content chickpea?


103.  How do you make a chickpea laugh?

You crack a falafel joke!

104.  How does electrocuting a chickpea affect it?

 Shocking a chickpea can lead to homicide charges.

105.  What sets a chickpea apart from a lentil?

 Lentils have never been on my face!

106.  Why do chickpeas dislike being mashed and shaped into spheres?

 Because they end up becoming falafel, which they despise.

Final Thoughts

Who knew that such a small legume could bring so much joy and laughter? Chickpea jokes may seem silly, but they show us that humor can be found in the most unexpected places, even in our food. Whether you’re a chickpea lover, a foodie, or just someone who loves a good joke, these puns are sure to put a smile on your face.

So next time you’re enjoying a bowl of hummus or roasted chickpeas, remember these funny chickpea jokes and share them with your friends and family – guaranteed to bring a little bit of laughter to any occasion!

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