160+ Funny Rain Jokes for Kids

Rain Jokes for KidsRain jokes for kids are the perfect way to make a rainy day fun and enjoyable. Kids love to laugh and be silly, and these jokes can provide plenty of entertainment during a day spent indoors.

Whether you’re looking for a way to brighten up a wet afternoon or just want to add some levity to the day, these rain jokes for kids will do the trick!

Hilarious Rain Jokes for Kids

1. Can bees fly in the rain?

Not without their yellow raincoats.

2.  What’s worse than raining cats and dogs?

Hailing taxis and ubers.

3.  Which animal is known as the world’s wettest?

The rain-soaked sloth.

4.  Why should you be careful when it’s raining cats and dogs outside?

Because you might step in a puddle.

5.  Why don’t owls show affection in the rain?

It’s too damp for romance.

6.  Why do cows lie down during rainstorms?

 To keep their milk jugs dry.

7.  What does Santa say to Mrs. Claus during a rainy Christmas?

“Look at the rain-dear, dear.”

8.  What type of pants do rain clouds wear?


9.  What did one raindrop say to another?

 “Let’s make a splash together!”

10.  When does it rain money?

Whenever there’s “cash” in the forecast.

11.  What did the evaporating raindrop exclaim?

“I’m falling apart!”

12.  What do you call the Queen’s preferred type of rain?

Royal Reign.

13.  Why did the man ask about Monday’s arrival?

His wife said it’s Mon-soon season.

14.  What’s worse than raining cats and dogs?

 Pouring lions and tigers.

15.  What do you call it when ducks rain from the sky?

 A quack storm.

16.  Why don’t ants get wet in the rain?

They wear tiny raincoats!

17.  What did the umbrella say to the rain?

 “You can’t touch me!”

18.  Why does rain never get hurt?

 It falls all the time.

19.  How is the weather different from a horse?

 One reigns up, the other rains down.

20.  What shakes on a rainy day?

 An earthquake that’s all wet.

Hilarious Rain Jokes for Kids

Rain Jokes One Liner

21.  The only way bees can soar through raindrops is when they have their yellow jackets on.

22.  If it really rained cats and dogs, we’d see poodles and retrievers all over the streets.

23.  We all went out trying to catch fog, but it slipped through our fingers.

24.  Local weather reports predict a drought for the next year, but I have my doubts.

25.  Bear with me, I’m experiencing a shower of ideas.

26.  A refreshing beverage with dinner is a clear choice.

27.   Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

28.  A storm is on its way, better prepare for the downpour.

29.  The forecast called for three months of rain, but I don’t believe it.

30.  I’m saving for a rainy day, so far I’ve accumulated a few raincoats, an anorak, and a dinghy.

31.  A man went to the gym today and met with his new personal trainer.

32.  Yesterday’s weather report expected freezing rain, but it ended up being an icy day.

33.  A king sat down to talk to his son and said, you were destined to rule.

34.  There’s something magical about waking up to the soothing sound of raindrops tapping on your skin.

35.  I’m on a mission to discover who’s swiped my roof – the rain is just a minor inconvenience.

36.  I once participated in a weather pun competition and took down the reigning champion.

37.  My beach plans are ruined by the rainy, overcast sky. This is really dampening my mood.

38.  At my last job, I used to make it rain until customers complained of getting pelted by quarters.

39.  Rain on your wedding day isn’t a bad omen – it’s just a traditional bridal shower!

40.  We were promised rain, but it fizzled out and missed us. What a mist opportunity.

41.  I came across a drenched baby owl in the rain. It was a moist owlet.

42.  It rained cats and dogs today; I’m hoping I don’t accidentally step on a poodle.

43.  I checked with Siri to see if it would rain today, and she replied, “Don’t call me Shirley – but yes, it’s raining.” I forgot to switch off Airplane mode.

Rain Jokes for Adults

Rain jokes for kids are a great way to get kids laughing. Kids love to laugh and try to make each other laugh, so why not give them a few rain jokes to try out?

Rain jokes are a great way to bring a smile to your kid’s face and put them in a good mood. Here are some fun rain jokes for kids that will have them laughing away.

44.  How are snowflakes graded in school?

 Through on-class precipitation.

45.  Why did the man bring ketchup with him when it rained?

Because it was pouring cats and hot dogs.

46.  What occurs before it starts raining candy?

 It sprinkles.

47.  What’s soaked and enjoys to wiggle?

An earthquake during a rainy day.

48.  What’s more dreadful than heavy rainfall?

 Hailing taxis!

49.  What’s the favored type of precipitation for a king?


50.  What do you refer to as it rains ducks and geese?

 Foul (fowl) weather.

51.  Where do lightning bolts go on a romantic evening?

Cloud nine.

52.  How do you embrace a cloud?

 With a colorful rainbow wrap.

53.  What rises during a rainy day?

 An umbrella lifts up in the air.

54.  How would you define two consecutive rainy days in Seattle?

 It’s known as a weekend of precipitation.

55.  What’s the weather forecast in Mexico?

Chili and hot tamales are what’s cooking.

56.  When is MonSoon arriving?

 It’s expected during the next rainy spell.

57.  What do you call a damp bear?

A drizzly bear, that’s what.

58.  When is Monday coming?


59.  What clothing do books wear on a wet and rainy day?

Rain quotes.

60.  What object consistently rises when it’s raining?

 An umbrella.

61.  What typically descends but never gets hurt?


62.  Have you heard the advice about picking a fight with a rain cloud?

 It’s best to avoid it, or else it might unleash a storm on you.

63.  Did you know that rain clouds have their own type of undergarments?

They’re called thunderwear, apparently.

64.  Can bees fly during a drizzle?

Not without risking their little fuzzy wings!

65.  How did the skeleton predict the incoming rain?

His bones sensed the moisture in the air.

66.  How does the rain prepare for a long walk?

By lacing up its rainbow shoes.

67.  What did a raindrop boast to another?

“My splash is bigger than yours!”

68.  What springs up with the arrival of spring rain?

A colorful umbrella.

69.  What rises with the rain pouring down?

A trusty umbrella.

70.  Do wizards remain dry during rain showers?

No, they get just as soaked as any other person!

71.  What occurs when it pours heavily?

I am uncertain, but you could end up with wet socks.

72.  Which creature is the most soaked in the Arctic?

The rain-drenched seal.

73.  What precipitation falls in the Arctic?

Arctic showers.

74.  What is the preferred accessory of rainfall?

A vivid rainbow.

75.  How is a horse unlike the climate?

One is harnessed, while the other comes pouring down.

76.  When is it wise for a mouse to carry an umbrella?

When there is a downpour of heavy rain!

77.  Who does everyone heed but never trust?

The weather forecaster.

78.  Why is it impossible for it to rain for two consecutive evenings?

Because there is always a day in between.

Hilarious Rain Jokes for Kids

Rain Jokes for Kids When it’s raining, it can be difficult to make kids laugh. But, with a few rain jokes, you can put a smile on their face and make them laugh with ease!

Whether you’re an adult looking to cheer up a child or a child looking for something to laugh at, here are some rain jokes for kids that will make them smile.

79.  What does a monarch prefer in inclement weather?


80.  What undergarments does a cumulonimbus don beneath its raincoat?


81.  Why did the lady open her purse while in the park?

She anticipated a shift in the weather.

82.  Which game does a tornado enjoy playing the most?


83.  Why did the hurricane wear an eyepiece?

It had only one ocular appendage!

84.  How does precipitation tie its shoelaces?

With a rainbow!

85.  What did one droplet of rain say to its companion?

Two’s a crowd. There’s a cluster!

86.  What takes to the skies as the rain descends?

An umbrella!

87.  Do you really want to know?

It’s electrifying!

88.  What’s the opposite of a cold front?

A warm back!

Hilarious Rain Jokes for Kids

89.  What did the tornado ask the washing machine?

Want to take a spin?

90.  Why should you steer clear of storm chasers?

They’re always breaking wind.

91.  Why mustn’t you argue with a cloud?

It’ll bolt out on you!

92.  What is dangerous precipitation called?

 A rain of terror.

93.  What do you receive for coming fourth in the National Weatherman Awards?

A precipitation trophy.

94.  What is the term for precipitation of ducks and geese?

Fowl weather.

95.  What did one raindrop say to its companion?

“With two, we’re good; with three, a cloud it would.”

96.  What’s more dreadful than raining heavily?

Hailing taxis!

97.  Why did Iron Man choose to sleep outside when it rained?

To gather some rust.

98.  How would you wrap a cloud?

With a rainbow.

99.  What occurs before it starts raining candy?

It sprinkles!

100.  What’s the Mexican weather forecast?

Chili today, hot tamale.

101.  When is Monday expected?


102.  What would you name a bear that got wet?

A drizzly bear.

103.  What award would you get for coming fourth in the National Weatherman Awards?

A precipitation trophy.

104.  Where do lightning bolts go for dates?

Cloud nine.

105.  What did the evaporating raindrop utter?

“I’m falling apart.”

Best Rain Jokes for Kids

These rain jokes are sure to put a smile on the face of any child and make them laugh. So, the next time it’s raining, don’t forget to share a few of these with the kids in your life!

106.  How does rain influence people’s perspectives on climate change?

It makes them realize the urgency of addressing it.

107.  What is the preferred weather of a monarch?

Hail is the king’s favorite.

108.  What is the impact of raining coins?

It can knock some sense into the world.

109.  What does precipitation do when it comes to romantic relationships?

It precipiTATES!

110.  Why does a mother kangaroo dislike rainy days?

Because her joeys have to stay inside and can’t play.

111.  What did a raindrop say after falling off the road?

“This is a great day.”

112.  When does money fall from the sky?

When there is a change in the weather.

113.  Why were the rain and the lightning bolt making headlines?

It’s a shocking story!

114.  Can bees fly when it’s raining?

Not without their yellow jackets.

115.  What happens to wizards when it’s raining?

They get wet just like anyone else.

116.  Why is wind power more popular than rain power?

Because wind has a lot of fans.

117.  What flies up when rain comes down?

An umbrella.

118.  Why was the sky unhappy on clear days?

It had the blues.

119.  What’s the difference between rain and climate?

You can’t rain down a tree, but you can change the climate.

120.  Why do cows huddle together in the rain?

To keep each udder dry.

121.  Did you watch the new tornado movie?

It’s got a great twist.

122.  What weather does Santa prefer?

He likes rain, dear!

123.  How do hurricanes see?

With one eye.

124.  What goes up when the rain comes down?

 An umbrella.

125.  How could the skeleton sense the arrival of rain?

 He felt it in his bones.

126.  What do you call a wet dinosaur?

A diplodocus.

127.  What hisses and swishes when it rains?

A windscreen wiper.

Rain Jokes Dirty

128.  Why is it important to act swiftly during a flood?

Because every second counts in an emergency.

129.  What did the rainbow whisper to the pot of gold?

You hold the key to my heart.

130.  Why did the man step outside with ketchup during the rain?

To add some flavor to the downpour.

131.  What game does a tornado love to play the most?

The whirlwind of Twister.

132.  When lightning bolts chuckle, what do they do?

They electrify the air with their laughter.

133.  Which lightning enjoys playing sports the most?

The ball lightning that zips across the sky.

134.  What’s an animal that stands in the rain but never gets wet?

A big grey elephant with an umbrella.

135.  Why do cows huddle together in the rain?

To stay dry and protect each other’s milk dispensers.

136.  What’s the term for when ducks and chickens rain down from the sky?

It’s a foul weather phenomenon.

137.  How would you describe the result of mixing a classic card game and a hurricane?

A tumultuous bridge over troubled waters.

138.  What was the experience like when you encountered rain during your vacation?

We stepped outside and were greeted by a deluge of rain.

139.  What do you call a parrot carrying an umbrella on a rainy day?

A dry and clever Polly unsaturated.

140.  What’s the accessory that rain always brings along?

A vibrant and beautiful rainbow.

141.  What did the parched meteorologist say to his colleague?

I’m in dire need of my thermos-stat!

142.  Why should it pour down money from the sky?

Because every penny counts.

143.  What’s the reason hurricanes move so quickly?

If they slowed down, they’d be named slow-i-canes.

144.  Which cloud is incredibly sluggish and never wakes up on time?

The lazy and dense fog.

145.  What do you call a weatherman with a love for steak?

A carnivorous meteorologist.

146.  Why did the weatherman feel embarrassed?

He saw the disastrous effects of climate change.

Dumb Rain Jokes

147.  What was the man’s idea in using ketchup during the shower?

Perhaps he wanted to make his rain-drenched hot dog tastier.

148.  How does a cloud adorn itself?

By wearing a colorful rainbow shawl.

149.  What occurs before candy falls from the sky?

A light sprinkle comes first!

150.  And what is a term for a month-long downpour?

In England, it’s just another day!

151.  In Seattle, what does daylight saving time signify?

One additional hour of rainfall.

152.  How do you describe harmful precipitation?

A terror-inducing rainstorm.

153.  What type of precipitation does the Queen prefer?

She prefers to reign over her subjects.

154.  What did the evaporating raindrops say?

They declared, “I’m breaking apart!”

155.  What is the New York fireman’s favorite tune?

“It’s Raining Men.”

156.  I wonder what the ghost knights told the cloud king?

“May our spirits rain down forever.”

157.  What did the rainwater say after running off the road?

“Great, raindrops don’t fall on a grate.”

158.  Why did the light rain miss its target?

It was only a mist.

159.  What is the king’s favorite weather condition?

Hail, the regal precipitation!

160.  How would you describe a bear caught in the rain?

A wet and drizzly bear.

161.  Why is Britain known as the wettest nation on earth?

Perhaps because it has been ruled by royalty for ages.

162.  Why does a mother kangaroo despise rainy days?

Because then her young ones must stay indoors.

163.  What rises when the spring rain descends?

An umbrella, naturally.

164.  Who do people listen to but never trust?

The weatherman, of course.

165.  Why doesn’t it rain on consecutive nights?

Because there is always a day in between.

166.  Where is the best place to purchase a rainforest?

The Amazon, obviously.

166.  What does rain do before tying the knot?

It goes on precipiTATES!

Funny Rain Jokes for Kids Clean

167.Why did the raindrop go to school? Because it wanted to get a little wetucation!

168.What do you call a rainy day with a chance of meatballs? A “meatier shower”!

169.Why did the scarecrow bring an umbrella? Because he wanted to stay dry, and he’s outstanding in his field!

170.How do you make a tissue dance in the rain? You put a little boogie in it!

171.Why did the math book look sad in the rain? Because it thought it had too many problems!

172.What do you call a grizzly bear caught in the rain? A drizzly bear!

173.What do you call it when it’s raining cats and dogs? A “purr-fect storm” and a “bark-ain”!

Jokes About Storms for Kids

174.What do you call a bear caught in a rainstorm? A drizzly bear!

175.Why did the scarecrow stay outside during the storm? Because he was outstanding in his field!

176.What did the lightning bolt say to the other lightning bolt? “You’re shocking!”

177.What do you get when you cross a hurricane with a tornado? Lots of flying debris!

178.Why did the weather report go to school? To get a little brighter!

179.How do thunderstorms apologize? They say, “Sorry for the loud outburst!”

180.What’s a tornado’s favorite game to play? Twister!

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Final Thoughts

Rain jokes can be a great way to help children learn how to cope with a rainy day. They can also be a fun way to bring some laughter and joy into an otherwise dreary day. Rain jokes can be funny, silly, and even educational.

With the right joke, kids can learn more about the environment, weather, and the science behind it all. So the next time it rains, don’t forget to enjoy a few rain jokes with the kids.

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