115+ Funny Olympic Jokes for Kids

As parents and teachers, we all know how important it is to get kids excited about the Olympics and motivate them to take part in physical activity. But what’s the best way to do it? With Olympic jokes of course!

Olympic jokes for kids can be a great way to help foster a love of the Olympic Games and add a bit of fun and humor to the experience. Whether it’s a simple pun or a more elaborate joke, these jokes are sure to make everyone laugh.

Here are some of our favorite Olympic jokes for kids:

Hilarious Olympic Jokes for Kids

1. What illuminates a soccer stadium?

 The glow of a soccer match.

2.  Which creature excels at hitting a baseball?

Undoubtedly, a bat.

3.  What was the reason for the golfer carrying an extra pair of pants?

Just in case he hit a hole in one.

4.  Why does a stadium become scorching after the Olympics?

 All the spectators have left, leaving behind a heated environment!

5.  How do fireflies initiate a race?

 By saying, “On your mark. Get set. Glow!”

6.  What did the victorious hot dog say?

 “I’m a champion wiener!”

7.  What is the highlight of an Olympic boxer’s joke?

 The punchline, undoubtedly.

8.  What is a banana’s preferred gymnastics position?

The splits, of course!

9.  Why was the spotted jungle cat disqualified from the Olympics?

It was found to be a cheetah.

10.  Why were the swimming elephants expelled from the Olympics?

They couldn’t keep their trunks up!

11.  Why did the bicycle fail to complete the Olympic race?

 It was too tiring to carry on.

12.  Which exercises are most effective for swimmers?

Pool-ups, no doubt.

13.  What did the archer exclaim when she narrowly avoided getting hit in the archery competition?

“Wow, that was a close arrow escape!”

14.  Why was the athlete unable to listen to music?

She had broken the record.

15.  How can a footballer prevent their nose from running?

Trip it up with a well-placed foot!

16.  Why did the Easter Bunny participate in the Olympics?

 Because first place gets 24 carrots.

17.  Why is basketball considered the messiest Olympic sport?

 Because players dribble all over the court!

18.  Why does Cinderella always fail to win the Olympics?

Because her coach is a pumpkin, and she runs away from the ball.

19.  Why was the dog unable to run in the marathon?

Because it wasn’t part of the human race.

20.  What causes a soccer stadium to glow?

A soccer game!

Hilarious Olympic Jokes for Kids

Dirty Olympic Jokes for kids

As the Summer Olympics are right around the corner, kids everywhere are getting excited and preparing for the big event. But don’t forget the laughter! To get everyone in the Olympic spirit, here are some fun Olympic jokes for kids.

21. What did the hamburger say when it witnessed an amazing shot put?

 “That’s a mighty thrower!”

22.  What do you call a Greek athlete who skips the relay race?

 A Discuddafrustracus!

23.  What do you call a skier who can’t stop?

An unstoppable snow-machine.

24.  What did the cabbage athlete say after winning his race?

 “I’m head and kohlrabi above the competition!”

25.  Why don’t the Olympic snowboarders ever wash their clothes?

 Because they always want to keep them gnarly!

26.  Why do tube-worm trainers go down to the sea?

To get a gold medal in slimy swimming!

27.  Why don’t Olympic swimmers ever win at Poker?

 Because they’re always in the Deep End!

28.  What did the horse say when it won a gold medal in the Olympics?

 neighhh-ver give up!

29.  What did Neptune win at the Olympic Games?

The underwater swimming competition, of course!

30.  What did the athlete call his new pair of running shoes?


32.  What did the Torch Competitor say when he accidentally dropped his torch?

 Oh wow, that’s a real flame-thrower!

33.  What did the mother polar bear say to her cub before the mud ski race?

 “You better make waves!”

34.  What did the snowman say when it saw a molten hot lava?

“Whoa, I better keep my distance!”

35.  What did the gold medal say to the silver medal?

You can’t win them all!

36.  What do you call an Olympic athlete with three left feet?

 A tri-leaflet!

37.  What did the mommy medusa say to her baby?

 If you don’t brush your snakes, no Olympic gold for you!

38.  What Olympic event do cows like best?

The Moo-dawg Snatch!

39.  Why did the hyena refuse to compete in the Olympic rowing race?

 Because he was scared of being laughed at for laughing all the way!

40.  What did the athlete say after he broke a record in track and field?

“I just set the bar high!”

41.  What did the Olympic athlete say after winning a race?

I’m just faster than everyone else – it’s not rocket science!

Summer Olympics Puns

42.  High Jumping for Joy!

43.   Hurdling to a New Record!

44.  Hammertime in the Discus Ring!

45.  Pole Vaulting is Un-Boring Business!

46.   Running Last Leg of The Race To Victory.

47.   Triple jumpers are three times as nice!

48.  Don’t worry, discus-s the situation.

49.  Hop(ping) over to victory in a blur of triple jumps and long leaps!

50.  Time for some Olympic ring magic!

51.  When the sprinters raced, it was literally a “Dash to the Finish Line”!

52.  There has been so much Javelin Throwing, they should call these games the Pointful Olympics!

53.  This Volleyball team is such an Ace-tivism!

54.  During Arctic Swimming races skeptics proclaimed “That’s Impossible!” but we all underestimated their ICE-abilities!

55.  Go higher, faster and stronger this summer at the Olympics.

56.  There’s no bronze medal in sight – this is an all or nothing showdown!

57.  This year will be more electrifying than ever before – lightning strikes mean sensational sports action.

58.  The marathon looks pretty tight – who will break away from the pack?

59.   Summer Athletics are sizzling hot with jaw dropping records being set each day.

60.  The Summer Olympics are sprinter time for the world’s greatest athletes.

61.  Going for Olympic gold can be an uphill battle, but it surely swings for those that win it!

62.  It’ll be a summer to remember when all these competitors come together from around the globe—it’s Olympickin’ amazing!

63.  All eyes will be on Tokyo this year as we count down until go time at the Summer Games.

64.  When it’s time for the Summer Olympics, get ready to have a mid-dive!

65.  Nothing takes a backstroke like an Olympic swimming pool.

Best Olympic Jokes for Kids

As the world gears up for the biggest sporting event of the year, the Olympic Games, everyone is getting excited. Kids especially are filled with anticipation as they await the start of the Games.

Amidst all the excitement and anticipation of the Games, it’s important to remember to keep the fun alive too. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Olympic jokes for kids that are sure to make them giggle and get them even more pumped up for the Olympics!

66.  What has 18 legs and is skilled at capturing flies?

A team of baseball players!

67.  Two ocean waves raced each other. Who emerged victorious?

They both tidal!

68.  Why must bowling alleys remain silent?

So you can hear a pin drop!

69.  What beverage is favored by cheerleaders?

Root beer!

70.  What role does a ghost assume in soccer?


71.  What game do sheep love to play?


72.  What do you call a dinosaur’s goal in soccer?

A dino-score!

73.  Why were people so exhausted on April 1st?

They had just finished a March of 31 days!

74.  Why are penguins excellent race car drivers?

Because they’re always in the pole position!

75.  What game do frogs enjoy playing?


76.  What outdoor game do frogs enjoy playing?


77.  What exercise do frogs enjoy doing?

Jumping jacks!

78.  Do you engage in rock climbing?

LI would if I could boulder!

79.  What is large, terrifying, and possesses three wheels?

A monster riding a tricycle!

80.  When is a baby skilled at basketball?

When it’s dribbling!

Best Olympic Jokes for Kids

81.  What do you call a pig who participates in basketball?

A ball hog!

82.  How are baseball teams similar to pancakes?

They both require a great batter!

83.  What is a golfer’s preferred letter?


84.  What becomes more challenging to grasp the faster you run?

Your breath!

85.  Why is tennis such a noisy sport?

The players raise a racquet!

86.  What kind of lightning enjoys participating in sports?

Ball lightning!

87.  What type of dinosaur can be ridden in a rodeo?

A Bronco-saurus!

88.  What is an insect’s favorite recreational activity?


89.  What is a cheerleader’s preferred color?


90.  What did the Olympic Torch say when he got stuck in traffic?

 “I’m burning up!”

91.  What did the Olympic cake say when it lost the race?

 “Oh crumb!”

92.  What do you call a failed high jump attempt at the Olympics?

 A Tall Flop!

93.  What do you get when you cross a hammer throw with an evil fairy?

A hurled curse!

94.  Why did the athlete stop running halfway through their race?

They found out it was double the distance!

95.  How does an Olympic weightlifter order dinner in a restaurant?

Heavy on pesto and light on anchovies.

Kids Jokes about Olympic

96.  What do you call a running event where everybody wears mittens?

 The 400 Meter Mitt-Stroke!

97.  Why did the skeleton not compete in the Olympics?

 Because he didn’t have anybody to compete with!

98.  What did the Olympic pole vaulter say when he got to the other side?

 “Finally, I’m crossing over!”

99.  What did the Olympic athlete wear when it was cold outside?

 He wore his gold medal!

100.  What did the Olympic torch shout when it passed to its final location?

 “I’m burning out of control!”

101.  What did the Olympic torch say to the other flame?

 Let’s get lit!

102.  What did the ski jumper say when he tripped?

 “Oh, I just face-planted!”

103.  What did the Olympic rings say after they finished their race?

We all got gold medals!

104.  What did the skeleton say after winning a gold medal at the Olympics?

 “I’m bone-tired”

105.  What did the Olympic pole vaulter say before he made his jump?

 “Ready to vault into action!”

106.  What motivated the Easter Bunny to compete in the Olympics?

 He heard the winner gets 24 carrots.

107.  What illuminates a soccer stadium?

 A thrilling soccer match.

108.  What animal is most skilled at hitting a baseball?

 A bat, without question.

109.  What’s the funniest part of an Olympic boxer’s joke?

 The punchline.

110.  Who is an Olympic skateboarder known as?

An Ollie-mpian.

111.  What’s a banana’s preferred gymnastics move?

The splits, of course!

112.  Why couldn’t the bike finish the Olympic race?

 It was too tiring.

113.  Did you catch the ROC’s figure skating routine at the Olympics?

 It was fantastic.

114.  What causes the stadium to be so hot after the Olympic games are over?

 All the fans have gone!

115.  How do fireflies start a race?

 By saying, “On your mark. Get set. Glow!”

116.  Why couldn’t the athlete listen to music?

She broke the record!

Short Funny Olympic Jokes for Kids

117.Why did the bicycle go to the Olympics? Because it was two-tired!

118.How do you organize an Olympic games for vegetables? You lettuce compete!

119.What do you call a runner from the Arctic in the Summer Olympics? A popsicle!

120.Why was the math book sad at the Olympics? Because it had too many problems!

Short Funny Olympic Jokes for Kids

121.What did the gymnast bring to the Olympic picnic? A flip lunch!

122.Why did the scarecrow win a gold medal at the Olympics? Because he was outstanding in his field!

123.What’s a swimmer’s favorite game at the Olympics? Pool-ercoaster!

Funny Olympic Pun Headlines

124.”Hurdler Jumps to Conclusions, Lands in Gold Medal!”

125.”High Jump Champion Feels on Top of the World… Literally!”

126.”Weightlifting Athlete Lifting Spirits and Dumbbells!”

127.”Pole Vaulters Raise the Bar, Then Forget How to Lower It!”

128.”Marathon Runners Proclaim: We’re Running Out of Patience and Energy Bars!”

129.”Javelin Thrower Finds the Point – It’s at the End of the Stick!”

130.”Swimmers Make Waves: Water You Waiting For? Dive In!”

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it, a list of Olympic jokes for kids that are sure to make them laugh and get them more excited for the start of the Olympic Games. Don’t forget to keep the fun alive and have a great time watching the Olympic Games this summer!

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